How To Use Essential Oils Effectively?

How To Use Essential Oils Effectively

We all want to smell good and want our house to smell good as well. Having a good smelling home can uplift mood and help to get rid of stress and tiredness, and offer a new mood. When choosing essential oil blends, it is vital to use the proper technique on the body or in the house.

What Are Essential Oil Blends?

These are concentrated oils extracted from the plants. There is also treatment involving the use of essential oils for therapy which is known as aromatherapy.

The essential oil blend is a mixture of oils to get a unique scent that soothes the mind and house. To use it for getting relaxation, the combination of lavender and frankincense is the go-to option. Other than the relaxing purpose, people also use it just for the fragrance it induces.

Also, there are countless combinations and blends which you can use for making an essential oil blend. Let us look at the efficient ways of using essential oils.

Applying On The Wrists

The simple and easy method of applying essential oil is to dab some drops onto the wrists. It is a similar way of using perfume. Although, you will have to choose the oil that you like.

And it is also essential for you to do a test before applying it directly to the skin. Moreover, some oils can cause irritations on the skin. It is why testing is necessary! 

Use A Carrier Oil

People with sensitive skin can take the help of carrier oil. You can mix the carrier oil with the essential oils to balance out the smell. It will help you to dilute the severe properties of the oils and apply them like a moisturizer.

If you don't know the carrier oils, some of the best examples are jojoba, coconut, grapeseed, and avocado.

Use A Box To Store

When using an essential oil, you should keep it out of harm's way. You can do it by taking the help of Hongyi custom boxes. These boxes are specially made for keeping fragrances and perfume to prevent them from breaking.

It would be best if you also got a bottle for storing the blend as it will trap the air that also increases the life of your essential oil blend.

Use A Diffuser

You can use a diffuser with essential oils. It is an easy way to make your space smell amazing. Along with the fantastic aroma, you will also get aromatherapy which will shape your day.

You are not able to use it only at your home. You can also use it at your work as well. Moreover, put a diffuser in your cabinet for the best aroma.

There are several diffusers, ranging from simple candlelit types to those that you can plug in and spray an oil-infused mist. 

Use As A Room Spray

If you are on a tight budget and don't want to use the diffuser, you can get a spray bottle and fill it with water.

After adding water, you can take a couple of drops of essential oil blend and spray it around the house. You can also use it and spray it on your clothes and pillow.

Using Essential Oil Blend In A Bath

Adding a few drops of the aromatic essential oil drops in your bath will provide you with the next level of bathing experience. To get the best blend for the bath, you must choose jasmine for passion and rosewood.

These two blends will help you to alleviate your overall well-being. Another best blend of vetiver and sandalwood will offer an aromatic scent of soothing ness.

Just To Smell

You can avail the benefits of the aromatherapy of the essential oil blend without taking it out of the bottle. You can open the bottle cap and smell your essential oil and take in the aroma. Doing this before a job interview or before a date can help you to perform well. 

If you want a mild smell, you can add essential oil to salts, and you are good to go and smell the scent. When mixed with salt, the smell will last for more than a year, which helps you get the scent's full benefits.

You can also place a jar of smelling salts on your cabinet in your workspace and use it for the afternoon inspiration.


There are countless ingredients for cleaning essential oils blends, such as bathtub scrub and floor cleaners. You can also put some drops of the combination on the rag that you use for dusting. Citrus oils are an excellent choice for deep cleansing.

Other than that, there are others as well for cleaning. You can also take the help of the internet to look for the essential oils to use for cleaning.

Another way of using them is by adding some of the drops to the steam vacuum. This method will leave the guests and visitors wondering how you got that smell at your house.

Add Them To Your Laundry

After filling your washer with water and detergent, you can add around five drops of essential oil blend to your laundry.

It will provide your clothes with a heavenly smell. You can also add a couple of drops to cotton and use it instead of dryer sheets. Dryer sheets usually contain harmful chemicals which may react with the blend.

Apply It On Hair

It is essential to wash hair daily. Using essential oils is an excellent way to keep your hair smelling good. You can add some drops of the oil in the coconut oil and use it to perfume the hair. To get the lasting aroma, you can take apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle to balance the hair's pH.


These are some of the ways to use essential oil blends. Smelling great is one of the factors which keeps us, humans, from keeping up and doing better. The essential oil mixture is one of the ways to always smell fresh and unique. Connect to us for a great source of smell of essential oil blends at

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