3 Ways To Grow Your Beauty Business

Grow Your Beauty Business

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re a beauty professional that’s stuck. You just can’t figure out how to get your business to the next step. You have clientele, but it’s just not enough for your company to flourish.

Being successful within this industry has a lot to do with your skills and talents, but more importantly,you need to know how to market and promote your services. If you’re a makeup artist looking to branch out and expand your clientele, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

In this guide,we will cover 3 essential methods forgrowing your business. We’ll explain how to promote yourself, stay up to date with trends, and get organized.


3 Ways To Grow Your Beauty Business

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1. Promote Yourself

First things first, you want people to know who you are and what you do. Word of mouth recommendations will never go out of style.People aremore trusting of a service when someone they know recommended it.

You can achieve word of mouth through social media.Create an account specifically for your business where you post pictures of your salon, staff, and products. People want to see what you can do and what areas you specialize in –is it makeup, hair, lashes, allthe above? Followers might tag their friends in one of your posts, eager to set up a double appointment!

Always create a positive online presence withsocial media. It’s common you’ll receive a negative comment from time to time. The important part of this is handling it professionally. Sometimes people are just being hateful, but other times there may be truth in their feedback that you can use to growyour business even stronger.

2. Stay Up To Date With Trends

Trends are constantly changing, making it difficult to stay up with everything. If you’re a hair stylist,do your research on the stylesthat are trending to get an idea of what customers
want. You can use social media platforms to get an idea of what people like –both men and women. Keep up with natural makeup looks as well as more exotic trends.

While your talents will take you a long way, be open-minded and flexible to what your clients want. If a bridal party comes into your shop, don’t say you aren’t a specialist. Have the attitude that you can work with anything.

We also encourage you to ask for feedback from your clients,either by having them complete a survey or leave a review. Sometimes offering a 10% discount on their next appointment is enough motivation for them to go online and leave a review or complete the survey.

3. Get Organized

We all have lives outside of our careers. Perhaps you are married, have children, or household obligations that make it difficult to stay on top of your beauty business 100%. When this happens to be the case, consider getting organized with GlossGenius –anonline solution for beauty professionals.

At GlossGenius users have control over their businessin one convenient app.It can be downloaded straight to your phone, so you always have access to organized reports, records, reminders, and appointments. 

Clients can also use the app to bookappointments from their own phone, and even make payments. It’s worth considering, especially if you’re not the most organized.

Absorb, Evolve, and Stay Strong!

If you stick to these 3 tips, you’ll start to notice growth within your beauty business. You’ll have more customers, a better reputation, and a great way to stay organized. Remember to be patient!Nothing is made from magic. By taking in what you need to fix and implementing new strategies, you’ll be on your way to growth before you know it!

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