How To Nurse Your Hair Back To Health

How To Nurse Your Hair

"How To Nurse Your Hair Back To Health?". Keeping your hair fresh, vivacious and beautiful is not as hard as people may think. Although, it does begin with understanding what well-kept hair needs to beautiful, silky and soft,and why hair becomes damaged.

Each strand of hair is made up of three layers, the medulla is the inner fiber that is surrounded by the cortex and finally the outer layer called the cuticle. If the cuticle becomes damage, it can begin to lose that healthy glow and lead to more damage.

 Split ends, hair that breaks easily and hair that is simply not the silky soft wonder it ought to be are signs of damaged hair and this situation can get worse. Furthermore, damaged hair can be especially difficult to manage and can result in further damage and even extreme damage. 

Some of the most common causes of damaged hair include the continuous use of blow dryers and hair treatments, styling and coloring is also very damaging to the hair. Then stress, malnutrition and thyroid conditions can also add to the condition of unhealthy hair. 

Travelling is also one of the major reason for hair damage; you will notice that your hair tangles easily, becomes dull and feels dry to touch. This can be avoided using scarfs which will help you protect your hair while travelling.

You can buy trendy scarfs at discounted rated using Marcs coupons and look stylish at the same time. The good news is that hair can be revived and beautified even if the damage is significant. The following are some of the most effective methods of treating damaged hair.

Remember that the miracle of recovery can’t happen overnight as the new hair that grows in will bring much of the health with it. Be sure to select a few of the most appropriate treatments listed below and stick to your recovery for months until you notice the difference. 

The point is that damaged hair is weakened and now needs a special boost of nutrients over a prolonged period of time to hair become healthy again.

 How To Nurse Your Hair Back To Health

How To Nurse Your Hair

1. Identify Early and Repair Damaged Hair

Denial is the worst treatment to apply. If you have noticed your hair failing here and there, you needed to begin taking action a long time ago.

With the proper hair applications and nourishment your hair can become healthy again and feel great. But, you must begin today, once the damage is too far gone, your only treatment could be the straight razor.

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2. Trim Damaged Hair Ends

If you notice the ends of your hair are splitting and appear damaged it is important that the damage be stemmed where it is.

If allowed to spread the rest of the hair, even if perfectly healthy can become adversely affected. Don’t go for the extreme chop, your hair treatment professional can help you clip only what is needed.

Note: your cutting implements can also affect this situation for the better or the worse. Without sharp tools the hair is not cut clean but left with jagged edges that will be more prone to damage in the future.

3. Avoid Hot Styling Tools

The moment you notice your hair is damaged, it is a good idea to discontinue use of all heating products like hair irons, blow dryers and such heating tools.

 With your cuticles damaged the heat will cook the inner fibers and soon your hair will just drop off of its own volition.

4. Say No to Hair Colors And Chemicals

The fact is the harsh chemicals and treatments you have been adding to your hair are responsible for the damage done. Dying, bleaching and coloring can be done on completely healthy hair with the understanding that they will be slightly damaged on completion.

If your hair is already damaged, your hair will be permanently ruined after such harsh treatment. Even those “restorative”treatments you see at salons have harsh chemicals and heat that can cause further damage.

5. Repairing Damaged Hair With Natural Oils

Hair requires natural body oils to stay healthy. Heat, hot water and chemicals rob the hair of these natural protectors and leave the hair susceptible to damage.

Different oils like castor oil, coconut oils and 100% organic olive oils are very good for the hair and mimic the natural oils that keep you hair protected.

These oils will form a protective barrier that locks in the natural moisture your hair needs to survive. Coconut oils is by far one of the best treatments as it penetrates follicles and skin layer spreading the nutrients deep in the scalp and strand.

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6. Natural Remedies For Damaged Hair

You can add honey, eggs, mayonnaise, banana and avocado to the hair for all sorts of healthy benefits. These can be applied as hair masks that are left on for 20 mins to half an hour and allowed to deliver their protective nutrients deep into the hair.

Yes, you will find some OTC emergency treatment masques at the drugstore, but cross the street to grocer’s and get the natural brands. Naturally, your hair will respond better to the sustainable treatment found in natural products.

7. Eat Your Proteins

Fish, eggs, milk, yogurts and meats in all their splendor have very specific benefits to the hair. Your hair, and fingernails, are made of proteins and without a steady supply of they will begin to lack some lustre and appeal.

Look for those protein sources that also provide Omega-3 fatty acids. If your hair is damaged you will need to double up on these important materials so that the body can begin rebuilding.

Of course, you will need to keep your hair moisturized well to avoid brittle hair that comes from a high-protein diet. In the end your hair will be stronger and healthier for your consistent efforts.

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8. Use Natural Hair Dye For Damaged Hair

Ok, so your hair is damaged but the appearance is still important. There are plenty of natural ways to color the hair with teas or henna, the best thing about these natural remedies is that they work to improve the hair conditions while they provide color.

If you are looking for a good way to cover up those gray streaks, grab the natural solution.

9. Condition Before Swimming

Before you jump into the highly chlorinated pool or salty ocean, consider the needs of your hair and protect them with a good quality conditioner. You can double-up on this protection as well by using a good quality swimming cap as well.

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