In Cosmetics, CBD Skin Care Makes The Skin Happy

In Cosmetics, CBD Skin Care Makes The Skin Happy

Cannabidiol is still showing its full potential. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions are recognized and make it an active ingredient of choice in beauty and skincare.

Anita Roddick had a fine nose when she began to explore the potential of hemp oil for the skin in the early 1990s. The world was not yet ready, however, and when the founder of The Body Shop launched her Hemp line in 1998, she caused a stir. Decorated with a cannabis leaf like the t-shirts brought back from Amsterdam, the products are seized for screening.

 The English brand must even remove the word hemp from the packaging in the United States. Today the plant has a much better press. It perfectly meets the new requirements of naturalness and the shops dedicated to legal cannabis, CBD, have sprouted like mushrooms. The pioneer of cruelty-free and fair cosmetics, who died in 2007, would undoubtedly have savored this change in mores.

The Body Shop has continued on this path and is launching three facials this fall, this time with CBD, with different properties. Rich in omega 3 and 6, hemp oil, obtained by pressing the seeds, has nourishing and protective properties for the skin.

The CBD extract, on the other hand, is taken from a strain of Cannabis sativa cultivated to have minimal levels of THC, the psychotropic substance. This cannabidiol is useful against many pathologies (stress, insomnia, pain) and its medicinal properties are still being studied. In cosmetics, its use is regulated. Go to Shoppok to find CBD cosmetics and skin care tips. 

In Switzerland, a THC level of less than 1% is tolerated, while in the European Union it is 0%. To comply with the law, natural CBD for cosmetic use must be extracted from the leaves and stem, but not from the flowers. This is the choice The Body Shop made. The composition of its new treatments incorporates other beneficial ingredients such as patchouli (with cannabidiol-like properties) or soy glycerin.

Many brands have opted for a biosynthetic molecule. The properties of natural cannabidiol are therefore isolated and recreated in the laboratory for greater consistency and reliability.

This is the case of Virisens, in Geneva, which is launching a premium line with a sleek design this fall. "Our choice fell on this pharmaceutical grade biotech CBD for its perfect concentration and purity which allows precise dosing of our formulas", explains Théodora de Coster, Marketing and Communication Director. 

This highly innovative molecule has been combined with stem cells and micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid to create our patented CBD skin care. " The eighteen references of the brand, for the face and the body, will be sold in Europe, America, and Asia in a very selective network.

The Blossom brand has also opted for a synthetic CBD. This Pully-based company launched four years ago in CBD skin care products with oils, herbal teas, and cosmetics. Its merger with EMMAC, a European group active in medical cannabis research, gave it the benefit of a Research & Development department that allows vertical monitoring, from seed to product. “Our laboratories have found that this molecule has interesting properties for the skin, but that it is poorly absorbed.

They developed a noisome technology, encapsulating the CBD molecule in an ultra-flexible and hydrophilic sphere. This allows the CBD present in our cosmetics to reach the deeper levels of the epidermis, ”explains Victor Mathys, its founder. Five products make up the range, a day cream, one for the night, for the eye area, for the body, as well as a repairing balm called Rescue. Other products are in development, such as micellar water or body patches.

What is CBD?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is one of some 115 cannabinoids contained in the Cannabis sativa plant. Identified in 1940 and synthesized in 1963, its health benefits were discovered in the 1980s. “CBD has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant but also anti-seborrheic properties, making it a useful active against it. acne, recalls Dr. Olivier Stahl, R&D director of Virisens laboratories. It is absorbed by the body via receptors found everywhere, including in the skin. This is the endocannabinoid system, whose function is to keep the body in balance. "

CBD is taking care of the skin

With the advent of clean and natural cosmetics, molecules that we vaguely thought we knew are becoming real allies for the skin. This is the case with CBD which, through its antioxidant, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties, has all the qualities of a staple product for the beauty routine.

Forget what you think you know about CBD. This molecule, still often stigmatized by the image of cannabis, has nothing to do with the psychotropic family. On the contrary, its many virtues make it an ingredient rich in benefits for the body.

Like a hundred other substances, CBD comes from hemp (this is it's only common point with THC). Once extracted from the plant by a natural process, it becomes a precious oil. Ingested in the form of drops, this CBD oil helps regulate the nervous system, where anxiety reduction, improved sleep, and pain relief can occur.

A swiss knife for the skin

In external use, this nectar is full of equally interesting virtues. CBD oil has the serious benefit of being loaded with essential fatty acids, which makes it a skin-friendly cocktail of trace minerals. It is from this vegan juice packed with active ingredients that a brand like Cibdol makes its gluten-free cosmetics with multiple properties.

By providing a healthy dose of hydration, CBD is suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry, to tough problem skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions soothe skin prone to blemishes, from small pimples to chronic acne, including diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Anti-aging shield

CBD oil used in cosmetics also has powerful antioxidant properties, which can help fight effectively against free radicals, generated internally by stress and alcohol and externally by pollution and the sun. Faced with these cellular attacks, largely responsible for skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles, the molecule takes on the role of an anti-aging shield. Significant power for mature skin looking to regain elasticity.

Combined with other favorite agents of skincare rituals such as hyaluronic acid (moisturizer), shea butter (nourishing), or calendula oil (soothing and healing), CBD increases its properties tenfold. Based on this observation, Cibdol integrates its high-quality oil into formulas that have already proven their effectiveness. The resulting cosmetics have a very pleasant texture as well as a very pleasant smell.

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