How To Get Toner Out Of Hair In 3 Proof Ways

How To Get Toner Out Of Hair

"How to get toner out of hair". Has your new blonde hair gone greyish or purplish after the application of a toning solution?

Yep, I know what it’s like as I was in a pretty similar scenario several months ago. when I wanted to remove the orange tinge in my locks. It isn’t really a matter of life and death, yet you can’t help but feel frustrated once you remember that you’ll be meeting your friends or potential boyfriend with coloring that does not satisfy your taste a bit.

Before you make a rather drastic move, however, you can simply learn how to get toner out of hair. I will explain three techniques for you later on – two I did by myself and the other with the help of someone else – so you may resolve which method is right down your alley.

How To Get Toner Out Of Hair In 3 Proof Ways

1. The Wet Method

Items You Need

Hydrogen Peroxide

Because your mane practically become a little darker as the toner changes the undertones, get a hydrogen peroxide that lightens your coloring in a natural way.

 It comes in different concentration levels, but you only need to work with a 3% solution. If you don’t have it in your first-aid kit, it’s readily available in drugstores or online.


Feel free to use any shampoo that is in your bathroom. The process does not specify a particular brand to use; that’s why whatever you have on hand will do. My personal choice, however, is a dandruff shampoo since it is soothing for the scalp.

Spray Bottle

You can perform this procedure on your own, so the spray bottle that you will fill with water will ideally fit in your palms.

The benefit of getting one instead of dunking your head in a bucket is, of course, not needing to towel-dry the hair until it is just damp enough to work on.



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Your strands will become very vulnerable to breakage by the time you reach the final steps. When the mixture goes in the core to get rid of the toner, you should replace it soon after with a conditioning product to keep the hair from being damaged.

Disposable Gloves

You can shake the ingredients that you have to combine in a sealed container so that there is no need for mixing tools.

However, depending on the length of your locks, you may become exposed to a lot of hydrogen peroxide; that’s why it’s important to buy disposable gloves to protect your hands with.

Warm Water

Warm Water

The heat from the water potentially opens up the hair, thus allowing the mixture to touch the toner and remove it.

You do not have to deal with scalding water; just raise its temperature a bit higher than your body temperature to achieve warm water.

The Phases

This process lets you DIY the removal of the toner from your bleached hair. Here are steps on how you can do that:

Step 1: Mix shampoo and hydrogen peroxide.

The ratio you’re going for is 1:1. It is easy to estimate that if you have a 50-mL shampoo bottle and 50-mL hydrogen peroxide, for instance, as you can blend both in a single vessel at once.

Alternatively, you may use measuring instruments in case you want to be accurate with your scales.

Step 2: Dampen the hair.

Assuming that you will work with clean but dry locks, spritz some water on it with the help of a spray bottle.

Do not hesitate to lift a few sections up to get close to the scalp. Your hair will still be considered damp as long as water is not dripping at the ends.

Step 3: Apply solution on over-toned areas.

Wear your gloves and begin massaging the mixture into your mane, especially on the parts that hold the most obvious purple or grey coloring.

Step 4: Monitor the disappearance of color.

The change will appear after four to five minutes. The thickness of your strands is not similar to mine or the other people reading this article, so be sure to check if the unwanted tones dissolve every minute.

Step 5: Clean using warm water.

Once certain that you don’t need to re-apply the mixture, cleanse it with warm water. Continue washing the hair until the water you see running down becomes clear.

Step 6: Condition and wash again thoroughly.

Massage your conditioner of choice in your locks, and then let the moisture to get soaked for a few minutes. After that, you can rinse it one more time and style it any way you please.

2. The Natural Method

Items You Need

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching solution that will not require you to visit the salon before using. You are free to squeeze it out from the real fruit or just purchase the sour liquid from a store.

Hair Dryer

You should have a hair dryer for this method because the idea is for the solution to be absorbed by your hair. What sits in your bedroom or bathroom now is fine.


It is not necessary to buy a special shampoo to get the toner out of hair. If you truly want to replenish your stock, though, you can find one online.


The creator of this process may have mentioned a specific hair conditioner brand to utilize. But from my experience, I have noticed that it will work regardless of the kind you go with.

The Phases

For more details on how to perform it on bluish or greyish locks, below are the steps.

Step 1: Incorporate lemon juice to conditioner.

Your goal is to lift some of the undesirable blues or greys from the hair. You may do so by mixing conditioner and lemon juice in a 3:1 ratio.

Step 2: Apply and leave on for up to three hours.

Feel free to massage it in with your bare hands. Depending on how thick your mane is, the solution can show an effect from one and a half to three hours. Just stay patient and allow the hair to soak all the goodness up.

Step 3: Turn the hair dryer on.

To help your locks in absorbing the mixture more deeply, blow-dry it. Go around the head for no less than 30 minutes to ensure that you have heated up all parts of your hair.

Step 4: Rinse, shampoo, rinse, condition, and rinse.

I have basically told you the techniques to do after the third step in the sub-heading of step #4.

Once the hair is considerably dry, wash it in the shower with regular water, and then lather up with your favorite shampoo. Clear the product, use conditioner, and rinse it again.

3. The Chemically-Induced Method

Items You Need


The developer is the synthetic version of lemon juice. It ideally takes away the pigment in your hair, so you are left with bleached hair.

Lightening Powder

As the color gets lifted by the developer, the lightener will replace it. Hence, the undertones will no longer be dark.


You need almost the same amount as a travel-sized shampoo contains for this procedure. If what you don’t think you have less than that, buy one from a virtual store now or drive to the nearest supermarket.

Color Brush

It is a special type of brush whose one end is pointy (for mixing purposes) and the other end has bristles and comb for spreading the solution.

Color Bowl

You will be dealing with chemicals, so you can’t put the mixture in normal food bowls. It’s more convenient to get a color bowl at this point.


You should be able to use your typical hair conditioner. In case it does not feel moisturizing enough for you, however, there are other deep conditioning stuff to choose from in the market.

Disposable Gloves

Whether you’ll try to do this method by yourself or with a friend, the gloves have to be in sight. They will shield your hands from the chemicals that may be harsh to the skin. Learn more about Unigloves gloves here.


Monitoring the changes on your hair can best be done utilizing a damp towel. It can be a dish or face towel or any clean rag that you don’t use much since the mixture may stain it.

Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm Water

The water temperature to rinse your mane with should only be several degrees Fahrenheit higher compared to your body temperature.

The Phases

These steps are just a little different from what you’ve seen in the first method. This is another way to get rid of toner:

Step 1: Get the gloves.

The initial stage begins with a precautionary measure, which is wearing the disposable gloves. You need to take them out now because the ingredients you will handle later may irritate your skin.

Step 2: Combine lightening powder, developer, and shampoo.

In a bowl, mix the lightening powder and developer with 60 mL of shampoo. Employ the pointed side of the color brush for this process to blend the solid and liquid substances together.

Step 3: Apply the mixture.

With the gloves still on, flip the brush in your hand to dip the head into the new mixture. Also, go big when applying it on the affected portions. You may continue with the comb part of the tool or with your covered hands to let it settle in the hair.

Step 4: Wait for it to take effect.

There is no guarantee that this mixture will immediately remove the toner; that’s why you have to inspect the color alteration after 10 minutes with a damp towel.

If you rub it on one section and the shade that comes off is what you have been wanting to eliminate for some time now, then go to step #5. In case it remains to be undesirable for you, apply the mixture once again and wait for another five minutes.

Step 5: Clear the solution with lukewarm water.

Wash your locks with lukewarm water for as long as the liquid does not look clean. Just to ensure that the developer and lightener are gone, re-shampoo the strands and scalp.

Step 6: Put some conditioner on and rinse.

After removing the shampoo suds, cover the hair with conditioner. Give it five minutes to get soaked up before you rinse it out.

Concluding Views

Study "how to get toner out of hair" by your lonesome rather than pay a stylist to do it for you. The process is fool-proof, as you have probably realized from the texts above, so following the steps won’t be difficult.

If you know other ways to remove toner from the hair, tell us in the comments below.

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