The Best Ways On How To Make Your Lips Smaller

How To Make Your Lips Smaller

"How to make your lips smaller?". If you're looking for ways to become even more beautiful than you already are, then there are tons of ways to improve on your features! One of the things you'll want to focus on would be your facial features, which is often emphasized and the first thing people notice!

Your lips are an important feature to highlight as well, with more girls investing in lipstick to add color and shine. The size of your lips also matters, with people opting either fuller (through treatments such as lip augmentation) or thinner lips. If you're wondering how to make your lips smaller, then you'll be surprised to know that there are some ways to achieve that!

Wondering what they are? Read on as we show you different methods on how to make your lips smaller!

Why Make Your Lips Smaller?

You're probably wondering: Why make your lips smaller in the first place? You've possibly seen people looking for ways to make their lips look bigger and fuller, which is one of the new trends today!

But while many like their lips bigger, there are an equal amount of guys and girls looking for ways to lessen the volume of their lips, making it thinner. The main reason would probably be due to having already bigger lips than what they prefer!

Another reason would be for preference. Some guys have shown appeal to thin lips, especially when it's paired with makeup.

Studies have shown that the appeal of thin lips has increased by over 40%, after applying makeup. Not only does this prove that thin lips are in, but lips are a critical feature that many take notice of.

Thinner lips look beautiful for those who have small or elongated faces, as it gives them a firm and classy look. It's unique and a nice, new sight compared to many people we see with huge lips.

How To Make Your Lips Smaller

There are some tips and options to follow for you to achieve the perfect little lips! Simply follow any of these and keep a routine:

1. Avoid Lip Gloss

While lip gloss offers a shiny and beautiful texture, it's also something that makes it look even bigger. If you do want to use makeup for your lip, then apply lipstick in a similar color to your skin tone, as it will appear less noticeable and lipstick won't make it look fuller.

2. Cleaning Lips

To lessen the larger size of your lips naturally, you will need to clean it once a week. When your lips aren't clean, they look darker than they are from dirt and dead cells. This makes them look a bit bigger than they should, and it's unhygienic as well. Clean it by using a lip scrub and washing it daily.

3. Exercise

You'll probably wonder how exercises make your lips smaller, but it works! Just like how exercise burns fat and makes you smaller, it will also do the same for your lips.

Here are a list of lip exercises you can do:

Facial yoga workouts, meaning you'll be moving your lips in a certain way and keep it in that position.

  • Put your index finger in your mouth, moving it for ten times.
  • Keep to an exercise routine, as well as saying tongue twister to focus on working on your lips.

Another helpful exercise would be smiling, as it makes your lips thinner by pulling them. It's temporary, but it's efficient and looks beautiful.

4. Foundation

Extra makeup on your lips will make it look smaller. Add foundation to your lips and top it off with lipstick, making it look smaller without having to hassle yourself.

Another great makeup routine would be adding concealer or foundation around your lips, then adding a darker shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone. Do not use bright colors, as this may make your lips look fuller.

5. Treating Lip Injuries

If ever you have bigger lips because of a lip injury or allergy, then you'll need to know how to treat them right.

You'll need to take medicine for allergies (as prescribed by the doctor) or to make sure you avoid it from swelling up through good habits, such as not biting your lips or putting natural ingredients like vaseline to help your lips heal.

If you suffer from cuts or swollen lips, then make sure you clean your lips with soap and water. Apply pressure with a clean cloth if your lips are bleeding as well. If you have bruises or swollen lips, then use an ice compress. Hydrogen peroxide will help heal small wounds.

6. Moisturize

Your lips should always be moisturized and well-hydrated. This means drinking a lot of water and keeping a humidifier for moisture.

You can also invest in an oil-based lip balm to avoid skin irritation and it looking swollen. Focus on lip balms made out of olive oil, shea butter, or anything lemon based and high in antioxidants.

7. Hair Removal

Your lips might have hair on top or under it, which makes you look like you have larger and plumper lips. To make it look smaller, or to show its natural size, it's time to remove hair around your lips through plucking, shaving, laser, or waxing it.

We do not recommend shaving, though, as this may make hair grow even faster after.

8. Other Causes

There may be other reasons that make your lips look bigger, such as braces or conditions that affect your mouth. For braces, your lips will look larger, and it will take some time to get the size to wear down (after removing the braces).

If you suffer from a medical condition such as a cleft lip, then you will need to consult a doctor, as it may require medical procedures.

9. Surgery

The last resort would be getting cosmetic surgery or using injections to reduce lip tissue. But this is discouraged upon unless you're very desperate to make your lips smaller quickly and efficiently. Take note that this is costly and has side effects, with you needing to make follow-up checkups after.

If you do decide to pursue surgery, then make sure you research for the best and other things you will need to prepare for beforehand. This will help reduce any pain and ensure that you have a safe procedure.

Tips On Keeping Your Lips Well-Maintained And Small

Why Make Your Lips Smaller

Now that you know how to get your lips smaller, the next question is: How will you be able to maintain smaller AND healthier lips? Small lips are beautiful, yes, but what makes them more attractive would be matching it with luscious and smooth lips with the perfect color and texture!

Besides these tips on how to make your lips smaller, here are some things you might want to follow to take care of your lips and achieve the beautiful color and smoothness you want:

1. Water

Always drink a lot of water to avoid dry and chapped lips. We recommend you drink a lot of water during dry season, especially during winter or summer. Always drink at least eight glasses a day.

2. Humidify

To keep your lips (and even your skin!) moisturized and smooth, then invest in a quality humidifier. It's recommended for those who live in extremely dry climates as well. Make sure that the humidifier is cleaned daily and that the levels are between 30-50%.

3. Chapstick

Lip balm and chapstick are your best friends to avoid shaped lips. Avoid using too much lipstick, as this may end up drying out your lips. Instead, stay away from matte and look for lip balms that bring color (and include sunscreen) with the formula. Using other ingredients such as coconut oil or shea butter will work wonders as well.

4. Habits

Do NOT lick or bite your lips. This will further dry and damage your lips more. Also, lower your intake in spicy food and take in vitamins you are deficient in, as this helps both your lips and overall health.

In Conclusion

When it comes to improving your facial features and becoming a more beautiful you, you'll need to know what to do with your lips! Depending on your face shape, skin color, or your other facial features, your lips will need a right color and size to match. If you want to make your lips smaller, there are easy and simple ways on how you can do that.

Hopefully, this article on how to make your lips smaller helped you know what to do when it comes to lessening the volume of your lips and improving your beauty. So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips on how to make your lips smaller today and enjoy a fresher you!

We hope you found the article informative. If you have any other questions or tips on how to make your lips smaller, then comment down below. We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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