How To Know Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

 Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton is one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world. Carrying the "LV" logo on a purse, shoes or any accessory is synonymous with good taste and elevates anyone's cache. However, achieving this status has a high price that cannot support all pockets.

The best solution is to buy a second-hand Louis Vuitton in places like the ones explained in this article about where to buy and sell second-hand handbags. There are many people who decide to sell their pieces to recover part of the money they paid in their day and you can take advantage of that discount to get what you were looking for.

However, we can't forget that among the supposed sellers there may be someone who wants to cheat you, either by sneaking in a counterfeit or asking you for the money in advance without sending you anything in return. In this article we're going to explain how to buy an original second-hand Louis Vuitton safely and economically. If you follow our advice, you don't have to worry.

How do you know if a second-hand Louis Vuitton is original?

Having a handbag hung in a top blanket telling you it's original is one of the biggest fears that comes with wanting to buy a second-hand Louis Vuitton. To avoid this, you need to know what to look for carefully.

The first thing you need to check is if that bag exists, as it could be an invented bag, even if only because of where a zipper is located. You can compare the designs on the official Louis Vuitton website.

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The next thing to look out for is the logo. The V will always be above the L and the L will be at the bottom left. It seems incredible but many counterfeits are discovered by looking at the logo and if it's not like the real thing, you don't have to keep looking much longer.

Look inside for the Made in label and check that they have been made in France. Only the old ones can have been made in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy or the United States. Any other country that appears reveals to you that it is false. Also note that capital letters are used and a typography that leaves little space between letter and letter and with the "O" very round.

It will also give you information about the manufacturing code, which is usually found behind one of the rings of the bag, and must be formed by 2 letters followed by 4 numbers.

The rings and clasps are made of metal or gold. Counterfeits, on the other hand, usually use plastics painted gold. Neither the inner lining nor the handles can be covered with any protective plastic, as they are made of quality fabric or leather.

Finally, have some common sense. Louis Vuitton handbags are of very high quality, so it is suspicious that they have many seams in poor condition, for example. And don't be fooled by prices that are too low. Who would sell a bag from €1,500 to €50?

How to make a secure payment and shipping?

It is clear that to check if a Louis Vuitton bag is original or not, you need to have it in your hands. For this you only have two options: meet personally and ask patience of the seller to check everything or buy it remotely.

With us your payment will not be credited to the seller until you have the bag in your hands and check it for 48 hours. If it is not as you agreed with the other person, you will be able to return it free of charge. 

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