How To Get 360 Waves Fast? Everything You Need To Know

How To Get 360 Waves Fast

"How to get 360 waves fast?". When it comes to looking great for a party or a casual day out, then you'll need to look after your hair!

Clothes and makeup can do so much, but your hair will help complete your outfit and sense of style as well. There are tons of popular hairstyles and trends people follow nowadays, with 360 waves being the new fashion today.

It looks great on men, but it isn't the easiest of hairstyles to achieve! It can take time and a lot of effort before you can get the 360 waves you want, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. There are ways on how to get 360 waves fast.

So if you want to achieve that hairstyle for an upcoming event, or to just look great when going out with loved ones, then we show you the steps and tips on how to get 360 waves fast and without much hassle!


What Are And Why Should You Get 360 Waves?

Why Should You Get 360 Waves


Before knowing how to get 360 waves fast, what are 360 waves in the first place? It's a hairstyle popular and attractive young many African American men. It was made famous by Nelly, and famous personalities such as LeBron James and P. Diddy have started to don the hairstyle after. After that, many other men to follow suit.

They are also known as 360s, waves, or spinnas. That's because of how the round circles uniquely styled and cut on your hair makes it look like waves, no matter the texture of your hair. It's soft, handsome, and a very different yet cool hairstyle that will impress many.

Achieving this look isn't the easiest. While you can head on to a barber or salon to get a wave​​s haircut, it will also require a lot of money and maintenance to keep these waves looking great. But like mentioned, there are ways you'll be able to do it at home and to maintain it properly, all without the need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort.

​What Do You Need To Get 360 Waves

Do You Need To Get 360 Waves


​It's best to prepare all the materials you need to get 360 waves at home, before actually doing it. That way, you won't leave anything halfway or have to keep postponing procedures to look for the things you need! It saves a lot of time.

Here are the items you'll need to prepare:

  • A quality brush with firm bristles
  • Any reputable brand of grease (wave grease, or depending on the consistency you need)
  • Depending on how long your hair is, you will need a haircut and to prepare it for the 360 waves. We'll get to the specifics of how your hair should be in a bit
  • Wash cloth
  • Hot water
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair lotion or moisturizer. You can also opt to purchase other hair products that keep the 360 waves in place and improve your hair's health.
  • Wave cap or du-rag
  • Lastly, you will need the dedication and time to make these 360 waves. It may take a few days or weeks for these waves to show. All this while maintaining your hair throughout and after the whole process. So make sure that you're sure you will stick to the hairstyle and will do what's needed to keep it looking great.

You can find these items in your home, or you can invest in hair products from reputable online shops, or in your local beauty stores.

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​Tips And Steps On How To Get 360 Waves Fast

Here are the steps you should follow in order to achieve the perfect 360 waves:

1. Ensure Your Hair Is In Good Health

Getting 360 waves will be easier when your hair is soft and silky. Make sure that it's healthy enough to withstand the brushing and waves. Take note that the more curly your hair is, the easier it will be to make waves (though it isn't impossible for those without curly hair!).

Having healthy hair will help make it grow nice and long for your waves to properly show. If ever you suffer from hair problems such as scalp conditions or dandruff, then you can see a doctor to be prescribed of products to help remedy that. You can also use specialized shampoo until the problem is gone.

2. Prepare Your Hair And Materials

Prepare Your Hair And Materials


Once you have good hair, it's time to invest in the proper products to keep your hair healthy and wavy, such as a good brush, hair lotions and shampoos, and the du-rag to create the waves.

Also, you will need to cut your hair short. Here are some recommendations on hairstyles to get to make 360 waves easier to obtain:

  • A hair cut with 1/2 inch guard with grain.
  • A razor style cut
  • A traditional Caesar cut
Wash Your Hair


Wash your hair using wave shampoo to encourage wave styles. But even without the wave shampoo, you'll still be able to get waves. We recommend to wash it every few days rather than everyday.

4. Have A Brushing Routine

Have A Brushing Routine


After your hair routine and assign all necessary products, brush your hair properly. Brush it down, starting from the crown of your head. Brush the sides of your hair forward but downward, while the top of your hair forward but going to your eyes. For the back of your head, brush it downwards. Remember to brush evenly!

5. Put Du-Rag

Put Du-Rag


Put du-rag to make the waves stay in place. Apply it tightly enough and leave it on for thirty minutes, usually before you sleep.

6. Maintain Your Waves

Maintain Your Waves


After a few weeks, you'll start to see waves form. But that's not the end! You will need to maintain your hair by cutting it every few weeks and keeping it moist by staying hydrated. Keep your brushing routine and putting on a du-rag as well. If you still don't see results, keep repeating the process and focus on brushing your hair properly.

Repeat this process, focusing on brushing it well and adding your du-rag. Maintain your hair health through good eating habits and avoid adding chemicals to your hair.

And there you have it! Getting 360 waves will require time and effort, as well as a lot of maintaining after. But it will be worth it as soon as you start seeing results within days or weeks. Just make sure you tend to your hair and avoid washing it everyday.

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In Conclusion

It makes you look clean and well-groomed, while finishing off the way you want to look. That's why many people make a lot of effort in order to get the hairstyle they want. Not only will it have them look great, but it will also help keep their hair healthy and strong, keeping it looking beautiful with age.

Hopefully, this article on how to get 360 waves fast will have helped you achieve this very popular and stylish hairstyle to wow your friends and family! So what are you waiting for? Instead of heading on to a barber and wasting tons of money trying to achieve 360 waves, try it out yourself right in the comforts of your own home!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any other tips and suggestions on how to get 360 waves fast, then do leave a comment below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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