5 Hair Transplant Myths You Need to Bust Right Now

Hair Transplant Myths

No one wants to see the dawn of the day when the dreadful process of baldness kicks in our life. But baldness is one of the harsh realities of aging that can grab you anytime once you jump over the 30s. It is mostly heredity, but can also be due to vitamin deficiencies and hormonal issues. Almost 50 million men in the U.S. suffer from pattern baldness, which means that anyone can become its victim without any prior notice.

Hair loss, thin hair patches, or baldness is dreadful enough to freak anyone out. Though there isn’t any way to reverse the time, fortunately, you can still get back your hairy head. All thanks to the advancement in the cosmetic industry and technological betterment, now personality and look enhancement is not a dream.

But despite having the facility of hair transplantation, very few people dare to undergo this procedure. It might be due to all myths that surround the hair transplantation process, which people have started taking as facts.

So, here, experts from the renowned clinic of hair transplant in Beverly Hills have busted some of the widely appreciated myths you need to clear out:

Hair Transplant is exactly What it Says:

Well, people think that hair transplant means to transplant the hair, which is wrong. Instead of hair, the graft is transplanted on the bald area. Graft consists of a single strand, double or tuft of hair, which the doctor transplants.

Other’s Hair Can Also be Transplanted:

The idea that other’s hair can be used for transplantation is nothing more than a myth. In fact, it is biologically and medically not possible because every person’s hair characters are different from others. Your hair follicles are adapted to your body. Other’s hair cannot match up with your body’s characteristics. So, the doctor always uses your hair for the procedure. Usually, he takes the hair from the back of your scalp, or any other hairy body area.

Hair Transplant is Unbearably Painful:

Another common perception is that hair transplant is unbearably painful to handle. Okay, hair transplant is a procedure, and it can be painful. But it is not a serious surgery, and it is done under anesthesia. You don't even have to stay overnight and can go home on the same day. You can start your daily activities the next day.

Hair Transplant Makes You Look Fake:

A hair transplant procedure can make you look fake, sure, but only if an inexperienced doctor does it. An experienced and good surgeon knows how to make you look natural by determining the angle and location of every hair strand. Most importantly, you can cut your hair as you like, give them new styles and grow them as you want. They work and look just like your natural hair.

Hair Transplant Works Overnight:

I wish that it was possible, but it isn’t. The hair transplant procedure is effective, but it needs time to show its magic. You can’t get your hairy head back over the night. You need at least a time of 3-4 months to see a noticeable difference, and 9-12 months to see a complete transformation.

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