How to Get 360 Waves? All You Need To Know

How to Get 360 Waves

"How to Get 360 Waves?". The hairstyle worn by men is really popular. Here, the natural hair curls are trained to lie on scalp all around the head. This covers 360 degrees of the head. The style is also shortened and called waves. The short haircut with specialized brushing technique makes it appear like oceanic waves.

The hair looks quite similar to ripples on a pond or the beach waves. Hence, the name, the pattern extends over all the direction and starts from the head crown. It is usually donned by African Americans.

Hair has a pre-programmed shaped due to the DNA. You will notice that most African has curly or coil-like hair.


How To Get 360 Waves?

You should know that hairstyle is one that only people with African descent can have. In order to get the desired effect, you will need water, heat, tension, and a few products like wave grease. Let’s take a look at how heat, tension, and water have an effect on the hair.


This is considered to be the ultimate equalizer. With heat, you can make a semi-permanent bend in the hair. Thus, you can style the hair any way you want.


It is used for styling African and European hair to activate the DNA present in hair and reset the natural pattern. When a European walks into a salon and wants to get a haircut, the stylist will spray water for making it manageable. In an African straightens the hair, they would make sure not to get it wet since water is going to reactivate the curl.


This helps a stylist to pull hair in a direction you want. Use a little hear in order to keep it where it is.

Now let us take check out the magical process that will help you to get waves.

Get the Tools

Prior to considering getting waves, you should ensure that you have a few things in hand. The first thing you should do is a rag and any brand is going to be suitable. After this, you are going to require a brush.

The grease which you will use for the waves will need a little brushing so that it is absorbed by the hair. Hence, when you go looking for a brush, you need to get one which has strong bristles.

Get a best wave grease which has a butter-based formula which will lock moisture but doesn’t give a sticky finish. With the grease, you will be able to hold the tree in place but softens and conditions it. Each and every grease brand comes with a different consistency. It will either be thick or light.

Hair Style and Hair Length

In order to get the hair wave, you will need the right length. While on the low end, it needs to be one and a half inch in length. If you have hair length less than this then it will be too less for wave formation. However, if you have longer hair then there is a chance for waves but it will require more time and also, you will have to take good care of it.

When you get a hold of this, you will have to think about the hair texture. Someone who has curly hair that is generally, very soft, the process should be started with a good conditioner and shampoo which will straighten the hair and lie it down. Coarse and medium hair is simpler to handle. But, if the hair is curly, you will have to spend more time brushing it on a daily basis.

Have Washing and Brushing Schedule

When you have 360 curls, you need to maintain some daily routine. The first thing that you need to do is wash your hair. This is to make sure that the hair is clean. Then dry it up prior to applying any grease.

However, this does not mean that you should shampoo every day. It is better not to shampoo for 1-2 weeks while you allow the wave pattern to set in. When it is time to apply grease, just use a quarter size of the grease and spread it out evenly on the head. The same thing applies to brush.

Begin from the crown area and brush it out around the head evenly. Make sure that you brush it in the direction of your hair growth. When all is done, you should tie up your hair suing do-rag.

How Often should You Use Grease?

If you are applying it for the first time then keep in mind that less is at times better. Usually, these are made of petroleum and wax. There a large number of them to be found in the market and comes in different mixture ratio. You will find some which has a greater concentration of wax and will offer a stiff feel while others are going to have more of petroleum.

Extra Tips for Waves

If you take extra care then it is going to make your hair look shiny and good. It keeps your hair healthy and strong.

  • After around 10-14 days of your haircut, use a hot oil moisturizer. All you have to do is warm it for about thirty seconds. You can do it in a microwave oven. Leave out the oil in the hair for about half an hour and then wash it away. Thereafter, tie up the wave cap or durag.
  • You might be brushing your hair for more than four weeks. It might be time for a haircut. Make sure that you do this in the right manner or else the progress might be lost. It is better to get more than one and a half inch longer haircut, particularly if the hair takes more time to curl. Make sure that your barber goes with the hair grain.

At times, it might take about six weeks for the wave to show. Hence, you should repeat the process mentioned above for training the hair to get 360 waves.

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