12 Do’s And Don’ts For Hair Care

Do’s And Don’ts For Hair Care

You all know the dictionary meaning of Do’s and Don’ts for hair care however, you do not know what you should follow and what you should not follow for your hair care on a daily basis. Because some physicians suggest eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whereas, some recommend to have an annual check-up and a beauty sleep. All these suggestions are correct, but are they appropriate for your hair?

No, they are not because everyone has a different hair texture and hair colour. Also, the quality of hair varies from person to person.

Though different people have different opinions about hair care, some tips suit you whereas, some do not. Then what are the appropriate suggestions to follow for hair care on a daily basis?

You need not worry because to fulfil everyone’s desire of long, beautiful, and healthy hair, I am putting together a list of the do's and don'ts you should follow for better hair growth, shine and strength.

So, here are some tips you should abide by for healthy, silky, and bright hair.

12 Do’s And Don’ts For Hair Care

Do’s to follow for Hair Care

Hair Care

Never Skip Your Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals energise, protect and repair the human body. Earlier, hair care vitamins were not available at ease.

However, nowadays there exist multiple vitamins and minerals which trichologists have purely designed for hair growth. So, never skip your vitamins dosage for an extra boost for hair growth.

Get the Hair Tips Trimmed

Generally, hair specialists recommend you to get the tips of your ends trimmed once in every 3-4 months. As this strategy ensures split ends hit the road so, do not keep your hair from growing long and healthy.

However, if you try a lot of elements such as blow dryer, straightener, and many more on a regular basis, then you need to move up this schedule. So, have a look at your ends. See whether they are starting to split, brittle, and dry or not.

If the tips of your hair ends are facing such issues, then it is high time to make an appointment for a new haircut.

Find a Colour which You Would Love to Keep for More than 3-4 Months

Changing your hair colour and trying new trends is always fun. However, if you want healthy hair, then you cannot get away with changing your hair colour all the time. So, find a shade you can maintain and fall in love with for months on end.

Use a Leave-in Conditioner

Whether you air-dry or blow dry your hair, the leave-in conditioner is a godsend if you use it throughout the week.

So, out of all the numerous leave-in products on the market which will make your hair silky and healthier-looking than ever before, choose the most suitable product for you.

Also, if you love sleeping with wet hair, then apply a small amount of leave-in products on the ends of your hair. This methodology will protect your damp hair from getting damaged while they roll back and forth on the pillow.

Eat Properly

Poor nutrition adds on to the hair loss. As if your body does not get enough nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, then it cannot sustain hair growth.

 The other primary reason for hair loss is iron-deficiency as iron-deficiency causesanaemia which contributes to the hair loss.

So, you need an intake of adequate amount of iron for hair regrowth. Also, crash diets play a significant role in the hair loss.

Crash diets lead to eating disorders such as bulimia resulting in hair thinning and hair loss because of deficiency in sufficient nutrients. So, add enough protein to your food and never skip your meal.

Don’ts to follow for Hair Care

Hair Care

Do Not Wash Your Hair Daily

No doubt the smell of freshly shampooed hair is unbeatable. However, if you wash your hair every day, then you will strip essential natural oils from your hair.

So, instead of shampooing every day, shampoo every other day and condition your hair on that day. This strategy will make your hair clean, smell lovely, and soft instead of dry.

Avoid Frying Your Hair Too Much

Avoid using a blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener every day. However, if you are keen to use a straightener every day, then at a time make the look last for two days. Skip a wash and on the next day only apply touch-ups with your straightener.

Stop Being Rough on Your Hair

Be gentle while you brush and wash your hair; otherwise, you will rip out your hair more than the natural shedding amount. Also, do not put a hair tie too tightly to damage the strands. Moreover, do not scrub too hard to get your hair super clean.

Do Not Wear a Tight Ponytail or Bun While Sleeping

Sleeping with wet hair is not as bad as sleeping with a tight ponytail or bun. That is why either keep your hair loose or tie them lightly at night because nighttime is a perfect time for your hair to breathe.

Also, wearing a tight top knot or pony will pull out hairs while you sleep. So, if you cannot stand loose hair in the night, then loosely braid your hair.

Avoid Long Hours Sun Exposure

Sunbathing is right for your hair; however, repeated sun exposure for more extended hours damages your hair.

If you sit in the sun for a longer time span, then the sun will fade colour-treated hair. So consider wearing a long hat while sitting in the sun to protect your hair against damage.

Wear a Bathing Cap While Swimming

Chlorine in swimming pools is terrible for blondes as it dries out your hair. Chlorine is blue so, it coats the hair leaving them green. That is why consider using a bathing cap in a chlorinated pool. Also, rinse your hair right after swimming.

Avoid Stripping Out Hair Dye

Smart hair care includes not to follow tips which harm your hair. So, if you change your mind after dying your hair with a dark shade, then stripping out the colour will open the cuticle too much to set flat as before resulting in dry, brittle, frizzy curls, and damaged hair.

According to hair experts, black is the hardest to remove as this colour needs bleach for its removal. Also, it leaves unwanted tones in the hair. That is why stripping out hair dye is pretty much stressful on the hair.


 The above are the Do’s and don’ts for hair care on a daily basis. These tips will protect your hair from not only damage but also an excellent solution to thinning hair.

 Also, apart from these tips, be careful while choosing the appropriate hair care products because every product would not do wonders on your hair.

Some harsh chemical-oriented products can even harm the quality, texture, and colour of your hair.

So, always consult your trichologist before trying out any new product on your hair. Otherwise, you will suffer from an incurable loss in the more extended run.

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