5 Amazing Ways High-Quality Sleep Affects Your Skin

High-Quality Sleep Affects Your Skin

Sleep is the crucial part of people’s lives, and without it we wouldn’t be able to function properly. Not only is it important for physical health and well-being, but it also has numerous benefits on mental health, as well. If you feel that your lack of sleep is affecting your mental health and are in need of support, reach out to BetterHelp today. 

Besides above mentioned ones, “beauty sleep” is another important term that is closely related to sleep activities. Not getting enough sleep is the direct cause of hair thinning and skin looking tired and wrinkled. Take a look at our list and check out 5 reasons why you should think about going to bed early today.

Capture the Glow

Nothing can replace a well-rested body and glowing skin. When you feel energized after a good night’s sleep it will certainly show on your skin and face. Stay hydrated and look after your skin by using sunscreen on a daily basis to help your skin remain intact. The glow and youthful look good night’s rest provides can’t be replaced by any food or exercise. Without high-quality sleep, your skin will look dry and loose since it doesn’t produce enough moist.

Less Wrinkles

Getting plenty of sleep will definitely reduce your wrinkle depth. A material that is also known for preventing wrinkles from forming is silk. Clean sheets and silk pillowcases for acne can prevent breakouts and be an effective solution for clogged pores. When we compare silk and cotton, the latter one causes more skin irritations and redness due to its rough texture.

Recovery Time

During the sleep mode, your body is on a mission to recover from heavy makeup you worn during the day and save your skin from future inflammation. Strong wind, unhealthy diet and touching your face with your hands all affect the quality of your skin. During sleep, the body puts itself in restart mode, and it does all the work on its own. Not sleeping properly is making your skin texture uneven and is constantly triggering breakouts. When the body is stressed, it produces too much cortisol, which makes the skin oily and clogs your pores which then develop into acne breakouts.

No More Bags Under Eyes

In some cases, dark circles around the eyes are a result of a genetic predisposition some people have. If you have eliminated this cause, it is highly likely that stressful lifestyle and sleep deprivation contributed to ruining and darkening the area around your eyes. Your skin looks paler if you don’t get much sleep, so the bags under eyes are even more prominent. Also, if your natural complexion is fair and you still get little sleep, the circles are going to be extremely visible.

Stops Aging Process

Disrupting the sleep schedule is a stressful event for your body, even though you might not perceive it like that. Body can’t produce enough collagen if it is exposed to chronic stress. In other words, less collagen means thinner skin. Thinner skin means the structure of your skin isn’t as elastic as before which affects the skin quality and shows signs of aging. Furthermore, puffy eyes and wrinkles around them can make a person look a lot older than they actually are.

Apart from not being stressed, eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated, skin needs its 8 hours of “beauty sleep”. Even if you’re young, try sticking to good sleep habits and bringing lack of sleep to a minimum. Your skin will appreciate it when you get on in years. How do you take care of your skin? What products are the best for improving your skin quality? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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