Simple Methods About: How To Remove Lip Stain

How To Remove Lip Stain

"How to remove lip stain". Lip stains are common, it does not matter how it got there in the first place, but you should a way of eventually removing it. You do not want to walk around with a lip stain all day. The best part about lip stains is that they can easily be removed without using special tools and solvents. With the right methods, it can be over before you know it.

Several methods exist today that can help you on how to remove lip stain. We get to check out a few with their requirements to get you easily removing that stain.


Method 1: Simply Use Of Water And Soap

Remove Lip Stain

As said earlier, you will not have to spend a lot of money on products needed to remove the lip stain. You can simply end up using water and soap, which are commodities easily available at home. In this case, we get to consider for a lip stain on your lips after a great evening out.

What You Will Need

  • Water
  • Hand soap
  • Soft cloth


1. Give Your Hand A Kiss

To remove most of the lipstick pigment, you simply have to give the back of your hand a firm smooch. For the type of lipstick that can be transferred to the hand, it is possible to remove the remaining on your lips with ease.

It can be hard for those who wear the thick coat that might take more than just a kiss on the back of the hand to remove it. We will get to look at additional methods of removing the nonstick lipstick later on.

You can give your hand additional smooches to ensure that more of the lip stain is removed until it starts to fade for the subsequent smooching.

2. Wipe The Lip Stain From Your Hand

This step is quite straightforward so as to remove the stain from the back of your hand. Simply take your soft washcloth and dampen it before using it to remove the stain. Once the washcloth is damp enough, you can now blot your lips with it to remove the remaining lip stain. Make sure to go over your mouth with the soft washcloth several rounds to remove all the lip stain.

If you had removed more lipstick and transferred it to your hand, then it should be easy to remove the remaining part of lip stain on your lips. It is advisable to use a swirling motion on the lips to ensure the lip stain is easily removed.

You should do the same when removing lip stain from the back of your hand. In no time, you should be able to break free from the mess of lip stain.

3. Using Soap And Water


Sometimes you might have trouble with removing some types of lip stains. They might need you to resolve to some other methods such as using soap and water.Do not worry, you will not be eating any soap today.

You will simply have to lather the washcloth in warm water with hand soap. The warm water should make the lathering of soap easier and removal of the lip stain. It is important that you dab your lips softly from one corner to another. You can now rinse to ensure that all the soap taste is removed from your lips.

The use of soap and warm water helps in tearing down the lip stain with ease. Anyone who has tried the method can agree on its benefits.

4. Apply Lip Balm

Lip Balm

With this method, chances are that you will end up with dry lips in the end. It is therefore important that you get to protect them by using lip balm.

It is recommended that you apply a coat of lip balm so that you get to moisturize the lips and prevent them from drying or cracking. More lip balm application is recommended whenever you get to remove the lip stains.

Method 2: Using Lip Stain Busting Products

Lip Stains

It is common to find people going for additional methods to remove lip stains. You can opt for the products designed to eliminate the lip stains easily. Multiple products with such characteristics exist today, so be careful about the type of lip stain remove that you choose for yourself.

What You Will Need

  • Standard makeup remover
  • Exfoliant
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Coconut oil


1. Using The Standard Makeup Remover

If you are going to be using lipstick all the time, then it is always better to invest in a makeup remover. It will help you a lot in removing the lip stains whenever you have to remove them. You can use the liquid remover, which is often a great solution for dissolving the caked cosmetics. You simply have to wet a washcloth with the solution and wipe your lips.

The results are often amazing, even for people who were just looking for a simple solution. You should always choose the right solution that does not have harsh chemicals that might affect your lips.

2. Deep Cleaning With An Exfoliant

Exfoliation means that the top layer has to be removed to leave you with a new and great looking layer. You are supposed to use only exfoliantsmeant to be used on the lips. Others might have adverse effects on your soft lips.

The application process is quite easy. Simply scoop enough exfoliant and apply on your lips. Leave it on for several minutes and take it off then rinse. The result is that you will end up removing any cases of lip stains you might have.

3. Using Petroleum Jelly


This could be the oldest ways a person can easily remove lip stains. If you do not want to spend money on the fancy kits used to remove the lip stains, then you can always opt for this method. You will have to dip a cotton swab in a jar with Aquaphor or Vaseline to use it for removing the lip stains.

You can now proceed to coat your lips with enough petroleum jelly. Leave it for a minute or two before you can wipe it away. It is often able to remove all the lip stain in just two minutes of sitting there.

4. Using Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

The coconut oil is important to create a protective layer over the lips once you have removed the lip stain. The coconut oil will prevent any cases of cracking and splitting that commonly occur whenever you use the other methods that rip off your lips of moisture. Coconut oil still has many other additional benefits to your health, so do not be afraid to keep on using it for longer.

Below is a nice video that gives you some additional tips on how to remove lip stain


As you can see, you will not a lot of complicated tools to help you on how to remove lip stain. With the methods mentioned above, you will always end up with a great outcome in the end. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from the tutorial.

Whenever you have a question, you can leave a comment below and it will be addressed. Share with your friends so that they can also learn more about lip stain removal in detail.

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