How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars In 3 Ways

Ingrown Hair Scars

"How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars?". Summer is just around the bend. Whenever I think about it, I cannot help but reminisce on the past summers wherein I had to wear a rash guard and shorts when going to the beach just to hide the tiny scars on my arms, underarms, and near the pubic region.

I would have been proud of them if they were souvenirs from the war, yet they were products of my years of battling with ingrown hairs.

You are right, I mean the new hair strands that get stuck and grow within the skin until they get inflamed and turn into unsightly bumps of varying sizes.

While it is enough to make you wish to crawl under a rock during puberty, an ingrown hair can not just prevent you from being in a bikini but also from allowing yourself to be intimate with a partner.

Despite all that, do you notice how I have used the past tense when I talked about the marks? It is not a simple typographical error since I already have found out how to get rid of ingrown hair scars!

Once you have absorbed the bomb I just dropped on you, feel free to check out the tips and tricks written below.

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars

Method 1: Try Natural Remedies


Raw honey is your first line of defense against ingrown hair scars because it is a little uncommon for any home not to have it.

Other than the fact that it is a natural sweetener for tea, it also has antimicrobial properties which make it a hit for men and women who have ingrowing strands to take care of.

In addition to that, the moisturizing component of honey can make sure that the dry skin around the affected area will get treated.

Potato Peel

Potato is another item that comes by easily, to the point that you may even have one stored in the refrigerator now.

The ultimate advantage of using the fresh peel is that the vegetable contains a great amount of starch that has the capability to protect the inner and outer layers of the skin.

And since we are into getting rid of scars, it is beneficial to mention here as well that the potato peel can inhibit their formation if you apply it as soon as the hair gets removed.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

The benefits that lemon can bring to mankind is endless; that’s why it should no longer surprise you if it can treat marks from ingrown hairs too.

The juice coming from the fruit is a great exfoliating and whitening agent, so even the pigmentations that may have stayed on your skin may be cleared away. It is a huge plus, especially in case you are dealing with this issue for years.

How To Proceed

The aforementioned materials are not ingredients for one concoction. Rather, they work separately so you may choose which one you will try first.

A. With Honey

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars
Step 1: Apply the honey.

The one I use specifically for my face and body comes in a wide-mouthed container so I can simply scoop some out with my clean hands. However, you may prefer to get a spatula and use it as well to smear the thick substance on the scars.

Step 2: Leave honey on the skin.

Let it stay on your skin for no less than 10 minutes. This period should be enough to allow the honey to perform its magic and eliminate the germs that may be clinging to your skin.

Step 3: Wash the honey away.

The procedure that I like gives emphasis to utilizing cold water when rinsing off the product.

My personal take on this is that the lower temperature of the water can somehow seal in the goodness that may attach to the skin. Nevertheless, clean the region well so that you will not feel sticky the entire day.

Step 4. Repeat the process if required.

The fourth step is a quick reminder to do the Steps 1 to 3 until the scar is no longer visible.

B. With Potato Peel

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars
Step 1: Remove the peel.

The most important thing about this remedy is that you must skin the vegetable several minutes before you need to use it so that it remains fresh. Remember, the juices containing the starch can evaporate when left out in the open for a while.

Step 2: Put on the mark.

Cover the ingrown hair scars with the potato peel. To keep it close to your flesh, you can conceal it with a band-aid or an adhesive tape.

Step 3: Do not touch it for a day.

For a whole 24-hour period, restrain yourself from taking a peek at what the peel is doing to your skin. Give it time to get soaked there before you take the mini contraption off.

C. With Lemon Juice

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars
Step 1: Cut the lemon into pieces.

Chop the lemon in smaller or bigger fractions, depending on the surface area that you need to treat. This extra step can ensure that you will not waste any piece of the fruit.

Step 2: Rub or squeeze on the area.

There are advantages to rubbing or squeezing the lemon bits on the scarred regions. By doing the former, you get to scrub it as well as the skin around it. With the latter, you can concentrate the liquid on the affected part.

If you will ask my opinion, though, I typically do the first-mentioned more than the other.

Step 3: Let it sit.

What is it that the elders often said when we were kids? “Good things come to those who wait.” Exercise it again in case you opt for this process because you want the components of the lemon juice to bleach and heal your skin well.

Step 4: Clean with water.

When you are contented with the amount of time that the juice has been dormant on the skin, you may wash it off with cold water.

Method 2: Use A Topical Solution

Essential Material: Cortisone Cream

Cortisone Cream


The topical cream is comprised of chemicals that may offer you relief in case the scar is still brand-new.

This product is helpful for individuals who do not have the time and patience to prepare all the homemade remedies mentioned above. The results may also show quickly through this technique.

How To Proceed

Applying the cortisone cream usually does not necessitate you to have cotton swabs or gloves within reach as you can touch it.

Yet, you have to be certain that you will make use of the solution on the healed area only so that no kind of irritation will ensue. Once positive about it, you may:

Step By Step

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars


Step 1: Consult the doctor. (Optional)

We have deemed the initial step as optional because when I needed the topical product myself, I just went straight to the pharmacy and got the one that the pharmacist recommended.

The issue with doing so is that your skin may be more sensitive than mine; that’s why we suggest that you speak with a physician prior to buying the cortisone.

Step 2: Purchase the cream.

With or without the prescription, visit the drug store to get your topical cream. Although the application is quite straightforward, read the instruction paper that comes with it as this can tell how long you need to use it.

What I am sure of, however, is that you do not have to apply this cream every day if it begins to irritate the skin.

Step 3: Smear on the affected region.

Cortisone creams pack enough power in a tiny amount. Be sure the put only a thin layer of it on your scars.

Method 3: Ask For Laser Treatment

How To Proceed

The third method needs help from a professional, so there are no essential materials to be disclosed at this point. It should, however, be seen as your last shot in getting thebaby-smooth skin on whichever part of your body that has once been infected by ingrown hair.

Step By Step

Ask For Laser Treatment
Step 1: Call your dermatologist.

Discuss your dilemma with the specialist. If he or she sees that the laser is the sole solution available for your case, you may move on to the second step.

Step 2: Schedule the treatment.

Part of booking a session is choosing the kind of laser treatment that will be performed. You simply need to choose between having it done on the skin (ablative) or under the skin (non-ablative).

Step 3: Return to the clinic as recommended by the physician.

If the scarring is a little heavy, the doctor may ask you to come back for further sessions.

In Conclusion

Ingrown hairs are as troublesome as the marks they leave on the skin. It is pure luck, though, that we know now how to get rid of ingrown hair scars. If not, you and I will have to live through this lifetime hiding the body parts that we should not, such as toned arms, legs, and back.

By chance, did you obtain the answers you are looking for in this article? We will appreciate it if you can leave a comment for us about it here. Cheers!

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