Healthy Habits for a Great Morning Routine

Healthy Habits for a Great Morning Routine

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, having a good morning isn’t always easy. But, it is possible to start every day off on a positive note. Here are four great ideas to embrace each new day and harness the energy to conquer whatever comes your way.

Set Your Alarm

Healthy habits can start before you even get out of bed.

  • Try for at least eight hours of sleep. Allowing your body time to rest is terrific for recovery and restoration. Lack of sleep can cause various health issues and lead to mental health problems. It’s more than just beauty sleep—though your skin does love itself some shuteye.
  • Open the shades to wake up with the sun and bring balance to your natural circadian rhythms.
  • Or don’t. Maybe blackout curtains are what you need to block the light outside your window and snuggle in for a full night’s rest.
  • Wake up to music instead of the annoying beep of an old-school alarm. When you wake in a good mood, your whole day starts off right.
  • Before crawling out of bed, interlock your fingers, reach high above your head, and stretch. Think good thoughts and wake up your body before you even leave your mattress.
  • Practice gratitude. Once you shut off your alarm, think of three things you’re grateful for with the coming day.
  • Open the windows. In iconic Disney princess fashion, maybe some songbirds and sunshine will help you wake up faster, so you’re not dragging like a half-asleep zombie through the rest of your morning.

Morning Skincare

Nurturing your skin is a must as part of your morning routine. Not only will you love what you see in the mirror, but starting your day with skincare will awaken other ways to take care of your body throughout the day.

  • Wash your face in the morning (and evening). Oils from your skin and scalp can build up overnight. Anyone who’s a hot sleeper can attest—a nice morning face wash feels sublime.
  • Jade roll your serums into your skin to increase circulation and give yourself a natural, rosy blush.
  • Guys and gals, don’t forget to hydrate and protect with a high-quality moisturizer with SPF, like the Protective Day Cream from Celavive.

Coffee, Please

They don’t call it the breakfast of champions for nothing. Fueling your body the right way in the morning sets you up for a successful, productive day.

  • Eat a balanced breakfast. Make avocado toast and eggs, a banana protein smoothie, or a scrambled tofu omelet. The first nutrients your body takes in set the tone for how your blood sugar and hunger levels fluctuate for the rest of the day.
  • Hydrate. Drink a full glass of water before or after breakfast—it will do you wonders.
  • Eat around the same time of day every day. We all have that occasional beyond hectic morning, but don’t skip out on breakfast—your blood sugar is likely to drop. If you wait too long to eat, you may turn to unhealthy choices  to stop hanger from hijacking your day.
  • Still feeling sleepy? Turn to a natural energy source, like black coffee or green tea, instead of energy drinks.
  • Take your supplements and vitamins each morning.

Me Time

Mornings are often rushed, but it’s important for healthy self-care habits to be a top priority in  your a.m. routine. Before your day is consumed by work, take time for yourself.

  • Turn up the volume on a good vibes playlist from Spotify or Apple Music while you get ready. A little dance break boosts serotonin.
  • Make time for a workout, mini yoga session, a few minutes of mindfulness, or some deep breaths for tension relief. You’ll feel a boost of energy through the day and won’t spend your afternoon with nagging workout guilt.
  • Infuse simple tasks with joy. Have fun with your hair, makeup, or clothes as you get ready. Express yourself, and carry this good energy into the rest of your day.
  • Morning mantras or meditation are key to a great morning routine. They set the intention for your day.

Seize The Day 

Pick a few new habits to add to your morning routine this week. Take time to notice if you feel livelier and more productive during the morning and throughout your day. You never know what each day has in store, but with a great morning routine you’ll have the confidence and energy to conquer anything.

[Bio] Living and writing in Utah, Shauntel Peterson finds stories in unexpected places, like antique stores, hiking trails, and secret gardens.

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