Tips On Picking The Perfect Eyeglasses For Your Face Shape And Hair Color

Picking The Perfect Eyeglasses

"Eyeglasses For your Hair Color". Some celebrities just look more awesome with eyeglasses, John Lennon, Susan Sarandon, Woody Allen, Elton John, Johnny Depp, Tina Fey and Nicole Kidman.

Fans around the world have even associate their eyeglasses preference to these celebrities whenever they are buying one.

But truth is, you need to find eyeglasses frame and color that would match the shape of your face and your hair color, not to copy John Lennon or Nicole Kidman’s look but look best yourself.

Tips On Picking The Eyeglasses For Your Hair Color

Your Face Shape With The Right Frame

Eyeglasses For your Hair Color


If you have a round face, look for frames with bold, squared-off angles like rectangular, cat-eye or the retro wingtip style. Rectangular frames will sharpen your soft features. Also, make sure that the bottom part of the frame just hits above your cheekbones.

While if you have a square face, create an interesting contrast of shapes by picking curved styles like oval glasses, browline, round and the superstar Aviator frame.

A triangle face, on the other hand, a wide with bolder top frame style elongates a narrower forehead and balances a wider jaw. Browlines, Aviators and cat eye glasses are perfect frame shapes.

But for heart shape face, the D-shaped lens of the retro wingtip frame is suggested. Aviators and cat eye frames are also good options, which you can pick from Tim Brennan Optical, along with other best eyewear designs in the industry.

And oval face or the universal shape just look good on any frame type.

The Perfect Pairs of Eyeglasses For your Hair Colors

Eyeglasses For your Hair Color


A blonde hair should be matched with dark colored eyeglasses. Complementary contrast of light and dark should be considered like if you have cooler, ashy tone, pick grey, dark tortoiseshell, pink or maybe dark blue shades of frames.

However, if you have a warmer tone, choose among tortoiseshell brown, peach or green but avoid flashy colors like gold and yellow.

Brown and brunette have actually a wide array of colors to choose from. Ashy brunettes look best with fun colored frames like cool green, purple, pink, blue or dark tortoiseshell brown.

If you have a warmer brunette tone, go for light browns, warm green, red and creamy whites. Tortoiseshell hues, however, bring out the best contrasting look for your hair color.

Red hair natural or not, would look perfect with green colored frame, but that does not limit you to sport good looks as reddish browns, golds, coppers, reds, tortoiseshell colors and rich black are the next best bet.

Black hair would look stunning with reds and yellows along with matching blacks, bright whites and rich blues, making black hair fully stand out from ordinary. Colors to avoid are pale creams, beiges and pinks or what we call diluted colors.

Grey or white hair color, naturally greying or keeping up with the trend, will look best with cherry red frames as well as sea blue or rich black, but avoid frames that are yellow or brown as these tend to weigh your personality down and cause dulling effect on your silver-grey tresses.

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