How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair At Home In 3 Ways

How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair

"How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair?". While there are some ladies who make drastic changes with their hair to show defiance to the status quo, there are also others similar to me who get a diverse hair color a few times a year just because we want to see how we look like with blonde, brunette, or neon locks.

This is how my life has been since I was a teenager. The only reason I have decided to settle with lesser coloring sessions now is that I have noticed my roots have gone too orangey for my liking after one bleaching.

 It is crazy to say that it did not bother me for a second. In fact, it terrified me so much that I called the colorist I always go back to that morning and interrogated her as to how to get rid of brassy hair.

The tips I heard made a lot of sense, so I thought of sharing them with you along with several trimmings.


​What Is Brassy Hair?

How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair

​The brassy hair is the result of poor application of the bleaching solution. Without a doubt, you will have no choice but to deal with it if the majority of the chemical has been concentrated on the roots.

It does not have anything to do with the misconception that having this kind of mane is inevitable in case you choose warm colorants such as red, gold, or brown.

Whether you have been born with light or dark locks, the strands have layers of color underneath the surface. They are practically the popular shades during the Fall season, and the underlying pigment is different for every color.

In my case, for instance, orange showed as I grew up with a medium brown hair, but yellows can become apparent for the natural blondes.

​How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair?

​Option #1. Take A Colored Shampoo

​What You Need:

  • ​Green/Blue/Violet Shampoo
  • ​Green/Blue/Violet Conditioner (Optional)

​Getting a colored conditioner totally depends on your preference. It is fine in case you do not wish to spend on a special merchandise, yet you ought to know that they are accessible in stores anytime you feel like using one.

​Where To Begin?

​This shampoo resembles the regular products you have been washing your hair with since time immemorial. The sole difference is that while the latter contains sulfates which can remove the color on the strands, the former brings it back.

​Step 1. Clean the hair with colored shampoo.

When it is time to shampoo those locks, pour enough amount of the colored shampoo in your hands and lather up well. Make sure that the suds touch every bit of your hair so that the blue or violet or green pigment can cancel out the orange or yellow or red colors detectable there.

Step 2. Relax hair with colored conditioner.

After rinsing the shampoo, the third step is to condition the strands. You can either utilize the product you already have or obtain a conditioner that has the same shade as your colored shampoo. Both can soften the hair, but only the second-mentioned can ascertain that the colors you do not like to see on your locks will be removed.

Step 3. Rinse and check the new change.

Wash your hair with cold water to lock the hues in place. Ideally speaking, by the moment you step out of the shower and look at it in the mirror, the unwanted brass will already be gone.

​Option #2. Make A Colored Shampoo

What You Need:

  • Food Coloring
  • ​Shampoo
How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair


​Food coloring is a handy ingredient since it does not just give life to bread and cakes but also to your hair color that has been affected by over-bleaching. Using it to correct the problem instead of other dyes is beneficial as it consists of compounds that cannot cause harm inside and outside the body.

​Now, as for the color, you are free to get violet, blue, or green in case they are available. But if they are not – and if the shades you want to get rid of are a combo of red and orange or yellow and orange – you can produce this hue by combining different solid colors.

Watch this clip to know more about hair colors:

​Where To Begin?

The advantage of making your own product is that you may not need to run to the market to get the materials. Although it is possible that you have to buy the food coloring if baking is not your forte, the shampoo in your bathroom is applicable, so this method is cost-effective.

​Step 1. Create the color.

The blue-violet pigment works best for the blondes because the brassiness you get ranges from yellow to orange. To make this color, you can blend a drop of red with one drop of green and two drops of blue. You know your proportion is right when the concoction turns more bluish purple than reddish purple.

​For the brunettes like me, the brassy hair can have red and orange, depending on how dark your locks are, so it may be practical to combine a drop of blue with a couple drops of green to counter the undesirable shades.

​Step 2. Merge the food coloring with shampoo.

You can now mix the color combos you have made in the initial step to the shampoo or even the conditioner. The idea is that the hair care products need to have a tinge on the mixture, or else your hair may get dyed blue or green. If it seems overly pale, however, you may add a few more drops until you achieve the proper hue.

​Step 3. Lather up your hair.

Once you are done with the second step, you can start washing your locks thoroughly with the DIY shampoo. It may be better to have enough bubbles to cover the entire head rather than wait for them to reach the lower ends of the hair as you rinse it. This allows the food coloring to get absorbed by the strands, especially when you leave it alone for a few minutes.

​Step 4. Wash the suds away.

You may get rid of the shampoo at this moment. Conditioning it right after the process is up to you.

​Option #3. Concoct A Hair Toner

What You Need:

  • Food Coloring
  • ​Apple Cider Vinegar

​This ingredient has colors that can neutralize the brassiness of your hair. When mixing them, however, be mindful of the ratio of each shade. In case you are creating violet to tone your blonde locks, there has to be a lot of blue compared to red since the reverse can increase your dilemma. If brass shows on your brown or black hair, a 2:1 ratio of green and blue is suitable.

​Where To Begin?

The hair toner is a quick remedy for individuals who have no time to order or make a colored shampoo. The process goes like this:

​Step 1. Mix vinegar and food coloring.

Two and a half cups of apple cider are typically enough to hold three to four drops of red and 10 drops of blue for light-colored hair and five drops of blue and 10 drops of green for dark-colored hair. You may change these measurements a bit if your locks are at least a couple of feet long.

Step 2. Clean your hair.

Once satisfied with your concoction, wash the mane with regular shampoo to ensure that it is free from other products that may get in the way.

Step 3. Massage the mixture into the strands.

For the final step, pour the liquid slowly on the hair so that you can soak all the strands with it. Let it sit for no more than 10 seconds as this can react fast.

​The Conclusion

"How To Get Rid Of Brassy Hair?". Getting rid of brassy hair can be accomplished at home. The colored shampoo and conditioner do not really cost a lot, but in case you wish to spend as little as possible, it may be better to do the combos by yourself.

For questions and comments, please share them below.

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