Perfect Ways to Curl Your Hair at Home

Curl Your Hair

Are you one of those people who has always found themselves admiring curls? Sure, everybody likes straight and well-maintained hair but nobody can deny the beauty of the perfect curls when it appears in front of them.

For a lot of people, the concept seems much difficult and time-consuming, not to mention annoyingly long and too difficult a process to carry out. But what if you were told that you can curl your hair exactly the way you want it.

Whenever you want to and you won’t have to waste a single moment more than you have to? Think of trying out a salon and you can come up empty looking at their packages and looking at your budget. Save it. Do it yourself.

Before You Curl Your Hair

You should know a few things before we start. Your hair is not going to survive if you damage it and since the process involves a lot of heating, you might want to practice a lot with the irons off before you dig in at full heat.

You can try practicing the movements that stylists perform and make sure that you are doing it right until you start making the change. Also, make sure that you know the type of curls you want and don’t end up getting the ones that just stick.

Having discussed that, try to get yourself a professional flat iron, Marcel curling iron, a detangling comb to sort the mess out and some sort of spray that can help with the heat that is going to be a pain you’ll wish you could have avoided. When you’re done getting all these, get a styling brush and you’re good to go.

Creating Wide Curls

With a 1-inch curling iron, you can achieve the flat wrapped hair technique that offers a wide curl that can be fashioned into an amazing style. The trick is to keep the hair wrapped around the curling iron for a short while allowing the hair to adapt to the change.

Make sure you have the heat spray to keep your head from burning up. Also, try not to give the iron a twist because that is going to ruin the shape the twirls and curls are going to take. Take note that this technique will increase the volume of your hair.

The next important thing to know is the direction you want the curls to be which can be either towards your face or away from it. A professional advice would be to leave the last 2 inches of your hair alone to make the hair seem natural.

Lazy Curls

Following the same technique as before with a 1-inch iron, wrap your hair around the iron leaving half of the length alone and instantly changing directions to cause a relaxed wave to form.

After placing the iron near the side of the last curl, wrap the hair around the iron again, roll it and close to make the hair adopt lazy curls. Always keep using the detangling comb after each roll to avoid disasters and difficulties later.

Spiral Curls

Twist your hair from the top to the bottom and wrap the part that has been twisted around the iron to produce a spiral like structure in your hair that is wavy and smooth. One thing you need to make sure is that all the sections you wrap around the iron are twisted in the same direction, otherwise you will notice unwanted folds and outer waves.


If there’s anything a girl needs, it’s spy apps to stalk online and means to curl and straighten her hair out without damaging it. And who says you always need a specialist to do the job? With a little practice and exemplary work to follow, anyone can be a stylist and a good one at that. So, practice, and keep on being beautiful.

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