How To Create The Best Instagram Video Ads To Showcase Your Beauty Products

How To Create The Best Instagram Video Ads

Social media has proven to be a community where people can virtually gather. By 2021, a large projection of over 3 billion users will be flocking these websites by then. Because of this, it is not surprising that businesses will be using this platform for marketing purposes.

One of the most popular social media sites is Instagram, which allows users to post photos and videos on their accounts. The beauty category is not one to go last to take advantage of the feature. Business owners create amazing video advertisements that tend to hold the attention of potential customers. These video advertisements are more likely to convert browsers into buyers and it is a strategy that every business owner should be including in their marketing efforts. 

Why Advertise On Instagram

If you look at the growing number of Instagram users, one could identify which gender holds the most amount of accounts. 

  • According to Statista, there is a significant amount of female users in the United States alone at 57.5% by December 2019. That may be the reason why, according to the eCommerce platform Ecwid, one of the top trending products of 2019 is the skincare niche. 

  • Facebook is in collaboration with Instagram. Entrepreneurs can easily connect Instagram accounts with Facebook and set up ads through the Business Manager app. 

  • Instagram quickly displays the ads to look like regular posts as you scroll along with your feed. If it is visually appealing, you can quickly attract attention.

Make Eye-Catching Beauty Video Ads

How To Create The Best Instagram Video Ads

There are two ways of posting video ads on Instagram: one is by feed and the other through stories. Videos that you want to appear on a user feed can range from 3 to 60 seconds. So how do you create the best instagram video ads for your beauty products? 

  • Get Straight To The Point

For the first few seconds of the video, instantly showcase the benefits of the product. If you can create a before and after scene, that would grab the attention of a user who needs a particular beauty solution such as redness, dry skin, or uneven skin tone. Consumers always flock around a specific product that makes life easier. 

  • DIY Demonstrations

Pique the interest of the customers by featuring a how-to instructional of using the product. If your product is multipurpose, such as a lip and cheek tint, use someone with makeup know-how to demonstrate how to use it to their advantage. Is it easy to use? Is it appropriate for the weather? Your video should be able to answer such questions. 

  • Tell A Story

Potential customers are likely to buy a product that pulls their heartstrings. That means if they feel good about the video ad, that will inspire them to purchase the product. If there is a true story of triumph coupled with noble intentions behind the creation of your product, you may use that to your advantage. 

  • Show Inclusivity

Movements on versatility and acceptance of various beauty standards are significant in the female community. After all, who are your target consumers? If your beauty product is a foundation with many shades, show models with various skin tones using your product and how easily it blends with their skin. If your product is not just for women, use a video about how it benefits men, women, and children.

  • Use A Cliffhanger

Another way to grab a customer's attention is to create a text video ad that will make them yearn for the complete information. Make the first statement as a hook then add a second statement after a few seconds. What can this product do? How does it help the customer? Be creative.

  • Engage Your Customers

You are creating a video for them, so include them in your promotion. When your audience feels that it is something they can join or get involved in, it becomes personal. Create a giveaway video, do a fun challenge, or have them submit entries for shoutouts or features on your account using a particular existing product. These are some of the best ways to build not just a loyal fan base but a community around your brand. 

  • Fast-Action Videos

If you want to make the users stop at their tracks, use a flash effect or a speed-up video for those who like to scroll down their feeds quickly. There are particular techniques for creating such a video and may involve quick-changing photos as well. Instagram instantly plays videos while a user scrolls down, so it is to your benefit to add a quick-moving scene. 

  • “Show, Don’t Tell!”

Sometimes, you need to do actual dramatic scenes featuring one or two scenarios that people want to avoid in reality. For example, your product is a wrinkle corrector. You may show scenarios what a bad habit or two can do to someone’s facial features. If the video is showing relatable scenes that have happened to them, they are more likely to try the solutions that you are offering. 

The Takeaway

Creating Instagram video ads is a surefire way to attract customers to try your products. It is even more vital when you are showcasing beauty products that can have a profound effect on one's appearance. The beauty industry is teeming with so many different items that can help improve and even treat problems that arise from factors like stress and unhealthy habits.

When the competition is tight, you need to give your best foot forward. As Instagram video ads are some of the most effective marketing tools, you need to make sure that it features your products in the best light as possible. Always lean towards the truth and avoid hype. Your products need only to speak for themselves about what they can do for your potential customers. 

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