6 Easy Tips To Get Your Dream Hair Without Spending A Fortune

Get Your Dream Hair

"How To get your Dream Hair?". Wish you could swing your hair like a Pantene model? Join the club. The glorious hair portrayed on television is the work of expert stylists and expensive products.

So, what’s a normal girl to do? We’ve compiled a list of easily obtainable and affordable tips to help you achieve get beautiful hair of your dreams.

6 Easy Tips To Get Your Dream Hair

Get Your Dream Hair

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Tip #1 - Find a natural hair growth supplement that actually works

With so many supplements available on the Internet, it can be overwhelming to do the research and find the right one for you. We turned to research and you and let them do the hard work for us.

You can find supplements evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Natural, high quality ingredients
  • FDA approved laboratory
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Money back guarantee

Tip #2 - Nourish your hair from the inside

Feed your hair while you’re feeding the rest of your body. Put away that chocolate bar and start consuming vitamin-rich foods to bolster your mane. We love this slideshow of delicious, healthy foods and how they help your hair reach its true gorgeous potential.

Tip #3 - Put down that hairbrush!

Marcia Brady may have gone overboard by brushing her hair 100 strokes a day. While hair brushing may be instrumental in distributing oils from the root to the shaft, it’s important not to overbrush.

Each time you brush you lose hair. Hang on to as many strands as you can by keeping the brushing to a minimum. In addition, the type of hairbrush can also make a huge difference to your coiff.

Tip #4 - Let your hair go au naturale

Does the thought of your co-workers seeing you without a blow-dry send you into a tailspin? We feel you, but the benefit of giving your hair a styling break far outweighs your sleek look.

Get yourself a new haircut to embrace your hair’s natural style. You may be surprised by how much you love it! Be inspired by these celebrities who have managed to still look cool while changing up their looks.

Tip #5 - Protect your hair from your environment

It seems logical, but a professional swimmer has to protect her hair differently than a computer programmer does. Does your hair come in contact with harsh environmental conditions? If so, make sure to protect it accordingly.

From olympic swimmers who put gelatin in their hair to gardeners with big floppy hats, you can see that caring for your hair doesn’t have to be an expensive venture.

Tip #6 - Have good hair genes

We’re sort of joking. It’s good to remember that some people have won the hair gene lottery and comparing our hair to theirs is just not a good idea. However, most of the time, the hair we envy is the hair which is being taken care of in a regular routine.

 Slapping on a hair mask once a year to try and correct damage will not fix your issues. Commit yourself to this new hair regimen today and stick to it for your best hair from the inside out.

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