Dos and Don’ts of Manscaping Every Men Should be Aware Of

Dos and Don’ts of Manscaping

As intimidating as the term may sound, manscaping is actually just the guys way of cleaning up. And as more and more guys realize this, the demand for the right kind of information about manscaping increases as well.

After all, manscaping is something that can go horribly wrong if you’re not aware of how to go about doing it the right way. If you’re reading this, however, you need not worry.

We will be walking you through some of the most common, most important dos and don’ts of manscaping that will go a long way in getting cleaned up without making yourself vulnerable to serious cuts or rashes.

Dos And Don’ts Of Manscaping

Dos of Manscaping

Get the right tools

Dos and Don’ts of Manscaping

You can’t go manscaping with your usual razor and a cheap shaving cream. If you’re really going to do it, you might as well do it the right way.

However, getting the right tools doesn’t necessary mean getting a lot of expensive gadgets. In fact, if you’re like most men out there – meaning that the hair on your chestdoesn’t look much different than your beard – you may not need anything more than a good electric trimmer.

However, it must be one of the more advanced trimmers out there, that comes with adjustable settings that allow you to use it for length. For most men looking to get intomanscaping, that’s perhaps all that will needed.

Keep Things Uniform

When it comes to manscaping, some guys think all they need to go is grab an electric trimmer and just go wildly moving it over their chest and stomach. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing.

There’s actually no rule with respect to how low you should go when trimming your hair. However, while that’s a personal preference, something that should definitely be followed is keeping things very uniform.

Don’t let a part of your stomach have a lot more hair than another part or your chest. You sure wouldn’t be able to take your shirt off even at the beach if you do!

Take care of the underarms

Of course, no kind of manscaping can be complete without getting rid of those forest-ly underarm hair. However, getting it to a “zero” level isn’t the most recommended approach here.

Instead, you may want to keep it at a length that’s just slightly longer than the hair on the surround areas. It would help you get a much better, “cleaner” look without losing the touch of masculinity.

Get your back and shoulders waxed

Well, we won’t really say this one’s a must, as it’s apparently one of the biggest reasons guys are very hesitant to go for manscaping. And let’s face it. It can really be a bit too hard on you, especially for the first few times.

However, if you’re really determined about getting completely manscaped no matter what it takes, you can get your back and shoulders waxed by a professional every 5 to 7 weeks, depending on your hair growth. If it’s turning out to be too painful for you, you can consider the laser removal method.

It can be expensive though, so keep that in mind as well. However, your hair does grow back in a longer timespan after you wax, so that’s a genuine plus.

Keep it natural

While your manscaping being visible to a certain extent is fine, it can quickly get embarrassing if it’s too “revealing.”

So make sure the results your manscaping efforts get you don’t look manufactured, but rather natural. This means that a little inconsistency here and there would be more than acceptable. This also means that creating a triangle out of your pubic hair is just plain stupid.

Just remember that you need to have a healthy balance of looking natural and looking manscaped for the best results.

Don’ts of Manscaping

Resort to DIY wax or spray products

Dos and Don’ts of Manscaping Every Men Should be Aware Of 1


We understand you may be an experienced DIYer, and would want to have a DIY approach to your body hair too. However, you must also understand that this is no crafts or repairing some random gadget; it’s something as sensitive as removing your own hair.

If it goes wrong, you may end up injuring yourself in some or the other way. And guess what? The chances of harming yourself while using an at-home wax or spray product are so high that it’s just not worth it.

Go for a zero shave

A zero or clean-shaved chest, arms or even legs might sound fun at first, but you will instantly regret it the second you finish doing it.

They would make you look extremely out of the ordinary (not in a good way at all!), let alone unnatural. Furthermore, it can also make you feel uncomfortable and you would have no choice but to wait and wait until your hair grows back to a point where it starts making you feel yourself again.

Have a defined line

Remember what we told above about keeping things natural? Well, having a clearly defined line between hair and smooth skin – regardless of the body part in question – can make you get a look that’s more strange than attractive.

No one likes such “artificial” beauty anyway, so steer clear of it. Such practices usually involve the use of a razor, so simply stick to the trimmer we recommended at the beginning and you wouldn’t have to worry about it.