8 Methods About How To Remove Beauty Marks

How To Remove Beauty Marks

"How to remove Beauty Marks?". The issue of beauty marks is something that has been around for a while now. Many people would not want to end up with beauty marks if they can avoid them, but they often show up when least expected. You can always look for ways of dealing with the beauty marks if you still want to look great in the end.

The beauty marks can appear on your face, back, arms, and shoulders. If this happens to someone, the common remedy people would seek is the use of makeup to cover them up. Well, that can work for a day or two, but you need a permanent solution. We get to look at how to remove beauty marks in this article and how you could benefit from them.


How To Remove Beauty Marks

1. Laser Treatment

How to Remove Beauty Marks: Laser Treatment

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It is possible that laser treatment might not always be your first option, but it can be the best method for you. The use of laser treatment is often seen as a painless method that delivers on quick results. The next time you do not want to wait for days before the marks disappear, then you can always opt for this method.

The laser treatment can be used to remove different types of beauty marks from small sized to large sized. Depending on the size of the marks, it is possible that you will have to have to use a number of sessions before the marks are fully removed.

After undergoing the laser treatment, it is possible that your skin will become quite sensitive. This calls for applying sunscreen to the affected area so that the UV rays do not end up causing further damage.

2. Chemical Peel Treatment

How to Remove Beauty Marks: Chemical Peel Treatment

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Another great way of dealing with beauty marks is by use of a chemical treatment. With this method, it involves the use of a chemical special for removing the marks. The chemical would simply be applied on the skin where the blister is located and it will end up peeling it off.

Once the peeling is done, the cells can start regenerating so that you end up with a skin free of any blemishes. Well, it might sound scary, but on overall it is a painless method. You might experience a bit of tingling sensation, but it is a common thing.

You may have to use various amounts beauty marks, you may have to use a lot more of the chemical before they can all be eliminated.

3. Microdermabrasion

How to Remove Beauty Marks: Microdermabrasion

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This is another great way for you to clear the beauty marks and rejuvenate your skin to look better once again. The method has earned a reputation for itself for being highly effective to eliminate the dark spots. The treatment is painless just in case you were thinking that it would painful.

The process starts when micro-exfoliating crystals are sprayed on the skin,then followed by suctioning them away from the skin. The work of the crystals is to exfoliate the marks from the skin and then the process of suctioning removes them easily. The result is that you end up with a fresher look and glowing skin too. And you can even do it at home.

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4. Cryosurgery

How to Remove Beauty Marks: Cryosurgery

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Whenever people think about surgery, they often get afraid of such a method. In reality, this method is not much of surgery, but more of a painless method you can use for dealing with the beauty marks.

The process involves spraying of liquid nitrogen on the marks to freeze them. Upon spraying of the liquid nitrogen, the spots would turn to a white color. The frozen mark would form a scab, which can fall off in a few days. You are not to pick the scabs, let them fall off themselves. Early picking of the scabs might just lead to scaring.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

For many years now, many people have always opted to use homemade solutions to handle the elimination of beauty marks. You too could benefit from it today by using lemon juice and water to remove such marks.

The vitamin C and citric acid that are present in the lemon make it perfect to be a bleaching agent. This should be great for you to handle the beauty marks that might be an issue for you. Even those people who have issues with sensitive skin can easily use the lemon juice to eliminate such marks. You can add water to the lemon juice to dilute it a little bit if you have a sensitive skin.

6. Use Of Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

If you consult various dermatologists, they would always agree that the use of vitamin E should help a lot in dealing with dark spots on your face or any other place. Any other type of skin discoloration could still benefit from using the vitamin E to eliminate them.

The vitamin E in general is an antioxidant, which targets the free radicals responsible for discoloration and aging. You simply have to apply the vitamin E directly to the skin with marks and let it work its magic.

The best part is that you do not have to combine Vitamin E with any other ingredient to get it working on the different spots on your face. For this reason, it is often seen as a cost effective option to help eliminate the marks.

7. Buttermilk


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Buttermilk is the sour milk left behind after you get to churn the butter out of the milk. The buttermilk is quite impressive at doing its work, so you can rely on it to do some of the tricks and eliminate the beauty marks. There is the alpha hydroxyl acid present in the milk that should help with removing the dead skin cells and lightening of the dark spots.

If you do not have a lot money to spend on the chemical peel or laser method, you can always opt for the use of such cheap methods. Simply spend a few dollars on buttermilk and get the same results. The only difference is that it might take time, but it still works great.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

There is no doubt that Aloe Vera is the mother of all skin care products. It is the best thing to have ever happened to humans when it comes to dealing with skin blemishes. Aloe Vera as a plant comes with most of the amino acids found in the body and also vitamins A, B, C and E. The beta-carotene compound found in the plant helps by providing the anti-aging properties.

The plant will still help with removal of dark spots and still treat the sunburn cases. To crown it all, you can get it helping with working as an excellent moisturizer. As you can see, the plant has so much to offer to help the skin look even better.

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The next time you are looking for a solution about how to remove beauty marks, you can always choose from any of the mentioned options above. If you make the right choices, you can always be sure to end up with the best-looking skin.

I hope you enjoyed checking out some of these methods. If you learned something, you can always share the article with your friends so that they can do the same. Leave a few comments below of what you think about the list.

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