Hair Styling Tips to Get the Flawless Look

Hair Styling Tips

"Hair Styling Tips". Whether you like it or not people will always judge you from the moment you just show up or just when you take your first step into the room, and it only takes seconds to impress or put off the ‘onlookers’.

It is therefore important to do our best to look great at all times whether you are a man or a woman.

Although many people cling to the old saying that, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” your effort to look flawless is a great way to influence people’s perception and make many envious of your looks.

You don’t need be a beautician or fashion expert to standout from the crowd and impress everyone who looks at you. But what does it take to look attractive?

What It Takes To Look Great

Hair Styling Tips to Get the Flawless Look

Being attractive is more of a science than an art. It is a combination of physical, health and emotional elements which comprise of a charming personality, a fashionable wardrobe, exercise, eating healthy, a great body and a nice face.

And another but most forgotten beauty secret that works for everyone is your hairstyle. A good hairstyle will:

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Raise your self-esteem.
  • Magnify your personality.
  • It conceal/ eliminate ‘defects’.
  • It is the centre of your facial beauty.
  • It is also easy to manipulate.

Hair Styling Tips for a Perfect Look

Naturally people will see your hair first before they even notice your expensive dress, shoes or your fit body. This makes hair styling one of the most affordable and efficient way to impress.

Fortunately, there are many ways to style your hair to accomplish a faultless appearance that befits your personality irrespective of its texture, length or type. Below are a few top hairstyling tips from Hair Clippers Club to give you an ideal look.

Hair Styling Tips to Get the Flawless Look 1

1. Understand your Hair Type and Length

It helps to understand your type of hair; the texture, length, thickness and growth rate as these are major determinants of the right hairstyle.

Is your hair thick or fine? Is it curly, wavy or straight? You can tell this by feeling and looking at the hair in a mirror.

Long hair works with a majority of the styles, medium hair may work best with buns, braids, ponytails, straightening, crimps or waves while crimps, accessorizing and tight curls can be ideal on short hair.

2. Consider your Face Shape

Not every style would look great on your face so you need to figure out the shape of your shape to select a style that complements you. For instance, heart face looks great on long hair pulled back while square, diamond shape softer lines to soften your look.

For a larger forehead, you may consider side parting or bangs. Ideally, get find out your face shape to guide your hair styling.

3. Picking the Right Style

Picking the Right Style

We are all made different and it is important to choose a hairstyle that complements our facial features to play up our best features and hide any flaws.

Some people have round, thin or full face, prominent nose and many other features and there are different tricks of playing with your hairstyle for each face.

You should go for a style that stress your impressive features and at the same time masks the less impressive parts. To go about this you can:

  • Consult a professional stylist or hairdresser for ideas of styles that would works on you
  • Check online resources to learn how to style your hair to get a certain look
  • Study a wide range of styles and ask your friends, groomer and family what they think of the style
  • Once you have picked the most impressive style and let it be done professionally, if you have the skills and tools, it would be cheaper to do it yourself.
  • Whenever possible, it is advisable to test the styles before choosing a permanent style.

4. Maintaining your Hairstyle

Once you have the right style on your head and already people like it, it is a good idea to maintain your hair by keeping it clean, healthy and attractive. There are many ways and products for this:

  • You can use hair wax or mousse to keep your style in shape. Curl control and de-frizzing serums are great products for curly hair while hairspray and volumizers are good for thin hair
  • Use shampoos, conditioners that suit your hair texture, porosity and thickness and moisturize the hair with non-alcoholic products. This will keep your hair clean, shiny and smelling good. You may also need natural oils and hair masks to catalyze growth and keep the hair healthy.
  • Combing/ Brushing can be necessary to remove knots as well as regular trimming to remove split heads or stray hair strands.
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