The 7 Golden Rules Of Hair Care – All You Need To Know

golden rules of hair care

We often hear people say that the hair is one person’s crowning glory. We may sport the most stylish fashion from the world’s best couturiers, but if your hair simply looks like some craggy old witch, then everything will be for naught.

Fortunately, there are established guidelines or so-called “golden rules” that you can observe to really care for your hair. You can ask about these from your favourite Melbourne hair salon so they can also explain these rules to you a lot better. Here are some of the "golden rules of hair care".


The Golden Rules Of Hair Care

Rule 1 – Wash Your Hair a Maximum of 3 Times a Week

Wash Your Hair

Regardless of what everyone else tells you, resist the urge to wash and shampoo your hair every day. Seasoned and well-trained hairdressers know that washing your locks on a daily basis effectively removes the protective oils in the shafts, making them more prone to breakage and more susceptible to damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, dust, smoke, and dirt.

It makes sense, actually. The more frequent you wash it the more layers of these protective oils get washed away, too. So, hair care experts strongly advise washing the hair at least twice a week but never more than 3 times per week.

​Rule 2 – Choose Appropriate Hair Products

Choose Appropriate Hair Products

Different hair products are designed for different types of hair. That’s why it is imperative to learn about the unique characteristics of our locks so that we will be able to determine which type of product will be most appropriate.

If we don’t know what our hair is like we can always seek advice from hair care professionals who know everything about hairs. They can even give us recommendations or suggestions on what product will work best with the type of hair that we have.

​Rule 3 – Avoid Taking Hot Showers

Avoid Taking Hot Showers

Just as frequent washing can significantly decrease the amount of protective oils present on the hair shaft, showering with hot water can also bring damage to the hair.

High temperatures can break the chemical bonds in natural oils, making them dissolve a lot easier, and loosening the oil from the shaft. This leads to excessive drying of each strand, creating tangles and even breaks. If you do have to wash your hair and you prefer something not cold, having it lukewarm is a lot better.

Remember, the idea of washing the hair is only to get rid of the dirt, excess oil and grime, and sweat from our scalp and hair. It was never intended for us to “cook” our hair.

Rule 4 – Apply Shampoo on Your Scalp, Not the Tips or Hair Ends

Apply Shampoo on Your Scalp

We have this very popular misconception that applying shampoo on the hair shaft itself, especially the tips or ends, can lead to more glorious locks.

Unfortunately, the growth center of hair is located deep within the skin itself. It’s like watering and applying fertilizer on a plant. We don’t water and fertilize the leaves of plants. We do this at the roots, near the base of the trunk.

The same is true with hair care. When we shampoo, especially those formulated with additional nutrients, we need to apply these near the base right on our scalps and not on the hair ends. Rinsing will allow the shampoo substances to run along the entire length of the hair up to the tip.

Rule 5 – Always Massage the Scalp when You Shampoo

Massage the Scalp when You Shampoo

Many of us forget that the whole idea of shampooing is not only to cleanse our scalp and hair but also to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp. By massaging the shampoo onto the scalp, taking care to massage every square inch of skin, we are essentially improving blood circulation.

Why is this important? Blood contains oxygen and a lot of the nutrients that our cells need, including the hair follicles. Improving blood circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, allowing the hair to grow more beautiful, stronger, and shinier.

Rule 6 – Always Towel Dry before Applying a Hair Conditioner

Dry before Applying a Hair Conditioner

One of the most common mistakes of women is applying conditioner on heavily wet hair believing that the extra wetness will help in the more effective distribution of the conditioner. In the contrary, too much moisture prevents the more efficient absorption of the conditioners.

For best results, it is suggested that you towel dry your hair immediately after rinsing the shampoo before applying the conditioner. It is also important to leave it on your hair for 2-3 minutes before the final rinse.

Rule 7 – Always Brush Your Hair

Always Brush Your Hair

​Brushing is essential as it detangles strands while also helping improve blood circulation. Brushing can also give your locks the kind of shine and health that you’re looking for. Brush your hair with a good quality hairbrush at least twice a day.


golden rules of hair care

Taking care of your hair so they look shiny and healthy is easy. Just adhere to these "golden rules of hair care" and you’re on your way to a healthier, bouncier, and more fabulous crowning glory.

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