How To Give Your Eyes A Spotlight-Stealing Upgrade?

give your eyes a spotlight

We are in full favor of the thought that our eyes are the windows to our soul, but we would also like to point out that if our eyes don't capture people's attention, they won't be eager to glance at our souls. 

Our eyes are essential organs of your body and the blessing of sight is a miracle, but even more miraculous is the way we can use our eyes to attract people towards us, command respect and even influence people.

Conveying feelings, thoughts, and messages using only the eyes is a lost art that cannot be easily mastered, but there's something we can do.  

We can enhance our eyes in such a way that they instantly grab the attention of anyone who looks at us, in multiple ways. 

Using Make-Up Protects to Glam-Up your Eyes

Make-up is a tool that can completely transform your entire personality if it is done right. If you are a person who is comfortable wearing make-up, then there are various incredible products that can be used to glam up your eyes.

If you have dark circles around your eyes, begin with a concealer to get hide them so that you have an even-toned skin around your eyes.

If you are going for a natural make-up look, skip the eye shadow or use shades that match your eyelids. Use eyeliner to define your lash line, and dab a coat or two of mascara and you are good to go. 

If you are going for an event, don't shy away from going bold with your eye shadow and wing your eyeliner to add the wow factor to your eye make-up.

You can use eyelash extensions to add the extra drama to your eyelashes and highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a white or light-colored eye pencil. 

There are uncountable eye make-up looks that you can try and learn from places such as YouTube and Instagram, in this age, make-up skills are an asset, keep polishing them up. 

While practicing your make-up skills, always remember that your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body, so please don't be harsh on them.

Ensure that the make-up products you are using on your eyes are of good quality and avoiding sharing them to cut down the risk of contamination and infections. 

Invest in Eye-Care to Make your Eyes Naturally Beautiful

If you are not a make-up person, then investing in eye-care can help you make your eyes look more beautiful naturally. 

Sleeping well at night and resting your eyes regularly during the day forms the basics of your eye-care routine. These steps will ensure that your eyes always look bright and well-rested, and sleeping well also prevents dark circles which are major beauty stealers.

If you have had dark circles in the past then there are some natural remedies such as massaging potato juice on your dark circles to lighten them up, green tea eye-masks are also said to lighten dark circles as well as relax the eyes.

Your eyelashes and your eyebrows have to be well-taken care of if you what to capture the attention by going natural. Make sure that your eyebrows are well-shaped and properly combed to add definition to your eyes. 

Long, dark and thick lashes are sure to upgrade the appearance of your eyes, so if you are not fake lashes or mascara person and your lashes are small then you must do something to grow them long. 

You can try using various oils to promote the growth of your lashes such as coconut oil. Careprost is a product that gives you visible results in 2-3 weeks if you are interested in quick and assured eyelash growth.

Get Eye Defects Corrected if it is Possible

Some people have certain eye defects such as asymmetrical eyes or loopy eyelids, now if you are comfortable with this, then by all means to nothing about it. But if such things are causing your physical or emotional discomfort then you are allowed to seek treatment for them.

Visit a specialist and find out the possible treatments for you. There are various surgeries that can help you with disfiguration. There are treatments like Allergan Botox which treat asymmetrical eyelids and even remove fine lines from under the eyes.

If you are a person who is unhappy with your eye color then there are treatments to change that as well, a less extreme way to change your eye color would be the use of contact lenses.

Apart from these steps, take special care to improve the health of your eyes, eat green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits, they have vision boosting nutrients.

There are certain eye-exercises which you can perform to clear up your vision and prevent the deterioration of your eye muscles. Protect your eyes from harsh elements such as extreme sunlight and piercing lights. 

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