Keto Diet for Coffee Lovers: Create Keto-Friendly Coffee

Keto Diet for Coffee Lovers

The ketogenic diet has become a trendy diet for losing weight and helping in significantly improving health. However, switching to a ketogenic diet rewires the body’s metabolism. Thus, a lot of dietary planning and research needs to be done to ensure a healthy ketogenic journey.

Those who are interested in having the ketogenic journey should remember that their dietary plan is only composed of foods and drinks that are low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and high in fat. 

But, how about those who love coffee? Some coffees are high in carbohydrates, and it is contrary to the ketogenic diet. We want those coffee lovers who are on a ketogenic diet to still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Let’s create a keto-friendly coffee together!

Create a Low-Carbohydrate Coffee

Keto Coffee

Mornings are dull without coffee. Moderate consumption of coffee also provides tons of benefits to our body. But, the ketogenic diet needs a low carbohydrate coffee. Thus, making your own coffee with natural coffee beans and unsalted butter or coconut oil results to keto coffee. 

When you are in a ketogenic diet, refrain from ordering pre-made coffee. Even when you ask the barista for a sugar-free coffee, the syrup may be sugar-free yet the base coffee will contain a high amount of sugar. More so, the whipped cream and drizzled syrup on top are sweetened.

The best choice is to be your own barista and create your own ketogenic coffee. Here’s how:

Ingredients of classic ketogenic coffee:

1 cup of freshly brewed light-roasted coffee beans

  • 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter or organic coconut oil
  • Additional Flavorings

Choose natural and light-roasted coffee beans

Most natural coffee beans are cultured and less susceptible to mycotoxins and molds. They are particularly produced in a specific region in a country. Natural beans like arabica and robusta give deeper, richer flavor.

In addition, coffee beans need to be lightly roasted to preserve the caffeine content. More so, they taste less bitter and better tasting than those overly roasted.

Why is caffeine important?

Caffeine from artificial coffee is prohibited in a keto diet. It may cause a headache, blood sugar spike, and makes you feel jittery.

However, caffeine from natural coffee beans does not contain carbohydrates or any form of sugar. it helps improve mood, memory, and physical performance, and it boosts energy without being jittery.

Lastly, caffeine in coffee may suppress your appetite. Thus, it makes you more effortless in losing fats.

Add Organic Coconut Oil or Grass-Fed Butter

Most keto coffee lovers use grass-fed butter or organic coconut oil for their coffee. They are the substitute for coffee creamer.  

Add two tablespoons of organic coconut oil or unsalted grass-fed butter. Vegans who are in a ketogenic diet can choose organic coconut oil.  Meanwhile, those who can consume dairy products can prefer unsalted grass-fed butter.

Adding the substitutes is similar to adding more nutrition to your coffee. They contain high unsaturated fats, rich in beta carotene, and a good source of vitamin A.

More so, these replacements regulate weight gain and decrease appetite. Thus, it is helpful for those who are focusing on losing weight.

Additional Flavoring

Adding flavor to your cup of coffee is optional. But, if you love to have a sweet fix to your coffee. You may add one or more of the following flavoring:

These flavorings will make a difference on your keto coffee. It will provide an increase in sweetness without the use of sugar or sweetened syrups. 

When to Drink Keto Coffee

You can drink keto coffee anytime you want, but it is discouraged to drink coffee right before bedtime. More so, the best moment is when you feel the need to hype up your energy. These moments are: 

  • Early morning: When we wake up, we want to be energetic and get the day started. Drink a glass full of water to hydrate. After this, you can prepare and drink your keto coffee.
  • Mid-afternoon: As we become busy, we tend to feel tired and sleepy and this is the time we need an energy boost. Drink your keto coffee to get through your busy day.
  • Fasting: When you are in intermittent fasting, you will feel hungry and tempted to eat. Before you will start your fasting, drink keto coffee to decrease your appetite and at the same time, it will give you an energy boost.
  • Any time of the day: Keto coffee is not quick to make, especially when you are rushing for work or day errands. You can prepare keto coffee by batch to easily grab the drink. Store your prepared keto coffee in glass bottles, like the Roetell glass bottle. It will preserve the taste and aroma of your coffee.

Final Thought

Coffee lovers who are in a ketogenic diet can still enjoy their cup of coffee in the morning or any time of the day. They need to be their own barista and prepare their own keto-friendly coffee.

Their keto coffee can be stored in glass bottles to preserve the aroma and taste as it waits for consumption.

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