Handbag Must-Haves to Stay on Top of Your Beauty Game


Getting fresh and looking and feeling your best before you leave the house is a pretty standard routine to have.

But when you’re out all day in the office, running errands, keeping lunch dates or hitting the gym, it’s normal for that freshness to fade over the course of the day.

Keeping a few key products on hand at all times (or whenever possible) is a great idea for when you need a quick touch up or refresh.

Whether you keep these products in your handbag, gym bag, in your car or a drawer at work, here are some must-haves to keep you looking your best even at the end of your workday.


Especially in the colder or drier months, dry and flaky skin is something that plagues most of us. Not only does it look unpleasant, but it’s also terribly uncomfortable when your face feels tight, and your skin feels dry and itchy.

Always keep some moisturising products on hand to battle the dryness. A compact hand cream and a facial brightening or hydrating mist are easy to throw into a bag at a moment’s notice and will keep you feeling hydrated throughout the day.


On the other end of the spectrum, there are many of us who struggle with oily skin. Hot summer days make this even more of a problem, and nobody likes their foundation to shift and smear because of excess oil and shine on their skin.

Investing in a pack of oil-absorbing blotting paper to keep in your emergency beauty kit will help on those days that you just can’t keep it under control.

Blotting sheets are far more effective than simply wiping away at your face or throwing on an extra layer of powder because they help keep your makeup intact.


You don’t want to be reapplying your makeup multiple times a day and looking overly layered but having a few key products on hand to refresh and brighten up your face can be useful.

A good concealer to take care of any dark circles or blemishes that appear, an eyebrow pencil to touch up smudges and a good clear mascara is more than enough to manage your look throughout the day.

Lip Balm

Keeping lipstick on hand can be helpful for touching up after a meal, but more importantly, is a good moisturising lip balm.

Just like with your hands and face, nobody likes dry flaky lips. Investing in a good quality lip balm with a decent SPF will lock in the moisture and protect your lips from drying out further, so you’re always ready to pucker up.

Manicure Set

A basic manicure set with a clipper and a file is extra important for those of us who tend to pick at our fingers when we’re feeling anxious or sitting through boring three-hour-long work meetings.

Keeping these products on hand will help make sure that we can manage any breaks, tears, or loose skin around our nails straight away before they end up becoming a problem.

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