Four Mental Health Tips for Moms With Anxiety

Moms With Anxiety

Any mom knows that parenting can be a challenging yet rewarding job. When you have little ones running around, it can be extremely tough to find time for yourself to pay attention to your health.

Moms still need to go to the doctor, exercise, practice self-care, and enjoy their own hobbies. Equally importantly, moms need time to devote to maintaining or improving their mental health. Even the strongest moms can experience mental health issues like anxiety. For this reason, sites that offer online therapy like MyTherapist exist. You can learn more about how online therapy sessions can fit into a busy parent’s schedule here:

However, even with online therapy available, there are plenty of tips and tricks for busy parents that can help alleviate some of the daily stresses and anxieties they may experience.

Learning and practicing anxiety reduction techniques even when you’re not feeling anxious can train your brain to automatically employ them when you do start feeling anxious.

Taking a little time to try out these four tricks, even when your brain might be occupied by your child’s schedule in addition to your own, can really help to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Here are four tips for moms (or any parent) dealing with anxiety:

  • Compartmentalize. It can be hard for moms to even consider thinking about themselves over their children. But it may help you to know that choosing not to spend so much time worrying about your child’s social life, grades, or extracurriculars and focusing on your own health and wellbeing can actually help you to become more focused in the long run. Separating your child’s life from your own by taking time to see your friends and practice your hobbies allows you to take the time to reset so that you can really hone in on any kid’s troubles when they arise.

  • Exercise. Getting at least 30 minutes of movement into your schedule per day can really boost your mood. Even light exercise or stretches can help to reduce anxiety. This might sound impossible to the busy mom, but it can be done. With toddlers, it might be possible to let them run around in an enclosed and safe space nearby while you work out, or you could try some silly movements with your baby. With older kids, try taking a moment out of the day while they’re at school to exercise.
  • Practice breathing techniques. Anxiety management can happen anywhere and at any time through breathing techniques like box breathing. You’d be surprised just how much a few simple, deep breaths can help to calm you down if you feel an anxiety attack coming on. With box breathing, you breathe in for a count of four seconds, hold for four, exhale for four, and hold again for four. This technique can come in handy when you don’t have the ability to step away from your duties as a mom but you need some immediate relief.
  • Practice mindfulness. Just like breathing techniques, mindfulness can be a very personal practice that allows you to calm your nerves at any time of the day. You can practice mindfulness by allowing yourself to notice your emotions without passing judgment on them or by examining your sensory experience. By grounding yourself in a judgment-free emotional or physical place, you allow your body to come to a more neutral, less anxious state.

Although feelings like anxiety can feel overwhelming, especially when you have someone else’s welfare to look after, it can be possible to quell those nerves with a couple of simple techniques or daily practices. As a mom, you know just how important your child’s emotional state is, but it is also necessary to remember how important yours is, as well.

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