Miss Cire | Hair Removal Wax Market 2019: Outlooks, Research, Trends and Forecast

Hair Removal Wax Market

Whether it’s cleaning up the bikini area or de-fuzzing the upper lip, waxing is by far the most used hair removal method today. The hair removal wax market is already massive and is growing rapidly worldwide, boasting a bright future in both the professional and at-home markets.


The Future of the Hair Removal Wax Market

Hair Removal Wax Market

According to a recent report by Transparency Market Research, the value of the global hair removal wax market is expected to reach over $18.8 million between 2018 and 2026. The report attributes this growth to an increase in “beauty consciousness” worldwide, as well as the general desire to maintain a groomed appearance.

In 2017, North America held a whopping 25% market share of the global hair removal wax market. The report predicts that North America will maintain its leading position until 2026, followed by Europe. However, it’s the Asian Pacific region that will see the fastest expanding industry during the forecast period.

So, it’s safe to say, the hair waxing industry is not only here to stay, but here to grow.

What Does the Waxing Market Look Like Now?

Spas and salons thrive off the demand for high-tech hard wax treatments. 90% of the hair removal wax market is made up of women, who often make appointments for facial, bikini, and full-body waxes.

Even men have increasingly made trips to the salon as tailored grooming gains traction, stripping the hair from their chests and backs. In the United States alone, “manscaping” is a $4 billion industry, with $1 billion being attributed to hair removal goods and services.

Because hair removal can be such an intimate process, consumers are more often turning to prof​​essional wax brands with standalone waxing studios. Especially with the rise in popularity of full-body waxes, people are putting away their waxing strips and scheduling studio appointments. In general, these studios offer the best return on investment, since treatments can be relatively inexpensive and infrequent.

Especially among young adults, at-home waxing strips have grown in popularity as well. Waxing strips specifically offer a quick and inexpensive solution to cleaning up areas like the upper lip and unibrow. With full-time work schedules and active social lives, some consumers may find it difficult to fit in regular spa appointments.

There are many reasons why waxing is the world’s most preferred hair removal treatment, but a major perk is that it can be done professionally on almost any area of the body. As opposed to alternative methods, waxing keeps your skin hairless longer.

The Hottest Trends in Professional and At-Home Hair Removal

Hair Removal Wax Market

Because of this, new trends and innovations are constantly cropping up, in both the professional and DIY segments. From more modern methods to increased availability and knowledge of at-home care, the world of waxing is evolving every day.

Professionals are even making strides in modernizing the waxes themselves, working with new ingredients to improve or alter already existing properties. The main goal is to increase comfort and safety, which makes the process easier for both the professional and the consumer.

A recurring trend present in newer waxes is synthetic resin. While pine resin has long been prominent in the industry, salons are turning to products containing fully or partially synthetic resin.

Because these waxes require lower temperatures, they heat up quickly and are easier on the skin. They are also created specifically to grip the hair and not the skin, reducing the skin’s reaction to direct contact with wax.

Bikini and Brazilian waxes are far from a new trend, but with higher tech options available, these are becoming increasingly accessible. Because of this, professionals have developed new waxes tailored specifically for intimate treatments.

These products are designed to target short, stubborn hairs common in those areas, and they often contain additional soothing agents to reduce irritation.

Available mainly online, wax beads have gone viral, gaining popularity as an affordable stripless treatment. The main pull of the product is that it offers a less painful at-home alternative to waxing strips.

These small beans have a low melting temperature and are easy to liquefy in a heated pot, transforming into what looks like hard wax. Seeing them gain momentum, more and more professional wax brands are beginning to produce their own wax beads.

Professional wax brands are putting more emphasis on at-home care, educating consumers on how to treat and maintain freshly waxed areas before, after, and in between treatments.

 Products like body exfoliators and intimate washes are more readily available at retailers and drugstores, and those offering anti-inflammatory properties are especially desirable to combat post-wax bumps. The whole point of waxing is to show off smooth, hairless skin!

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