How To Lighten Your Eye Color Easily – 3 Method For You

How To Lighten Your Eye Color

"How to lighten your eye color?". It is possible to find that some people would want to change their eye color. Most people change the color of their eyes as a way of enhancing beauty. You simply need to make sure that you have the right type of shade needed to lighten the eye color. It is not just about using the eyeshadow to lighten the eye color, as other methods also exist.

Now that you are intrigued how it all happens, let us get to look at some of the top methods you could use when it comes to how to lighten your eye color.


How To Lighten Your Eye Color - 3 Method

Method 1: Using Eyeshadow For Brightening Eye Color

What You Will Need

  • Eye color enhancing shadow
  • Under eye concealer
  • Navy blue mascara
  • White eyeliner


1. First Understand How Make Up Alters The Eye Color

You simply need to know how the makeup makes you look and the effect on the eye color first. An example would be using an eyeshadow to make your blue eyes look brown or the other way round. It is possible to use the eyeshadow to enhance the eye color, just make sure you get to do it right. It is the reason you have to understand the effect of each color on your eyes.

​2. Using The Navy Blue Mascara

Instead of going for colors such as black, using navy blue color for mascara should be fine to help with lightening your eyes. This is especially for people who have blue eyes and they want to lighten them up a bit. The navy blue color will make the eyes more vibrant and brighter in contrast with the white eye balls. The black color will simply make your eyes look dull and unattractive. You want them to be lighter and not dull.

​3. Apply A White Eyeliner

This is another important component for those looking to lighten their eye color. You simply need to coat the inner rim of the eyelid with the white eyeliner. The result is that you will have it being reflected to the whole eye thus, making it appear even brighter. Just like that you got to lighten the eye color without causing too much contrast.

​4. Using Under Eye Concealer

As we all know, the concealer is important to help with concealing some blemishes that you might have. It is also important when it comes to concealing the issues of dark spots around your eyes. You can apply the concealer around the dark parts of the eye to end up giving your eyes a great lighter look.

​5. Apply An Eye Color Enhancing Shadow

When it comes to the makeup industry, you can expect that there will always be something for enhancing the eye color. You simply need to make sure that you get to choose the right color for your eyes. For people who have brown eyes, you can opt for the bronze color, as it will lighten the color from just being brown to lighter brown.

The methods discussed above are for someone looking for a temporary solution to lightening their eye color. Below is an additional video on how to lighten your eye color.

​Method 2: Using Contacts To Lighten The Eye Color

​What You Will Need

  • Eye contacts


​1. Talk To An Optician First

Even if you have the correct vision, you do not just go around changing the eye color by wearing any type of contacts. You have to be given the right contacts depending on things such as eyeball shape, eyesight among many other things. Wearing the wrong size and shape of the contacts will make you feel pain in the eyes after some time.

​2. Buy The Contacts From A Legitimate Lens Retailer

You will simply get what you pay for. Some people tend to take the shortcut to buying the contact lens. It is important to be safer by purchasing from a known retailer rather than spending less and up with damage to your vision later. It is here that you get to choose the right shade that you need for the eyes.

​3. Decide When You Will Be Wearing The Lens

The contact lens can be worn as much as you want, but you have to remove them at night before you can sleep. You can also have other types of extended contact lenses that can be worn even when sleeping. Depending on your need for contacts, you can only wear them when necessary.

​4. Keep The Contacts Clean Always

Now that you have been enjoying the lightened eye color, proceed to make sure that the contacts are always cleaned. It is possible that sometimes the eyes can get an infection if the contacts are not cleaned regularly. It is crucial that when you remove them, they get cleaned before you wear them next time. Also, make sure to always wash the hands before touching the contact lens.

​Method 3: Getting Surgery To Lighten Eye Color

​What You Will Need

  • Certified surgeon


​1. Find The Right Person To Perform The Surgery

There are some people who can be extreme sometimes whereby they go ahead to get surgery as a way of lightening or changing the eye color. The first thing you have to do is find a certified surgeon who can handle the procedure quite well. A couple of risks are involved when opting for this type of method, so you have to be sure it is the right person doing it.

​2. Get It Done Now

Now that you have the right person in mind, you can proceed to have the surgery done. Some surgeries can take as little as 20 seconds while others will take up to 15 minutes. For a person looking to change the brown eyes to blue, the surgery would involve removing the outer color to reveal the blue color underneath it. Over the weeks, the body will remove the other patches to reveal bluer eyes.

The doctor will talk to you more about the different options available for eye surgery before you can opt for such a method.


If you are into ways on how to lighten your eye color, then you know more about such methods. You can always choose a method that you find works great for you depending on the needs you had in mind. Depending on the type of method chosen, you can end looking great at all times.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can always share your opinions and experiences if you have tried​ any of the methods.

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