10 Food Causes Hair Loss – All You Need To Know

food causes hair loss

"Food causes hair loss". Over the past few years’ hair loss has become a widespread problem. In normal circumstances, we lose about 100 strands of hair each day.

This is very normal because the hair loss is immediately replaced with new hair. Although nutrition is Important for our bodies too much of anything can be toxic.

If you want to avoid hair loss, there are some foods that you should reduce their intake. Don’t avoid these foods completely take them in small amounts. If you want your hair to grow naturally and healthy then you should consider taking these foods in moderation.

Top 10 Food Causes Hair Loss

Food causes hair loss

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1. Fried Foods

Everybody loves food that is fried. Now you can understand the struggle which comes with dealing with the loss of hair. Studies have shown that if you want to avoid hair loss, you should reduce the intake of fried foods.

You should avoid hydrogenated oils and fatty foods. These fats are related to the increase in testosterone levels which leads to increased levels of DHT.DHT has been linked to hair loss.

Apart from the loss of hair excess intake of fried foods can cause other health problems such as obesity, diabetes and coronary diseases.

2. Simple Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates like wheat flour, cakes and biscuits have high levels of sugar content and have less fiber.

This states that the nutrients you get after consuming these foods are directed to help in the digestion of the healthy food. Eating these types of carbs won’t benefit your body matter of fact they will lead to loss of hair.

The foods are known to reduce the body’s stress natural functioning which might lead to hair loss. Instead try to consume complex carbs that are high in fiber like bananas, beans, and wholemeal flour.

3. Selenium-rich Foods

Selenium is also known as a micro mineral which is required by the body in small amounts. The body needs it in small doses because of its effects as an antioxidant. Avoid consuming over 55 mg of selenium per day otherwise, you might suffer from selenosis.

Selenosis is a case where there’s excess selenium in your blood. Avoid eating excess tuna, beef, white rice, turkey or white bread. Too much intake of these foods can lead to hair loss.

4. Trans Fatty Acids

Fats that are unhealthy have been known to lead to an increase of DHT which is not good for your hair. If you are a lover of soy bean oil or corn oil, then you should be aware that they are filled with Trans fatty acids.

5. Sugar

brown sugar

A lot of sugar intake can cause diabetes. Just like unhealthy acids sugar too can increase the DHT levels.

Sugar has similar effects just like the Trans fatty acids. Avoid eating a lot of sweets and sugary things. Overeating sugar can lead to loss of hair and also teeth problems.

6. High Mercury Fish

Dermatologists have warned intake of certain kinds of fish which have high mercury levels. Intake of these fish that have great mercury content can cause to hair loss.

 Eating fish which has high levels of mercury can lead to hair thinning and fall. Bigeye tuna, Ahi, swordfish, and tile fish all have high mercury levels and should entirely are avoided.

7. Alcohol And Caffeine

Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to hair loss. Drinking can lead to toxicity of your liver which is a direct ticket to hair loss. Moderate use of tea and coffee can give you a lot of energy and also stimulate your mind.

They also allow you to become more active and productively relieve stress. But excessive intake of caffeine can cause dehydration in the body which is not ideal for the hair follicles.

Study shows that avoiding the consumption of stimulants such as tobacco or alcohol can help in the reduction of the symptoms associated with hair loss.

Other specialists say that excess intake of alcohol can hinder the hair's ability to absorb essential minerals such as zinc which is necessary for healthy hair growth and can lead to loss of hair.

8. Excess Vitamin A

Excess Vitamin A

Consuming high amounts of foods which have vitamin A can also lead to hair loss. You are not supposed to take more than 5000 IU per day, which is the daily recommendation.

 Dieticians also state that vitamin A which is in the multivitamin doesn’t have a hostile outcome on the hair growth, but intake of a single vitamin A supplement can have an adverse impact on your hair growth.

When your body flushes the excess vitamin A from your body, your hair will begin to grow again.

9. Packaged Foods

Packaged foods are filled with flavours, preservatives and artificial colors which might cause a lot of health problems one of them being hair loss. Carmine which is a dye is removed from bugs that are dried can lead to excessive loss of hair.

10. Eating Unhygienic Foods

Eating food that is not clean might contain bacteria that is harmful which can lead to diseases.

Unhygienic foods also include the food which is sold on the streets. Most of us love street foods because they are yummy and delicious as much as they are unhygienic.

Street food often has no nutritional value, and they have an adverse effect on your body. They can cause typhoid, viral fever food poison, and other related foodborne diseases. The diseases can make you weak and in the long run, lead to hair loss.

If you love street food, you can alternatively prepare similar recipes at home which are clean and healthy and ones you can enjoy without the fear of possible loss of hair.


Food causes hair loss

"Food causes hair loss". Always remember that hair loss and a proper diet are associated with each other.

Also, take note that various factors can cause hair loss. Some good foods can promote hair growth and others can cause damage to hair like the ones mentioned above.

Avoid high consumptions of the foods mentioned above if you don’t want to suffer from hair loss.

If you’re experiencing from severe hair loss and can’t help it, we recommended consulting a Chinese hair distributor online to get your ultimate hair counselling and possible solutions!

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