5 Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Hair Hacks

"Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know". Nothing takes up quite as much time for a woman as trying to figure out what to do with your hair. It’s a different struggle every day. Between the shampooing and the blow drying, you’ll probably be at the brink of insanity.

Fortunately, there is a way around all the fuss, nifty little tricks that will not only keep you looking great but also take an hour off your daily routine.

Unlike men, women need about 10 times the grooming. They need specific tools, combs, shampoos, and even the pubic hair trimmers to get the best results. This may all seem like a lot, but once you get the hang of these easy hair hacks, your morning routine will become that much simpler.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Top 5 Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

1. Spray Your Bobby Pins

Hair Hacks Every Woman Should Know

You may be wondering why Bobby pins never seem to stay in place, they have this annoying tendency of sliding right through your hair. Well, you’re not alone. This is usually a constant struggle for people with fine, straight hair.

The remedy for this is to make the pins extra sticky by using hairspray on them right before you put them on your hair. This little trick is quick, it’s easy, and it ensures your pins stay where they’re supposed to.

2. T-Shirt Dry Your Hair

Cotton is as absorbent as it is gentle on your hair. This is why it is highly recommended to use a cotton t-shirt rather than a towel to dry your hair. Towels work too, sure, but they can sometimes be a bit rough on your hair.

Also, note that rubbing vigorously at your hair can cause damage, and even cause some of your hair to fall off. The best way to do it is to wrap the cotton t-shirt around your head and let it soak up all the excess moisture.

There is always that random cotton t-shirt at the bottom of your closet that you don’t wear anymore. It’s an inexpensive, simple way to ensure you keep your hair soft and to prevent it from getting all frizzy.

3. Eye Shadow Works on Hair Too!!

A cool trick that most women are completely oblivious to is the fact that you can actually use eye shadow to give your hair a fuller, thicker look. Using an eye shadow that is closest to the shade of your hair tends to create the illusion of fullness. It gives a fine, even look that makes your hair look shiny and well kept.

The idea is to use a small brush, a blending brush, or even a toothbrush you don’t use anymore to fill in the parts of your hair that may be losing color.

4. Don’t Try To Style Freshly Washed Hair!

Trying to style your hair immediately after you wash it is a nightmare. This is because freshly washed hair will tumble into a bun hour after you try to wash it. The curls you spent so much time trying to put up will be ruined before you can flaunt them.

The idea is to keep it simple. After you wash and shampoo your hair, wait at least 24 hours for it to dry out completely. The styling will be that much simpler, and it will last much longer.

5. How/ When to Brush your Hair

Brushing your hair is a huge struggle, it goes without saying. How do you do it without pulling it all out? How do you get rid of the knots?

Where do you even start? Well, first, find the appropriate brush-preferably a boar bristle. You need to be gentle, have an even stroke, and go from bottom to top.

Most importantly, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet, not if you can help it. It’s frail and easily breakable then. Try and do the brushing before you shampoo it for the best results.

Bottom Line

There are a ton of tricks to help ensure you keep your hair healthy and full, consider these the tips of the iceberg.

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