10 Essential Travel Beauty Products

Travel Beauty Products

When it comes to getting ready for that trip you had planned, packing becomes a nerve-wrecking endeavour. You may find yourself cramming your bag full of what you think are absolute essentials, only to unpack later and begin the process all over again, sort of like a skipping record.

We took the time to carefully curate these essentials that will give you the best care as you travel.


Under Eye Concealer

The trip you’re going on may involve several long-haul flights, bumpy train rides or even dusty roads. All these mean it will be difficult to get some sleep. The end result is some bags under your eyes. A good concealer, especially one that matches your skin tone, should go a long way in freshening you up.

Cotton Buds

Ear care is essential especially as you travel. A pack of cotton buds will be absolutely essential, mainly due to their multi-purpose nature. Need to paint your nails and you’re not in the best environment? Use your buds. They are also great for touching up your make up.

Makeup Wipes

At the end of the day, your face will need some TLC to maintain its glow. Before you drop your weary body into bed, take off the make up quickly with a set of wipes.

Lip Balm

Your lips will take a beating from changing climates and the different conditions of the area you are traveling to. Moisturizing lip balm will be essential to stop your lips from cracking and keep them soft and supple.

Hand Sanitizer

Whether it is during your long flight, or during your safari, you will have to fuel your body with some nourishment. Before you handle your meal, take a moment to sanitize your hands. If you plan to use public transport, this is a must have.


Your skin is not the only one that needs care, your hair does too. If your aim is to be an eco-friendly traveller, there are a variety of companies that offer eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners.


Travelling can be quite gruelling and when you reach your destination, you will want to freshen up. A travel size deodorant is a must have in your travel bag.

Hair ties

Depending on the destination you picked, you may not have the time or place to straighten your hair or blow dry after a wash. A couple of hair ties will come in handy when you need them.

Straightening Iron

If you are heading to a destination with sufficient amenities, a straightening iron will keep your hair looking the best it can be.

Water Bottle

This probably should have been the first, but as to how important this is, position doesn’t matter. Every single cell of your body, all your organs, need water to function properly. The most obvious signs you’re not hydrating enough will start to show on your skin and lips.

Much more serious consequences will start showing soon afterwards. As you travel, ensure you take at least 2 litres of water per day. A good quality water bottle filled with clean water will ensure you are hydrated all the time.

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