How to Have a Baby Through Surrogacy?

How to Have a Baby Through Surrogacy

Those parents who are unable to have babies in a natural way usually put an end to parenthood. Such events undermine their hope or confidence in a happy future. Nevertheless, it is not the end, as many parents worldwide have already accessed surrogacy which literally lighted up their lives. Learn more about how to have your baby through surrogacy.

What Are the Available Surrogacy Solutions?

There is no better choice than to address your inquiry to a designated surrogacy agency like the World Center of Baby. Surrogacy itself is a complex topic that involves many pitfalls in terms of legal work. This agency, in turn, makes it all easier, and fully constitutional. They have a constantly updating database of the best surrogates, egg donors who are willing to help you. Before traveling from abroad to Kiev, you get a free consultation that answers all your bothering questions. Then, you are obliged to follow the next steps established by the surrogacy agency:

Confirm the documents. Ukraine surrogacy is available only to married couples of the opposite sex. Gay surrogacy is unfortunately not eligible in Ukraine. You will need to provide a marriage certificate and medical history availing that you are fit for the program;

Visit Ukraine. After checking the documents for validity, you should visit the country. Every participant is welcomed by the World Center of Baby, so no fears about being lost in the city;

Undergo medical tests. To ensure you are sound, you will need to undergo some medical tests;

Start embryo procedures. You will undergo PGD/PGS testing to identify working embryos for transfer;

Choose the surrogate mother. You have a choice when selecting the woman who will carry your baby;

Receive monthly updates. You will receive medical reports, ultrasound pictures, and scans of your baby monthly;

Arrive before the due date and have your baby.

Afterward, you may go back to your home country, and enjoy your perfect parenthood to the fullest. World Center of Baby will ensure you have the best surrogacy services experience and will take care of all legal aspects.

The Benefits of Surrogacy Services

To unwind some of your hesitations, let’s mention some benefits of a surrogacy agency. First off, you do not need to be scared that a surrogate mother will have rights for the child. Due to the law, the fact of surrogacy is confidential, and it does not reveal the names of intended parents regardless of their origin whether Ireland, Colombia, USA. Secondly, there is a possibility of both gestational and traditional surrogacy. Thirdly, the most pleasant one is the price, as the full cost of the program is divided into 4 installments paid upon signing the agreement, at week 12 of pregnancy, week 24 of pregnancy and after the actual discharge from the maternity clinic.

Last but not least, the World Center of Baby is a team of professionals who are participants of the surrogacy forum, and a responsible agency that will ensure you have your baby safe and sound.

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