How to Wear Pastel Makeup: 7 Beauty Panel tips for Doing Baby Blues

How to wear pastel makeup

Makeup is for people who love to explore the artistic side of their talent. As easy as it looks - it takes a lot of patience and passion for the use, application, and impact of makeup to do the wonder that it was meant to do.

There are plenty of trends that come and go in the beauty world, just like you see in the fashion industry. And in beauty, the biggest armor present is the use of makeup.

One of the latest trends that have made everyone fall in love with it, especially experts from the beauty panel, is the use of pastel hues - be it for eyeshadow, eyeliners, blush on - this subtle color palette is making its presence felt and how!

So much so that there is a revered series of InVideo that has all the information you need to know about this viral makeup trend that no one can get enough of.

These candy-inspired colors are the best way to up your makeup game for the next spring season - have a look at what our beauty panelists have to say and the tips they have in store for you:

7 Tips on How to Wear Pastel Makeup

1. Tess Lopez from Toronto (Makeup by Tess)

It's all about balancing the colors, according to Tess. As mentioned earlier, you could be going for this pastel trend for your eyeshadow or nail color - Tess advises balancing out this candy color with a neutral color.

You could go for purples like a gorgeous lavender shade and use it to do your french tips that are just the tip of your nails, and for the base color, you could go for a softer neutral shade like beige.

2. Alison Leong from Vancouver ( Alison*Elle)

Alison wants to tap on your artistic side a tad bit more and make you opt for nail art! You can go for a neutral or darker shade and opt for some pretty floral like a rose.

Dab your base color in circular shapes, and then use a rose highlighter to create a dimensional look. This is where you could have real fun with whichever pastel shade you like and make it spring-ready!

3. Arianne de Guzman from Toronto ( Glitter Geek)

Arianne shares how like many girls out there, she too was hesitant about using pastel shades on her eyes.

But soon, she got enamored by the trend, and her favorite is making abstract lines just above the hood of her eyes so that it gives a peek-a-boo effect when you flutter your eyes open.

She prefers the poppy pastel shades like turquoise green that goes well with most of the skin tones.

4. Dee Thomson from Toronto ( Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My!)

This beauty panelist is a keen admirer of the pastel blues! So much so that she loves to use it entirely to cover her eyelid with a pastel shade.

She gives tips on how to round off this look if you're going for it! Simply use a darker blueliner if you have to over this base and add generous dollops of mascara over it.

A mascara lover herself - she truly loves how your eyes look brighter if you brush some mascara on your lower eyelashes too!

5. Marilou Moles from Ottawa ( Twenty York Street)

Though Marilou has many tips to share in this context - one of the best that you should experiment with is the lipstick pastel tip she wants to share.

We are all used to the shimmery, glossy, and matte lip shades that we all have in full stock in our collections - however, you could enjoy the pastel colors trends in your lipsticks as well.

Go for rosy pinks that are just the perfect color palette to choose from when it comes to lip shades. Make sure your lips are well moisturized and exfoliated, or else the lipstick you wear seems to highlight the cracks.

For the added fun effect - finish off by dabbing some bronzer on your lips just on the right angles of your lips, and you're good to go!

6. Shayna Wiwierski from Winnipeg ( A Pop Of Color)

It's all about the double eyeliner for Shayna! Go for a classic black cat-eyes look, and then add a double whammy with a pop-up pastel shade liner above it. Not only does it bring your eyes out, but it also creates a dreamy look.

Don't forget to pick a neutral base for your eyelid - that is the highlight of a pastel-hued eye look - the neutrals always balance it out.

Mascara is a must always! Summers and springs are all about poppy effects - do not forget to tap those copious amounts of mascara on both your upper and lower lids, and your summer makeup look will be on point as well as summer outfit.

7. Anjali Handa from Toronto ( Rock That Look)

The final beauty panelist to share her expert views on how to rock those blues, purples, and pinks from the enviable pastel color palette is none other than Anjali Handle!

Though not a fan of going for these eye-catchy makeup colors - she has a soft corner for pinks, whites, and a hint of coral that she likes to mix up now and then. She believes these shades also go well with all kinds of outfits! 

Pastel shades have been trending for quite some time now and are often spotted on the runway as well.

Top designers, namely Micheal Kors, to begin with, have incorporated this pastel makeup trend while curating the overall appeal of their collection, where makeup and hairstyles also play a vital role. 

It is only once people start seeing the various variations that can be adapted and the looks that can be curated with it.

Pastels are one of those trends that might take some time for everyone to adapt to and incorporate in their party night looks or casual outings. The colors are so vivid yet subtle that it often creates a mysterious look.

However, these beauty panelists have given ample ways of revamping your makeup game for the upcoming summer or winter looks that you might be having on your mind.

Be it lipsticks, eyeshadow, or even liners - there are a plethora of options you could select from. The various tips and tricks given by these beauty panelists show you ways you can create more glamorous looks with this color palette.

You can choose to have a more neutral combination, or you could level up based on your preferences - either way, this makeup trend is here to stay for the long haul because right from your favorite designers to your most-loved celebrities and beauty bloggers are busy trying out various looks with the pastel hues - and it sure does look ravishing!

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