How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

"How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask?". Your body goes through so many cycles during a lifetime. In my early 20’s I remember having gorgeous, lusciously long locks. My skin was blemish free and dewy without the help of moisturizers or makeup and my eyes were always bright and sparking.

But somewhere between then and my 30’s things started to change.

​It took effort to maintain healthy looking skin and little bags started forming under my eyes. Suddenly I could actually see the subtle signs of aging and it was disconcerting to say the least.

​Perhaps the biggest pain in the butt has been those pesky under eye circles.

​I’ve never been one to wear much makeup so you can imagine my horror when I had to start hiding my dark under circles with concealer.

​And while the makeup could mask the circles it didn’t do much to camouflage the puffiness, which is why I started to get creative with my skin care approach.

​I’ve always been a big fan of DIY skin care. It’s almost always more affordable than salon treatments and I find it comforting to know exactly what is being absorbed into my body.

Being a super sleuth online I’ve discovered a whole host of homemade hacks to brighten up my eyes, but there’s one in particular I could not live without — my eye brightening coffee mask.

While I may not be able to take kudos for coming up with the idea of this mask in general, I feel confident that I have perfected it over the years.

But before I dive into how to make this coffee mask, let’s talk about why you are going to want to try this awesome face mask.


How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

​Under eye circles — are bags as they are commonly referred to — are characterized by dark, almost purplish skin underneath your eyes.

Dark circles are often coupled with puffiness or inflammation making it a rather unattractive combination.

Eye bags are caused by a number of things from allergies to lack of sleep, aging and even genetics.

​For instance, as you get older the muscles supporting your eyes begins to weaken. Without the strength from your eye muscles the other tissues surrounding your eyes can shift. Fatty tissue that made your eyes look firm and plump can slide down into your lower lid region and make them look puffy and unflattering instead of perky and bright.

If it’s not the aging that’s casting a shadow on your under eyes, it could be allergies. Seasonal allergies (or year round ones for the unlucky) can cause redness, itchiness and irritation that leads to dark swelling below the eye.

All this irritation can thin the skin below your eyes allowing the blood vessels to become more pronounced, thus dark eye circles.

​How to Prevent Dark Circles Before They Happen

Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

​You may not be able to control genetics, or even allergies to an extent, but there are several ways you can help prevent dark circles before they happen.

Many of your daily lifestyle choices can impact the health of your skin, and ultimately whether or not you experience dark eye circles.

Excessive alcohol intake for example. Alcohol dehydrates your body and since your skin is over 60% water, this can cause some serious damage.

​The skin surrounding your eyes is already so thin, it needs as much hydration and moisture as possible to remain healthy and bright. Long story short, be mindful of your alcohol intake and do your best not to exceed more than 7-10 standard drinks each week (per CAMH’s Low Risk Alcohol Guidelines).

​A lack of sleep can also cause dark eye circles. When you don’t get enough sleep the blood vessels surrounding your eyes dilate, which causes that purplish hue.

On top of that, fluids can leak into your skin and leave them looking puffy and swollen.

You can remedy this by making sure you catch at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Not only will it improve the brightness of your eyes, but you will feel as alert and you look!

​In addition to cutting back the booze and grabbing more zzz’s, try your best to follow a whole food diet, rich in leafy green vegetables and protein.

Whole, unprocessed foods are rich in the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain overall health, as well as skin health.

A good rule of thumb when grocery shopping is to shop on the perimeter of the store. This is where you will often find fresh produce, seafood and meats. The interior aisles tend to be full of canned or processed foods that are overflowing with sodium and preservatives that will inflame your insides and wreak havoc on your under eyes.

This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every now and again, but do your best to follow an 80/20 rule of healthy, fresh foods to delicious not so healthy treats. Moderation is key.

​My Favourite DIY Coffee Mask

Get Rid Of Dark Circles With This Simple DIY Coffee Mask

Now, let’s dive into what you really came here for...a quick and simple homemade coffee face mask for instantly rejuvenating your skin and reduce dark circles.

​You Will Need

  • 1 tablespoon coffee ground (caffeinated, not decaf!)
  • 1 capsule vitamin E oil
  • 1 teaspoon jojoba oil (or coconut oil, but my skin breaks out when I use coconut oil)
  • 3 drops chamomile essential oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Cotton pads

​> Step One

Mix all of your ingredients together in a small bowl except for the witch hazel.

​> Step Two

Cleanse your face with a mild soap and remove any makeup before applying this mask.

​> Step Three

Using clean fingers, gently massage this face mask all over your face using circular motions. Massage it in for 2 minutes — and yes, I use a timer during this part.

​> Step Four

Let the mask soak in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm (not hot!) water and pat dry with a clean towel.

​> Step Five

Soak a cotton pad with witch hazel and sweep it across your face, paying special attention to not get in your eye, but definitely underneath your eyes.

> Step Six

Once the witch hazel has dried on your skin, apply your favourite under eye or facial moisturizing cream.

​Why This Works

The all natural ingredients of this face mask offer so many benefits to your skin, especially when you’re experiencing puffy, dark eye circles.

The caffeine found in your coffee grounds help stimulate blood flow which helps reduce inflammation and redness.

Chamomile essential oil is soothing and also contains anti inflammatory properties to reduce puffiness.

Vitamin E oil is one of the best moisturizing oils out there. It is thick and gooey, making it feel a bit tacky, but also super nourished. It is also rich with antioxidants that help rejuvenate worn, tired looking skin.

Jojoba oil (or coconut oil if you choose that instead) is great non comedogenic oil for moisturizing your skin, meaning it hydrates without clogging your pores. Hydrated skin will look firmer and tighter.

Finally, the witch hazel acts as an astringent to tighten your pores, reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin.

In as little as 20 minutes (including prep time!) you can relax and rejuvenate your under eyes for brighter eyes and glowing skin. Now tell me, what sort of DIY’s have you tried in the past to get rid of dark circles? Share in the comment section below. If you are looking out for more DIY's, you should visit Bargain Hunters blog which would help you with some exciting ideas for your skin

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