DIY Sex Toys & Improvised Pleasure Thingamajigs

Ladies & gentlemen, it is time for love! Now, we are quite familiar with the fact that DIY sex toys can sound a little uncomfortable considering where you have to put them but you’d be surprised just how innovative people get to get off.

So bear with us! Not everyone has a sex store in the vicinity yet everyone has the desire to relieve tension and have some pure’n’naughty masturbation fun. So without further ado, here are some of the most ingenious ways you can make sex toys.


Why Get DIY-Savvy With Sex?

DIY Sex Toys

Whether we like to admit it or not, we have all attempted all sorts of shenanigans to reach orgasm. Technically, we all have a proclivity to get innovative with sex so consider this article to be an extension of that thought.

Experimenting with vibration and sensations can be a rewarding experience, one which you won’t necessarily be able to buy from an online sex toy store, albeit it is always smart to shop a purposefully designed pleasure gadget from a licensed manufacturer.

However, going DIY is much cheaper than spending tons of cash on up and coming adult toys. All it takes is to find something that either vibrates or massages and repurpose it into a full-blown sex plaything.

Masturbation isn’t something you shouldn’t be ashamed of because, number 1, we all do it, and number 2, there is no way to do it so wrong you might disappear from the face of the earth.

Lots of views that stand against it are often based on ignorance and prefer to spread tales that masturbation is either sinful or just downright improper. But nobody should tell you how you should live your life. It is not a sign of desperation but self-control and learning. If it rocks the boat, keep on ricking it!


Before we continue with DIY ways to rub those pleasure centers, know that the rule “one size fits all” does not apply with sex toys. Some of these suggestions might no go up your alley but hopefully, you will find something here that sparks interest and prompts you to experiment further. Also, here are 6 simple rules you should follow at all times to keep things on the safe side:

  • Cover all utilized objects with a condom
  • Avoid objects with sharp edges or pointy bits
  • Do not use anything that might shatter, splinter, or break off inside you
  • Objects with electrical currents are for external use only
  • Do not share DIY sex toys with another person
  • Do not use electric objects in the tub or shower.

The Hands

Although this may be stating the obvious, hands are usually overlooked when we want to enter the temporary state of bliss. They are usually used just to get the job done, a quick in and out, but have you ever really tried to “dig deeper” in its possibilities? Fingers, for instance, are suited to penetrate orifices and stimulate the exterior parts of your genitals.

Combine internal with external stimulation and dose the intensity of pressure and motion to really get a full grasp of the sensations. If circular doesn’t work, try back and forth. If you don’t like it when things are gentle, amp it up and have at it.

As long as you find yourself in deep waters, just barely standing at the tips of your toes, this is where the most exciting things happen when it comes to sex & masturbation. Hands allow us to have finesse and precision throughout the whole routine so definitely don’t neglect the amount of pleasure they can provide.

Masturbation Sleeves

Those bought in stores come with a silicone mold that has a hole you can insert your penis into. You can improvise the design by finding a cylinder of some kind that fits your penis comfortably.

Afterward, line it with a material of your choice that is either spongy or latex, whereas some folks even utilize a sock or banana peel. The most important thing is not to have any rough or sharp bits that can damage you. Also, for the sake of cleanliness, remember to wash the improvised sleeve or just throw it away after each use.

Household Vibrators

You’d be surprised that you probably have a vibrator in disguise somewhere around your house. An electric toothbrush, for instance, can easily be used as a vibrator, just remember to save it for that purpose and not go back to washing your teeth with it, too. An electric razor has pretty much the same properties as the toothbrush, just remember to remove the sharp attachment and cover it with a condom.

Another option is to find a neck massager, which is, interestingly enough, also found in pillow and mattress stores. What is even more exciting about massagers is that you don’t need to be eighteen to be able to purchase them legally.

Bear in mind that if your household vibrator has an electrical current, use it only for external stimulation, not for penetration. Sex toys are made of materials that are water-proof but household items don’t necessarily fall into that category.

Removable Showerhead

If you can remove your showerhead, know that beneath it is a discreet vibrator waiting for you to discover it. Pressurized lukewarm water directed on the genitals can create a pleasurable sensation - and the fact that you are already bathing makes it all a sanitary experience. This practice is common among people but there are also myths created to discourage this type of masturbation.

The main myth is that the showerhead can damage your genitals or that the genital receptors will weaken in sensitivity over time. In fact, this goes for all manufactured vibrators and not just the DIY showerheads, so pay no mind to such attempts to foil the fun.

Just follow the things you feel and let common sense guide you throughout the experience. Numbness is a temporary sensation if it occurs, it will fade and things will get back to normal.

Improvised Dildos

Finally, let’s talk about DIY dildos, which mainly involve phallus-shaped household things like cucumbers, bananas, hairbrush handles, and other similar objects. A dildo can be put in literally every orifice, from mouth to vagina or anus. Just remember to keep things safe and clean before inserting things in places.

The object should be smooth, durable, and comfortable for you to manipulate with it. Cover it with a condom to keep any unwanted bacteria from entering your body and, again, if you are using it for naughty purposes, say goodbye to its initial function.

Oh, and final word of advice, should you plan to insert a DIY dildo up the anus, know that you might explain to people at the E.R. how it wound up lodged inside. Without a flared base, these things tend to happen, so be careful not to overdo it with penetration.

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