How to Get Breast Implants Without Getting “Fake Boobs”

How to Get Breast Implants Without Getting Fake Boobs

You want to turn heads for the right reason. You want to add volume to your breasts and add to your body’s natural contour. You do not want to get fake-looking breast implants that look unnatural.

Hollywood may have somewhat distorted what the average person thinks of breast implants, particularly throughout the 90s and the turn of the century. Big was in, and there was not much consideration for trying to achieve a natural look.

But that has changed. The modern woman wants a breast augmentation that complements and enhances her appearance, while still maintaining a natural look.

The techniques and technology do exist to give you that look. Here’s how you get it.

Choose the Size

If a boob job looks demonstratively fake, overshooting the size is often the culprit. This usually takes the form of going with an upgrade in size that is too large for their frame, or too much of an increase from their previous cup size.

A lot of this comes down to working with a skilled and experienced surgeon. They should be able to help you determine what size boobs you want and show you how to work with your existing frame to get the best possible outcome.

Choose the Right Materials

You’re going to get the most natural-looking results from the so-called gummy bear breast implants, which have a silicone shell and a silicone gel filling.

These are more in-demand these days than their saline implant predecessors because of how natural they look. They also feel far more natural than anything that has been used before.

If you want a natural look, this is most likely your best bet. They’re also more durable and don’t rupture. In fact, you should never have to replace them for any reason.

Choose the Shape

You certainly don’t want unnaturally round breasts that look like sports balls. This is a dead giveaway for fake boobs. This is where celebrities like Victoria Beckham went wrong when getting their implants.

The gummy bear breast implants come in a natural-looking teardrop shape, and will change their shape as you move to match the movement of natural breasts.

Consider Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation

It’s hard to get more natural than using the fat cells from your very own body to add shape to your breasts.

This works a lot like the Brazilian Butt lifts you may have heard of. Your surgeon will use cutting-edge energy-assisted liposuction technology to delicately remove the fat from an area of your body (usually the hips or the thighs) and then transplant it to your breasts to add more volume and shape.

Of course, the biggest factor is always working with a skilled surgeon. Be picky when selecting your surgeon! Take a look at their breast augmentation before and after pictures to gauge their level of proficiency. If you’re not impressed, you should find someone else.

Your body deserves nothing but the best.

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