7 Ways To Have Healthy Skin Despite A Busy Working Schedule

Healthy Skin Despite A Busy Working Schedule

Often, because of your busy schedule, you might tend to make the unintentional mistake of neglecting self-care and self-love. When you fail to take care of yourself, it is affecting your body in all aspects: physically, emotionally, and even mentally.

The most obvious sign of any neglect because of your lifestyle is your physical outlook. However, this no longer has to be the case; there are many simple ways for you to maintain healthy looking skin, in spite of your busy work schedule.

Here are some of it:


7 Ways To Have Healthy Skin Despite A Busy Working Schedule

1. Start with having a healthy diet

Healthy Skin Despite A Busy Working Schedule

It is true that you are what you eat. If you keep filling your body up with junk food, your face and skin will suffer, too. If you do not have time to invest in a long and tedious skincare routine, the best way for you to remedy your skincare is to incorporate a daily healthy diet.

While at work, you do not have to deprive yourself, too, as there are now numerous food businesses that offer great healthy snack delivery. Feed your skin with all the natural ingredients and essential vitamins that you can quickly source out from your meal choices.

What you put in your body is still more effective than all the other external products that you may have to forego putting because of your busy schedule.

2. Stay hydrated

Apart from eating healthy, you should also keep yourself hydrated. Make it a habit to bring your water bottle at work. Sip water at least every half hour or so. When you have the habit of making water your top beverage, you will begin to see changes in your skin, like the following:

  • Your skin will look more moisturized, instead of feeling dry
  • Its elasticity will improve, hence the increase of collagen as well to your body that will leave your skin looking youthful
  • You will start looking fresh and hydrated

3. Use your accessories to your advantage

If you are the type to use accessories daily, there are many ways for you to choose better accessories, such that these accessories will help you maintain and preserve your skin's health.

For example:

  • You can make it a habit of bringing an umbrella whenever you have to walk outdoors or to and from your workplace, to shade your skin from the harmful UV rays that can cause aging and other skin diseases
  • Along with using an umbrella, a cap and sunglasses will also help protect your face.

By choosing the right accessories, such as those mentioned above, you can use it to your advantage, by helping you preserve and maintain a youthful glow.

4. Make it a habit of washing your face in the morning and evening

washing your face

If there is one skincare routine that you should not neglect doing, it is that you should always make it habit to wash your face in the morning and at night. Cleaning your face is the best way to get rid of any harmful bacteria that may be left on your skin, and can lead to breakouts. When this happens, your skin also dries out and may be left looking un-taken cared of.

Washing your face in the morning is essential, as you may not realize it, but your pillow and bed can also be one of the top breeding grounds of bacteria. Hence, before you put your makeup on for work, be sure that you are not piling up makeup on your face while trapping all the excess dirt and germs that you are unable to remove.

In the same manner, washing your face at night is also extremely important, as you have to free and cleanse your face of any dirt and dust that you may have accumulated during the day.

5. Get some good night's sleep

No matter how busy or heavy your workload may be, do take some time off and value your sleep. It has been found that the advent of smartphones is what’s keeping people sleepless, and not the heavy workload that they have to face. If you have any stress or problem that you are facing, spending hours and hours on your social media accounts before you go to bed will never be a solution; you will just end up feeling tired; hence,  you wake up looking older and more tired than you are.

A good night's sleep is always one of the best ways for you to refresh your emotions, your mind, and your body as well.

6. Put on some UV protection

If you have the time only to put one product on your face right after you wash your face, choose a product that has UV protection, preferably SPF 30 or higher. UV can be found in almost any cosmetic of your choice, such as the following:

  • Moisturizer
  • Toner
  • Foundation
  • BB or CC Cream

Choosing a product that has UV protection will help guard your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. You may not be aware of it, but it is your exposure to the sun that is making your skin look even duller and look older than it is.

7. Avoid vices

Avoid vices

When you are busy with work, you may often find that the best way for you to de-stress is to have a short smoke or to enjoy a bottle of drinks after work. If you can avoid any of these vices, then it is best that you would do so.

Apart from being unhealthy to your body, these vices can also make you age faster. For your skin to look healthy, it is crucial that the blood supply all over your body is not disturbed; however, when you smoke, there is a reduction in this blood supply flow. Therefore, your skin may end up saggy, wrinkly and unhealthy in general.


All these tips and tricks will surely help you achieve that healthier glow, despite the weighty demands of your work. Remember, when you look and feel healthy, you will also start to become more confident about yourself. Because of your newfound confidence, you will wake up alert and more ready to take on the demands of what the day has to offer!

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