How To Get Long Hair?

How To Get Long Hair

If we dream of long hair, we must take care of it. Careful hair care is able to make your hair strong and strong and thus healthy.

It would seem that there are people who have long hair because they were born with long hair, because they have genes. Or maybe it is the everyday activities that make hair thick and thick? So we decided to create a guide that will help you achieve beautiful and long hair.

You can often hear about different ways that lead to hair growing faster. Systematic trimming of the ends, using brushes that do not jerk the hair, applying supplements or sleeping on silk cover.

These are still only a few examples for beautiful long hair. So let's check which ones actually affect your hair!

6 Ways To How To Get Long Hair

We strongly believe that regularity in hair care strengthens it and improves its condition. We have prepared for you a few ways to make long hair that will not only grow faster but will also be beautiful and shiny. Do you know them all?

1. Frequent haircutting

There is a lot of talk about it and it is true! Systematic haircutting, although it might seem ridiculous at first, really affects the speed and quality of the hair growing.

Often cutting hair ends strengthens them and does not cause hair breakage, which can lead to shortening of the hair. Brittle and brittle hair will give the impression that the hair does not grow and is thin and delicate. And that is not what we mean!

2. Do not lighten your hair

Hair that often undergoes chemical treatments can be weakened. Bleaching of hair as well as colouring it on very light blonde hair can lead to a deterioration in hair quality. Blonde hair is often thin and fine and therefore more susceptible to breakage.

3. Bleaching the hair before bedtime

This short action performed every evening strengthens the hair and stimulates circulation. As a result, we unwittingly strengthen the hair bulbs. Strong hair bulbs are healthy and beautiful hair.

In order to strengthen them it is enough to brush the hair from the top of the head to the ends every day before bedtime.

This simple method allows for a short massage of the scalp and the application of natural oils to the hair, which leaves the scalp in excellent condition. It is said that you should brush your hair at least 3 times a day to keep it healthy and beautiful.

The first element of the strengthening protocol for long hairKérastase Resistance preparation to accelerate hair growth

4. Take care of the hair from the inside

Not only proper hair care is the key to success to have beautiful long hair. We should take care of our hair from the inside as well!

A diet rich in protein, vitamins A, C and E, as well as biotin, zinc, iron, chromium and fatty acids will certainly improve the condition of hair.

5. Protect your hair from excessive styling

In order to prevent hair from breaking and crumbling, it is necessary to limit the hairstyle. This includes, of course, the use of heat emitting devices.

If you can't imagine styling your hair without a hair dryer or straightener, remember to keep the temperature of the device as low as possible and to use cosmetics that protect against heat.

6. Rinsing your hair with cold water

The last rinsing of hair after washing should be done with cold water. You will ask why? Because it will close the scales, seal the cuticle and strengthen the hair before styling.

It is enough to lower the temperature of water after rinsing the conditioner from your hair and pour it over with cooler water. As a result, the hair will be strengthened and shiny.

If your problem is thin, short hair without expression and the homemade ways don't work - it's time to put yourself in the hands of specialists.

The way out is hair extensions. In the online store you will find accessories for hair extensions such as human hair wigs, those that will help you have beautiful and long hair for a long time.

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