Four Popular Cosmetic Procedures to Enhance Your Beauty in 2021

Four Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Every year, cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Techniques to enhance an individual’s beauty are now less invasive and more accessible to a wider range of people. Cosmetic procedures should only aim to enhance your natural beauty, not transform it completely. If you have a certain area of your face or body that you wish looked slightly better, refreshed, or rejuvenated, here are some popular cosmetic procedures you should check out.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty 

The glory days of surgical rhinoplasty are most definitely over as more people opt to change the shape of their nose with a less invasive procedure, also known as a ‘liquid nose job’. Not only is this procedure less expensive than a traditional nose job, but it also gives instant results with minimal swelling and bruising. You will have to go and top up on a more regular basis, however, you won’t have to worry about getting a botched nose as this procedure isn’t permanent.


One of the most popular procedures across all age groups is Botox. This wonderful treatment can help improve any tired-looking face by reducing the prominence of wrinkles and lines on the face. The Botox offered by O'Neill Cosmetic Dermatology in Mississauga can be used to reduce vertical lines around the lip, soften bunny lines, and even reshape the jawline. However, it’s not only used for cosmetic appearance. It can also be employed to treat excessive sweating in armpits, feet, or the palms of your hands.

Lip Fillers 

Once the world discovered that Kylie Jenner’s lips were actually a result of lip filler rather than an excessive use of lip liner, as she initially claimed, the popularity of this cosmetic procedure sky-rocketed. A special kind of hyaluronic acid gel is used to enhance the plumpness of the lips. The results of this procedure can be seen almost immediately and if you are unhappy with the results the filler can be dissolved.


Some people swear by their natural eyebrows, but others will refuse to leave their home until they draw theirs on with make-up. If you are part of the latter group and feel naked without your perfectly filled-in brows, this is the procedure for you. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of brow tattooing. After 18 to 30 months, your skin will metabolize the ink from the tattoo and your brows will be back to their normal shape. You can either go for regular touch-ups or simply let your brow tattoo fade away.

Although the option to enhance your natural beauty with cosmetic procedures is extremely convenient, the most important thing is that you radiate beauty from within. If you are happy with yourself, your life, and the actions you take, your beauty will shine through. Body dysmorphia is also increasingly prevalent amongst our society so try to avoid recreating the look of an Instagram filter with your doctor. Instead, try to focus on areas that will boost your confidence and enhance your natural features rather than replace them.

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