How To Straighten Eyelashes: 3 Easy 5-Minute Ways

How To Straighten Eyelashes

I have long, thick, and curly lashes that I have been thinking of straightening for years for reasons that the number of eyelash-extension users tend to increase.

Some say it is a beautiful gift, but the downside of having such lashes is that they are prone to curling in every direction. In my case, the rogue ones even touch my lids, which irritates the skin.

This problem has died down, however, when I found three useful tricks on "how to straighten eyelashes". What I like about them is that each requires little effort as you only need five minutes to obtain amazing results.

If you often get annoyed with your eyelashes curling so much to the point of poking or irritating your eyes, I have compiled the steps as to how to straighten eyelashes in three different ways below. The processes should give you an idea regarding which technique suits your needs.

How To Straighten Eyelashes

1. Put False Eyelashes On

What You Will Need

The product to have on-hand are:

Artificial Eyelashes

Get false lashes which are already straight. Since you will put it on the real eyelashes, it can potentially unbend the latter as the lashes become accustomed to the weight of the artificial ones. I like to use the Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies here.


Utilize the glue given or recommended by the company that created the fake eyelashes. You ought to possess glue that is easy to apply and dries quickly so that the procedure will not be messy. My all-time favorite is from Cardani brand.


Any color of mascara will do for this particular process. It ascertains that both the authentic and artificial lashes will appear seamless. An affordable variety I never run out of is the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes.

How To Proceed

This technique serves as a quick fix whenever you want straight eyelashes. For better results, do it before you start with the eye makeup. When you do this trick often, the real eyelashes can follow the shape of the heavier lashes and become straighten in the long run.

Step 1. Dab Glue On The False Lashes.

Choose the eyelashes that have the least curve on them, and then smear adhesive carefully on the base. Let it settle for a few seconds before putting on the lids so as to inhibit it from running off.

Step 2. Stick It Close To The Base.

Make sure that the fake lashes will adhere very close to the real roots. Lightly press it down to the shape of your eyelids.

Step 3. Allow The Glue Fully Dry.

As it dries, refrain from touching it. You can finish the makeup as soon as the false eyelashes do not budge on the lids. When you are certain that the glue is dry, you may top it off with a liner as well to cover up their top portion.

Step 4. Apply Mascara.

To further guarantee that your lashes, real or not, look tidy, use a liberal amount of mascara to hold the strands in place. The shade is not of high importance since most mascaras have the same chemical composition.

2. Use an Electric Curler

What You Will Need

The items necessary include:

Mascara (clear and black)

Similar to when you style your locks, you should make use of products that can protect your lashes from the heat.

The instructions in several straighteners for eyelashes state that coating it with black mascara is great. But based on my experience, the clear type like the CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara works nicely before the application of the heating tool, while the other one is best after the straightening process is complete.

Either of the two contains wax that will become softer once it gets subjected to heat and can maintain the style as it cools down to room temperature, yet the former is easier to deal with than the latter.

Electric Eyelash Curler

One curler is essential to get the job done. You can order it online or purchase it from a local beauty store. What I can recommend to you, however, is the one made by Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler .

How To Proceed

Straighten Eyelashes

You may leave do this bit for the last part of your makeup routine. A curler does not produce enough heat to burn or fry your eyelashes, yet be sure to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Pre-heat The Device.

Plug in or turn on your electric curling apparatus when you are halfway through applying cosmetics. It ensures that you will not have to wait for it to heat up as you use it on your eyelashes.

Step 2. Prepare The Lashes.

Apply a proper amount of clear mascara. A few strokes are enough to cover the outer layer of your lashes and prevent heat from touching it directly. You should allow the product to dry well before the third step begins.

Step 3. Uncurl The Eyelashes In A Downward Motion.

If you place the styling tool on the underside of the lashes to curl it up, you have to work on the opposite side to smooth it down. The most straightened look comes out when you move from the tip up to the center.

Step 4. Set It With Mascara.

This step will hold the new style for hours.

3. Apply An Eyelash Enhancer

What You Will Need

These are the things essential for the process.

Eyelash Enhancing Product

It functions not only to straighten the lashes but also to help it grow and strengthen. Among the various eyelash enhancers available in the market, the items that are worthy of your undivided attention contain organic ingredients and vitamins that provide conditioning and firmness, just like the ones from Organyc Lash.

Makeup Cleanser

A makeup remover is another product you need since the eye area, especially your lashes, should be devoid of other cosmetics that may prohibit the chemicals of the enhancer from sticking to the eyelashes. I personally prefer mild cleansers, so I utilize the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water daily.

How To Proceed

How To Straighten Eyelashes

Ascertain that a qualified physician recommends a treatment that you can apply by yourself at home.

The procedure takes less than five minutes daily just like the two other ways mentioned above, but the chemistry within this merchandise promises lasting effects.

Step 1. Clean The Area.

Gently remove any mascara residue on the lashes. Moisturizing it beforehand is not necessary when you pick a high-quality product.

Step 2. Spread On The Eyelash Enhancer.

Do the second step from the lash line down to the ends. Applying the product in this manner ensures that it reaches the hair roots.

Step 3. Style The Next Morning.

When you wake up, you can readily smear mascara on it without having to use false eyelashes or a straightening tool.

What it entails is that your mornings can go on minus the stress that you used to experience to uncurl those lashes of yours.

Step 4. Repeat The Steps As Indicated By The Brand.

How long you should utilize the chemical will once again depend on the jurisdiction of the medical and industrial professionals.

However, stick to this basic routine until the final date specified in the packaging.


Whether you choose how to straighten eyelashes with a chemical enhancer, a curler, or a set of false lashes, I wish that the steps I have conveyed above can demonstrate how easy it is to get rid of this beauty problem.

Five minutes is all you need every day to control your unruly eyelashes. These have worked for me, so hopefully, they do for you too.

I would love to hear about how your lash-straightening journey progresses. Good luck!

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