The Importance Of Drying Your Hair After Taking A Bath

Importance of Drying Your Hair After Taking a Bath

"Importance Of Drying Your Hair After Taking A Bath". The healthiest way to dry your hair is not to air dry it. It is to use a blow dryer. With the right technique, you will have a healthier hair than letting it air dry as most people do.

In order to better understand this, let's dive a bit deeper into hair anatomy. Each strand of your hair is essentially a tube with an inner cortex and a protective outer layer (called a cuticle) held together by delicate proteins.

​According to Dr. Donovan with the Hair Club Medical Group in Toronto, "When the cuticle layer is perfectly intact, then hair is very shiny and doesn’t tend to break".

​When the heat is too much it can damage the cuticle in the hair, thereby trapping the water and causing it to boil on your head. this almost sounds like a case for air-drying, but while the heat from a dryer can cause damage, using the same dryer at the right temperature and distance can actually cause less damage than when you let it air-dry.

Best travel hair dryers offers some of the best hair dryers that can be used after a shower.

​The reason when a hair dryer is still better than allowing your hair to air dry is very simple. When hair comes in contact with water, it swells and the longer the swelling goes on, the more pressure it will place on the proteins that keep the hair intact.

​So, what you need to do is to mix a bit of air-drying with a bit of hair drying. Let your hair dry naturally, about 70% dry, then use the hair dryer at the coolest setting to blow the hair dry. Also, ensure the distance is about 6-inches away from your hair at all times and you will have a healthy and gorgeous healthy hair without the heat.

​In order to be able to air dry your hair successfully, here are some fixes for air-drying mistakes a lot of people make.

​While air drying your hair is quite good - you come out of the shower, rub your hair with a towel and you're good to go. The problem is the hair might look frizzy once it's dry and you don't want that to happen to you. We will be looking at how to air dry your hair so it looks amazing.


The Importance of Drying Your Hair After Taking a Bath

Drying Your Hair After Taking a Bath

1. Use a microfiber towel. These type of towels can remove as much water from your hair as possible. They also prevent frizz which could be a turn off when you air dry your hair. Stay away from paper towels or t-shirts.

2. When the hair is about 50 percent dry, you can use a wide tooth comb to get rid of the stubborn knots as its better you do this early than wait till the hair is almost dry when it will be difficult to remove. To get a little bit of structure and hold in your hair, you can start with the ends of the hair and then rake your fingers up to the midshaft before moving into the root.

3. For more structure and hold on your hair, use an aloe vera based gel to get the job done. You can start with the ends of your hair before proceeding to rake it with your fingers up to the midshaft and then down to the root. Once this is done, finish the procedure by cupping your hair in your hair and scrunching the gel for a little bit more texture.

4. Once your hair has dried up, you can get some height by using Velcro rollers at the top of your head for more variety. Once the rollers are on the top of your head, add some hairspray and let it generate for a little bit before removing it.

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Some Mistakes That You Might Be Making As Regards Air Drying Your Hair

Drying Your Hair

​1. Use Coconut Oil to Hydrate and Cleanse

​One of the first things professional hair stylists will tell you is that the more you shampoo, the easier it will be to remove nourishing oils protecting the hair shaft. Shampoo and conditioner are perfect for reviving weaker strands which keep the hair nourished at all times and looking healthy. The best part is that both products are sulfate-free making the formulas safe to use without the fear of hair being stripped away.

​2. Use Dry Shampoo on Shower Free Days

Using a dry shampoo is as effective for hair washes as it gives you that clean hair feeling absorbing excess oils that could creep through the scalp during no-shower days.

​A good shampoo to use is the Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher which works well to plump your hair and encourage hair volume. Results take time but it does come over time. The goal is to work the refresher spray through your hair and tousle - this alone can trick your friends into thinking you just got a new salon blowout.

​3. Lather more with a massage brush

​A good head massage is a blessing anytime. There is no better time to brush your hair than when you're shampooing. Using your nails is dangerous because they scrub too hard and can cause irritation.

​You can check out the Zyllion Scalp Massage Brush which will brush through scalp as it cleanses your hair with the shampoo. Current owners admire this technique for its ability to improve circulation on the scalp as well.

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