A Complete Guide To Choose, Buy, And Wear Women’s Toupees

Guide To Choose Wear Women's Toupees

Women are absolutely in love with their hair and want it to look gorgeous and flawless always. It breaks their heart when they have hair loss or have to get rid of their hair due to some disease or unforeseen circumstances.

Earlier, this was a nightmare since the wigs available in the market were of cheap quality, and it never looked natural. But with science and technology progressing, companies are keeping in mind the criteria of women while they choose a wig and therefore bringing in different variety of wigs which looks just like natural hair and in varied density, sizes and texture. All you need to know is how to select the perfect wig which suits your need perfectly.

Here is a manual for you to choose, buy and wear the women’s toupees correctly:

Choosing the Right Women’s Toupee

You have first to know how many types of wigs are available in the market.

Full lace wigs are made up of mesh material which is of superior quality, and therefore it beats the traditional caps. It has laces all around it thus making it one of the most expensive wigs available. No machine is being used in the production process, and every hair is attached to the cap by hand.

With the lace being very thin, it ensures comfort, and you can do any styling you want with the wig, be it a high ponytail or a bun and your hair will look just as natural. All these factors make this wig a costly one but worth the money.

360 frontal wig is one of the types of women’s toupees available in the market which have a crown area on the top of the head and mesh material runs across the hairline. The lace is being crafter with individual hair being attached to it using hands; therefore, it is impossible to discriminate it from the natural hairline. It should be your first choice if you want something which will look realistic and will be within your budget.

Lace front wigs deal with laces only at the front portion instead of the entire hairline. It comes with a standard cap and meshes material in front, which makes the laces at the front look natural. But the back will not be realistic, and you should avoid styling with high ponytails.

Now when you know the types of wigs available, the materials it comes with, and what purpose it solves, it will be natural for you to choose your model.

Buying the Toupee

Understand your need. Ask yourself whether you want a trendy look or go with a traditional look. Note down what are the stylings you may want to do with your hair. Decide accordingly.

Make an informed decision regarding the length of your wig, the density, texture and cutting you want to depend on whether you want to make a partition or keep your hair strands open most of the time.

Make sure you measure your head right. If it is wrong, either the wig will be too loose and it will often fall from your head or will be too tight that will not fit.

Settle for a wig which is easy for you to maintain. In the long run, you will not like something which is of high maintenance, gets tangled easily and does not look good.

Wearing the Women’s Toupee

Hold the wig in the correct position and cut the lace accordingly, keeping in focus the hairline.

You want to have a realistic look with your wig. Pluck out some hair from hairline because often wigs have equal density all across the hairline which does not look natural. This process will help your hair look just as real but be aware of overdoing it.

If you wish, you can wear a wig cap under the lace, and new hair strand or can make cornrows.

Move on to the process of actually wearing the wig. If your wig comes with clips, start attaching them to your head. Ensure whether it lies in symmetry and is maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

The last step is for you to decide whether you want to glue the wig together, sew it or tape it!

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