How To Style Your Beard For Each Occasion

How To Style Your Beard

Since time immemorial, beards have been a symbol of a man’s overall masculinity.

As though they’re like lions themselves, men grow beards as though they’re the animal kings’ luxurious manes. In history, beards represented power and had been present among the world’s greatest warriors, lords, philosophers, and scientists.

From Socrates to Charles Darwin, from Guan Yu to Rasputin, beards have always been around to inspire the men who wear them.

Although beards are being shaved or chopped off time and time again, they’d eventually grow back and cover the faces of men.

On average, a man’s beard grows at least 5.5 inches every year, and if they put down the razor and never shave again, their beard would grow up to a stunning 27.5 feet. That’s roughly the length of 4 people! 

But, don’t allow your beard to grow that long. While it’s sometimes a matter of cleanliness or personal hygiene, there are many ways a man can grow his beard without having to worry too much about any itching or excessive fuzziness.

Beard Growing 101

Growing a beard takes patience and, sometimes, genetics. Guys on this planet have different textures and styles of facial hair. Some of them have it, and some don’t.

But, for those who do, growing your beard doesn’t happen overnight. Testosterone, a hormone commonly found in male bodies, contributes to the fuller growth of facial hair, and if at the correct balance and levels, the beard can grow even faster.

A testosterone imbalance may occur if you are stressed, anxious, suffering from diabetes, or smoking or drinking too much. You will want to avoid these or curb these as much as you can if you want to grow a full face of hair.

To promote healthy beard growth, consider going on a diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Often, people would tell you to shave in order to make your beard grow fuller, but this does not work.

It only thins the beard out. If you’ve managed to grow your beard and you’d like to maintain it, this is the challenging part: grooming.

Beard Grooming 101

Beard Grooming

This link explains how it is quite important to groom your beard. In short, grooming your beard won’t just make you look more distinguished, but it may also boost your overall self-esteem.

It may also provide you with a sense of discipline in caring for something that defines the way you look.

Beard growth can be measured in two phases: four weeks and four months. Having your beard grow in the first few weeks will give you some stubble. Stubble, being the foundation of your beard, can make you look tough, but can feel like sandpaper.

After two more weeks, the stubble will begin to grow out and every strand will meander in almost any direction. Once you’ve reached four weeks, your beard will really feel like a beard. However, this is mostly ideal for short beard styles, like goatees.

At the fourth month, you should have a beard that can be styled and sculpted. But, first, you’ll have to get it out of its unruly form.

You’ll have to train it to do what you want. As ridiculous as that sounds, using a comb and some beard clippers should do the trick. Clip off any parts you don’t want growing and try to stroke the beard in the direction you want it to grow.

 This act will encourage the beard hair to move in the direction you point it and, after a while, you should have a nice, fully-styled beard

How To Style Your Beard For Each Occasion

Apart from making you look more stylish and manly, there are ways you can style your beard for special occasions. What’s more important here is ‘how you style it.

  • Long, Full Beard For Cold Weather

A long, full beard can keep your throat nice and warm during fall or winter. As it feels like a warm, albeit fuzzier, scarf hanging over your neck, a beard may be able to protect your neck from feeling the wind chill.

  • Stubble For Warm Weather

While having a fully grown beard can protect you from ultraviolet radiation, there’s no doubt that it could be really itchy, especially during the warmer months of the year.

If you don’t want to be clean shaven, consider shaving your beard into a stubble. Think of feeling the cool breeze on your face on a warm summer day.

  • Short, Neat Beard For Romance Or Formality

If you are trying to complete that handsome, professional look, try aiming for a short, neat beard. This is for that big date or that one meeting at the office. Comb your beard and mustache combo into a Van Dyke, or try an anchor beard.

If you’ve grown your beard out, you’ve got more options to try out and experiment with. Keeping your beard nicely groomed like this may especially help improve your marriage or relationship. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than a neatly groomed, sophisticated looking gentleman.

Why You Should Grow A Beard

Growing a beard has several benefits. For starters, it could help you look more mature and handsome. If you are one of those guys known to have ‘baby faces,’ and you don’t like being called that, then definitely grow that beard out. 

Health-wise, it protects your mouth from harmful bacteria, can help reduce acne around your face, and, in some cases, improve your sex life.

For that last bit, it’s said that women often prefer men who have beards and believe that men with beards make great partners and even better fathers.

Spending more time with your woman could even promote the growth of your beard as it helps even out the flow of testosterone.

Grow It Like A Man!

Growing a beard is like going on a long, arduous journey. The small steps may look or feel insignificant and boring, but as you keep going, you’ll see progress.

Despite how unruly and disorganized your results may look, you’ll learn better and find easier ways to keep your journey smooth.

At the end of it, you’ll see that the payoff is great, and, maybe, you, too, will have a great looking beard to complement your success.

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