Important Tips On How To Tone Down Highlights

How To Tone Down Highlights

Having your hair done by your stylist is always a nice thing for any lady. You do not want to experience a bad hair day that you wake up to go to work. As part of ending up presentable, you will be looking to have some highlights done to your hair. They can be famous for being great, but not always.

Sometimes you might end up needing a few ways on "how to tone down highlights" if they turn out to be too bright. It is possible that you may get to realize the need to tone down the highlights when you have already left the salon. If going back to the stylist might not be an option, it is time that you tried some new methods.


How To Tone Down Highlights

Method 1: For General Application

What You Will Need

These are the supplies you will need to handle your highlights and bring them back to normal.

  • A brush
  • 1 dye mixing bowl
  • 1 bottle of 10 volume developer
  • 1 tube of the demi permanent hair color


How To Tone Down Highlights
1. Read The ​Instructions Before Mixing The Developer And Dye

Sometimes people just get into it by mixing in the same ratio. It might work for some methods, but that is not always the case. It will not hurt if you take a few minutes to read more about the instructions to use for handling the developer and dye.

For this method, we get to use a ratio of 1:1, which should not be hard to achieve. You simply have to mix the developer and the dye in the same ratio. In case you choose another different type of dye, make sure to check which ratio would be great.

Our mixing bowl comes in handy for mixing the two components. Simply get them in the same bowl and mix thoroughly.

2. Prepare Your Hair For The Process

Preparing your hair does not involve doing a lot of things as it might seem. You will be required to brush and dampen your hair as part of the preparation. The brush mentioned in the supplies comes in handy at this stage. Brushing helps to identify some of the spots that will need more work during the process.

Dampening the hair does not mean you get to make all the hair wet, but rather just enough. Let the water run on your hands and then use the damp hands, run them through your hair. This way you will lightly coat the hair with water just as required.

3. Sectioning Of The Hair

For easy management of your hair while applying the dye, it would be better if you get to section your hair into different parts. For easier dying, consider sectioning the hair into about four parts. Using a hair tie or even a clip, hold the sections in place with ease.

The mirror would be your friend during this part. You can now section the different parts into equal parts so that dying is efficient. You can have as many parts as you think are necessary for the process.

4. Apply The Mixture To Your Hair

You remember that we had created a mixture before using the developer and dye. We are now ready to apply the mixture to the hair and give it a better look now. Using the brush, you can now get to brush the mixture to the hair. It is advisable you start applying as from the root to the hair tip.

It is better if you take smaller sections and get the job done nicely. Once one section is done, you can always repeat the same process to the other parts until you have toned down the highlights.

5. Wait Fo​r It To Dry And Rinse

It would be ideal if you waited for the dye to dry up before you can think of rinsing the hair. You are likely to notice that you get to see the hair darken after each minute that passes, thanks to the dye used.

A duration of about 10 minutes should be ideal for anyone looking for the right shade of highlights and also the dye would be dried up. You now have to rinse out the excess dye. It is recommended that you opt for a shampoo that would help bring out that natural tone you want for your hair. You can additionally use a deep conditioner if you have to lock in the moisture.

  • If you are looking for additional tips on how to tone down highlights, you can check out this video.

Method 2: Quick Way To Tone Down Red Highlights

Well, we all know how red hair can be flattering, but that will only happen when you get it done right. You do not want it screaming all the way from many feet away. You have to choose the right method to help tone down the highlights.

What You Will Need

  • Hot water
  • Lemon juice
  • Prell shampoo
  • Head and shoulder shampoo
  • Ketchup
  • Vinegar


1. Wash The Hair With Shampoo
How To Tone Down Highlights: Wash The Hair With Shampoo


You might be asking yourself, do I really need all the shampoo? Yes, you will need to wash your hair with shampoo before toning down the highlights.

The work of the shampoo is to help remove any residue and other unwanted colors before you can deal with the red highlights.

It would be advisable if you get to concentrate more on the areas you want to correct . After applying the shampoo, you can now rinse with hot water. It is actually possible to see the color coming out of the hair. You have to be careful not to use too much shampoo that you end up removing all the color.

2. Wash The Hair In Hot Water

This is another step that builds up to the whole process on how to tone down highlights. Whenever you wash your hair in cold water, the result is that it will start to fade the bright red color immediately.

You will notice it when rinsing the hair in a sink. Only rinse the hair in hot water for about a minute or so and then switch back to cold water to help lock the remaining color in position.

3. Apply Ketchup To The Hair
How To Tone Down Highlights: Apply Ketchup To The Hair


You might be wondering why you have to use ket​​chup for your hair. Well, ketchup is quite important to help with lightening up the highlights. You simply have to apply enough ketchup to the desired area and wait for it to dry for about 30 minutes. Proceed to rinse off with cold water and you will notice a difference.

4. Spray Vinegar To Your Hair

As the last part of toning down the highlights, you would want to leave your hair looking all natural and shiny. This calls for the use of vinegar. Put some vinegar in the spray bottle and have it applied in different areas of the hair. Wash it after 20 minutes of drying to reveal a great new look.

  • Below is a quick video to help you with toning down red hair.


"How to Tone Down Highlights?" The methods above reveal that there is always a quick way on how to tone down highlights. It is amazing how you achieve a great look by spending less money on the supplies. You do not have to worry anymore about having too bright highlights with such simple methods available.

You can always leave a few comments in the comment section below and share the article with your friends to help them learn more about toning down highlights.

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