How to Find an Emergency Dentist ASAP

How to Find an Emergency Dentist

If you feel the need for an emergency dentist, don't worry. It's easier to find one these days that it ever has been, even if you've just moved to a city where you don’t know anyone who can give you a recommendation. In this article, we're going to look at a few tips that will help you find an emergency dentist as soon as you can.


Do a search online

Thanks to the internet, finding services like emergency dentists has never been easier. While you could still use the old yellow pages or phone directory, the internet is normally a quick and easy way to find the right local dentist in your area.

One thing to look out for when trying to find an emergency dentist specifically is that their opening hours. If you need them at the weekend or through the night, this is one thing you need to pay attention to.

An emergency dentist might be slightly more expensive than a regular check-up, but you're paying for the convenience of being able to visit them quickly and easily potentially even at all hours.

In some areas, you might be able to find an emergency dentist that operates 24 hours a day. This might only be in large cities and urban areas, so if they aren't that close to you, you can decide whether it's worth waiting or driving a long distance. You can visit an Emergency Dental website to consult your case.

Another benefit of looking for dentists online is that you can find reviews and other recommendations. When you simply turn up at a dentist, you might not know anything about it or whether they're actually any good. While an emergency might mean you've got less time to actually pay attention to these reviews, you should still give them a quick looking over.

Often, you don't have much time to spend finding the absolute best dentist in an emergency. You might have to go with the first one you find or the one in the best location. But if you can, reviews can be helpful.

Ask people you know

While online reviews are good, so are personal recommendations. These often go a lot further than online reviews as they're from someone you know. If you can, ask around to see if anybody knows the right emergency dentist for your situation.

Don't forget the hospital

Most hospitals have specialist emergency mouth departments. If your issue is serious and you can't find a dentist, don't forget the hospital. Often, you'll be referred to a dentist anyway, but it's a good idea to get some professional advice from people who know what they're talking about.

Make sure you're aware of the costs

Emergency dentistry can be expensive so make sure you know what it's going to cost up-front. You might want to check with your insurance to make sure it's covered before you get stung for a big bill you can't afford.

Get there quickly

With emergency dentistry, it's important to get seen to as quickly as possible. This isn't something you can sit around thinking about for days. Get to the dentist ASAP so you can get sorted out.

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