How To Remove Eyelash Glue In 2 Ways With No Pain

How To Remove Eyelash Glue

"How To Remove Eyelash Glue?". After feeling like a goddess all day with your false lashes emphasizing the beauty of your eyes, have you ever dreaded coming home, knowing that you may need to bite your tongue to endure the pain of unsticking it?

We may have had thoughts similar to this a lot of times and perhaps even complained about it to someone, but we cannot stop, can we? After all, beauty is pain according to many, and a bit of it in exchange for having long and gorgeous eyelashes seems worth the hassle.

The thing is, getting rid of the falsies does not and should not be painful. There are ways in which you can detach them from your real lashes every day without getting hurt, and we have written about "how to remove eyelash glue" in detail down below.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue In 2 Ways With No Pain

The Conservative Way: Use Oil

Cotton Ball

Cotton Ball

A cotton ball is as small as a person’s thumb, yet it absorbs the liquid substance that you will soak it into. It is why we prefer to use it over the fabric. In case you are allergic to synthetic fiber, there are organic cotton balls accessible in the online market.


olive oil

We have not specified the type of oil that you should use to remove eyelash glue because anything you may have on hand will do.

Regardless of the scent, color, or origin of the lubricant, they can all allow the false eyelashes to separate smoothly from your skin. If we are to make a recommendation, though, the extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil, and plain baby oil work well.

How To Begin

This procedure is applicable when you have a lot of spare time at night since it can take a while to finish.

Step 1. Steam Your Face.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Steam Your Face


In one large bowl, pour hot water and lean over it to allow the steam to reach your face. The advantage of doing this first step after removing your makeup is that it not only opens up the pores to get rid of dirt particles which may be embedded there but it also softens the eyelash glue. As a universal rule, however, you should not open your eyes when doing this for five to 10 minutes.

Step 2. Add Several Drops Of Oil On The Cotton.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Add Several Drops Of Oil On The Cotton


Take your oil of choice and put two to three drops of it on a cotton ball. It should be enough to cover both eyes.

Step 3. Gently Rub The Cotton On The Area.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Gently Rub The Cotton On The Area


Once you are sure that it is not dripping, press the cotton on your eyelids. Pay particular attention to the roots of the falsies. It ensures that the oil will reach the entire area of the skin in which the lashes have been glued to.

Step 4. Remove The Lashes.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Remove The Lashes


You may tug on the fake eyelashes after making sure that your favorite oil has done its job. It should be performed in a downward motion so as to minimize the chances of yanking off your real lashes.

They will ideally detach from your lids without a hitch, but if you feel it pulling the skin, it means that the oil requires more time to settle. Be calm if it happens to you, and only smear oil on that spot and wait before trying to get rid of the falsies once again. Patience is always the key here, remember that.

Step 5. Clear Excess Glue.

The lubricant may relax the adhesive that binds the lashes to your skin, but it does not evaporate as much as water does. In case there are remnants of the glue on your eyelids, apply the oil on them.

Use this substance at the base of false eyelashes as well until nothing stays on the surface. This additional step is essential because the remaining glue can prevent the falsies from sticking on the lids properly the next time you use them.

The Modern Way: Get a Glue or Makeup Remover

Cotton Swab

Cotton Swab

For the non-traditional method, you need the cotton swab so that the chemical you use will only touch the area with eyelash glue. The main benefit of doing so is that you can control the quantity of the product that you are going to take out of its container each time.

Because the best varieties are hard to come by in local stores, you may want to purchase a large pack from a digital retailer so as to avert from placing the same order soon.

Glue Remover (Option 1)

How To Remove Eyelash Glue In 2 Ways With No Pain 1

The second thing you should have is an eyelash glue remover. We personally rely on the Blink Gel Remover these days as it can get rid of the adhesive for clump or individual lashes.

Oil-free Makeup Remover (Option 2)

How To Remove Eyelash Glue In 2 Ways With No Pain 2

If your supply of glue removers runs out, you may utilize a makeup remover that is not oil-based as an alternative. It is advantageous for those who have acne-prone skin since you will readily have this kind of cleanser in your arsenal.

The brand that produces one of the most reasonably priced and efficient oil-free makeup removers is Neutrogena.



A pair of tweezers is great to have since it can prevent you from pulling the false eyelashes with your fingers. This tool is especially valuable when you need to remove single lash extensions that you may wish to reuse the next day.

 In times like this, it is convenient to possess slanted, stainless steel tweezers because it will touch liquid substances that can cause the formation of rust in regular metals.


rubbing alcohol

The alcohol is to be rubbed on the base of the fake eyelashes once you have removed it. The substance dries faster than water; that’s why you may put the falsies back in their cases as soon as you ensure that the glue is completely cleared off.

You may get the ordinary rubbing alcohol for this process or any specialized cleansing alcohol.

How To Begin

The modern procedure is the simplified version of the traditional one.

Step 1. Prepare The Area.

Dip the cotton swab on warm water and pat it on the lash lines. When they are thoroughly soaked, wait for the water to make the adhesive softer. In no more than 10 minutes, you can accomplish the initial step.

Step 2. Dab Remover Where The Real And Fake Lashes Meet.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Dab Remover Where The Real And Fake Lashes Meet


Use a different swab to apply the oil-free makeup remover or the eyelash glue remover on the area where you have initially dabbed the warm water on, and time it for a few minutes.

If you are making use of the latter, though, be sure to read the instructions that its creator has specified on its box regarding the exact number of minutes that you should allow it to set. This precautionary measure can ascertain that the product will stay long enough to eliminate the adhesive.

Step 3. Pull Off The False Eyelashes.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Pull Off The False Eyelashes


Take your sterile tweezers and clamp it on the artificial eyelashes. Pull them down instead of up so that the falsies will come off at once and retain their shape. It is best to do this step in front of a mirror so that you will not accidentally pluck your real lashes.

Step 4. Clean The Lashes.

The water and chemical remover may soften the eyelash glue, yet they may not disintegrate it. Look closely at your lashes again, as well as the back of the false ones, to check for any residue. In case there are some left on the skin, rub the adhesive off with the makeup remover.

If it is on the fake eyelashes, let another cotton swab absorb alcohol, and then apply it on the excess. With the tweezers, get rid of the remaining glue. Store the falsies in a protective case when they are dry.

Check out this detailed explanation about the modern process:


Whether you wear extensions to thicken, curl, or straighten your lashes, you still have to know how to remove eyelash glue in a manner that you will not feel pain when it is time to take them off.

Some actually go to the professionals at the salon for it, but why would you waste your dollars on a procedure that can easily be done at the luxury of your home and with materials that you may purchase on your own?

The steps mentioned above are non-invasive and quite practical, but to see which method suits your lifestyle more, try the conventional and modern ways in different occasions.

We hope you found the article. If you have any other tips or reviews on how to remove eyelash glue, then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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