Curly Clip In Hair Extensions – The Ultimate Guide

Curly Clip-in Extensions

The ultimate guide to blend your natural hair with "Curly Clip in hair Extensions". The change adds spice to our lives. Change can be of any type.

Everyone wants to have some sort of change in life. Talking with regard to the topic, the changed hairstyle has emerged as an innovator for ladies. They liked changed hairstyles very often.

It is observed and believed that people usually are attracted towards things they don’t have, same is the case with natural hair. People who have naturally straight hair prefer to have curly hair and who have naturally curly have desired to have shiny, smooth straight hair.

At times it’s not bad to have a changed hair look. People do change their hair look and in fact, it doesn’t look bad.

Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair extension gives a flawless look to a person. Their worth is increasing day by day among the ladies. Hair extensions are good to use but they also cause harm to our hair.

The natural hair extension can be remedial in this cause as they are safer to uses and cause less damage to hairs if used properly.

Curly Clip-in Extensions

There are different types, styles, and methods of applying for hair extension. Among all methods, the clip in method is the most recent and effectively used by people.

This method is quite famous among the ladies because it is easy to install the extensions and they can do it without anyone’s assistance and causes less damage to the hairs.

Like the flip-in method, in the clip in method with little-exerted pressure on hair clips are used to add the extensions. This method is the cheapest compared to other methods but produces the best results in almost thirty to thirty-five minutes.

The hairs become of better length and full volumnized after extensions are added. This method is applied well to medium and thick hair. Moreover, the curly clip in hair extensions are 100% natural looking. They are rated as finest among all other providers.

Their clasp ins are twofold wefted, so you just need to buy one package for a full head of hair. Also, each class has a flexible insurance band to prepare for frictional harm individually tresses.

The hair specialist Redway advises people not to color their clip-in by their own self. If anyone wants to color their clip-in it is suggested to get it done from a salon/spa. Moreover, Redway is of the opinion that if anyone wants high or lowlights than also this clip-in is the best.

Getting ready for a party or dinner? Wants to install curly clip extensions but have no clue how to do it than you don’t have to worry much. We are providing you the ultimate guide about how to blend your natural hair with curly clip- in extensions.

How to Blend your Natural Hair with Curly Clip in Hair Extensions?

The guide for straight and kinky hair during winter is a bit different. If you have naturally curly hair then you just need to wash your hair and add the curly clip in extension of your desired choice but if you naturally straight hair so, the process is a bittime-consuming.

If you have curly hair then after installing the clip-in your hair becomes more smooth and flexible. The first very essential thing to have while blending your hair with curly clip in extension is the clip-in set. A set with complete tools and accessories required for curly clip-in extension process.

This includes a comb (preferably of rat tail) for separating the hair, clips to put on, a mirror to have a back look, and a brush to blend the extension. You can also include elastic rubber bands if you want to tighten your hair.

Curly Clip-in Extensions

After having the complete tools you can start the method. Firstly, with the help of the rat-tailed comb separate your hairs in different parts and sections in a way that they don’t get a mix with each other.

If you have straight hair so, you can do backcombing or make ponytails of small sizes and tie them with elastic rubber bands. For backcombing, clips can be used.

For curly clip-in extension, it is advised to layer the extension on the basis of width. The clips come in three sets i.e. small pieces, medium pieces, and large pieces.

Try to install the small pieces of clips in front, medium pieces of clips close to the end, and large pieces in the middle part of the head.

After this divide you hairs into horizontal layers in a way that you start from the backside of your hairs to the top. Then take the smallest curly hair extensions and start clip-in it from around the eyebrow eye line.

Add as many pieces of hair that fits best in your hair and blend it with a brush to enjoy a natural and flawless look.

Best Curly Clip in Hair Extensions:

There are several curly clip in hair extensions available in the market or on online shopping forums. But if you are a beginner so you might know which product is the best. If yes, then you don’t have to worry much. 

We are providing you a list of some top rated curly clip in hair extensions which give immaculate and a dazzling look:

  • Haute Coils by Haute Kinky Hair
  • Curly clip-in volumizer
  • Clip-in hair extension Kinky Curl Ombre Black to Blonde
  • Black curly 18’’ full head hair extension.
  • Reecho 20’’ Synthetic hair extension pieces for women.

How to remove the clip in?

The clip-in extensions should be removed at night. Thus, it is recommended to first comb your hair properly and removes all tangles as it can cause more hair damage. The clips-in should be pulled out in the backward direction. The last clip-in should be removed first.

How to remove the clip-in

Ladies, I hope now you know how to get a natural look with curly clip in hair extension. Hope this article has provided you the information and guidance you were looking for.

 Now don’t waste more of your time. Buy your favorite curly clip in extension and start installing it. If you like the above article then please does share your experience.

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