Kora Organics: The Certified Organic Skincare We All Need

Kora Organics

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoiding exposing yourself to harmful toxins and carcinogens, you have to do more than simply mind your diet.

You may be aware of the harmful ingredients that find themselves in processed and non-organic foods, and the health risks they pose, but what about getting a better look at skincare?

You’ve heard of the quote before, “beauty is skin deep”, and if you want to look good both inside and out you ought to start making smart choices when it comes to the beauty products you put on your skin as the largest organ.

As the focus should be on those that replenish and revitalise, it’s easy to narrow down the options to certified natural and organic brands, like Kora Organics.

What Sets Kora Organics Apart?

What Sets Kora Apart

Now that there’s an awakening when it comes to skincare and ingredients, you’re going to come across various brands labelled as natural and organic yet many of them aren’t as there’s also a lot of greenwashing happening as a result.

When you choose to treat yourself to clean beauty from the premium Kora Organics skincare range consisting of organic active skin-loving ingredients, you can have the peace of mind you invest your money in something of quality because it was created and used by Miranda Kerr herself.

Since the Aussie supermodel and successful businesswoman has a holistic approach to her skincare, the bits and pieces of her beauty care enrich mind and spirit too, along with the skin.

The positive affirmation added to each of the products is yet another strategy to infuse them with the energy of love used for this outcome.

You won’t have to worry about greenwashing when these are concerned because besides the many awards they’ve received over the years, they comply with the strict standards of COSMOS so you can truly count on great results after using them; this includes healthy and radiant skin.

In case you need an example, just take a look at Miranda’s youthful appearance with a healthy complexion and glow!

Once you invite the Kora products in your day-to-day beauty regime, you can count on skin many would envy, along with an increased sense of self-care and mindfulness. Exactly what’s needed to wave chronic stress and anxiety goodbye in the fast-paced modern life.

Kora Organics Ingredients of the Highest Quality

Ingredients of the Highest Quality

Born out of Kerr's desire to use skincare that actually brings about the desired results, unlike the chemical-based fashion week products, she dedicated herself to choosing each of the ingredients for her Kora Organics skincare collection.

To get the wanted beauty care, she carefully chose the minimally processed plant extracts and oils that come from nutrient-rich soil of sustainable and organic farms.

The reason for this choice is such ingredients have a higher nutritional value than that of conventionally grown produce, up to about 60% more to be exact.

While they are high in antioxidants, such ingredients are non-toxic, and in addition to this, they make for products that are free of any nasties.

This includes nasties like artificial fragrances, parabens, sulphates, formaldehyde and silicones.

The key ingredients that Kerr swears by and the ones you can expect to benefit from when treating your skin to some TLC with the nutrient-rich Kora Organic cosmetics are noni, aloe vera, Kakadu plum, chamomile, carrier oils like jojoba and rosehip oil, lavender, sea buckthorn, green tea, and pomegranate oil.

Besides being rich in vitamins, and minerals, some of them contain needed fatty acids, ideal for keeping your skin well hydrated and plump.

Other benefits are their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-viral properties, along with the reduction of the signs of environmental damage and premature ageing caused by free radicals.

The other stellar ingredient this brand is famous for? Rose quartz! As Kerr herself is into crystals, believes in their powers and uses them in her daily routine that helps her relax and be in tune with her mind, body and soul, there are products and accessories enriched with this specific crystal which happens to be her favourite.

As it’s known for its healing and beautifying properties, carrying with it soothing energy of self-love and acceptance, it comes in handy with taming anxiety and stress much like aromatherapy. It’s a perfect choice to add to your daily pampering if you’re in need of some more self-love and care.

Products of the Highest Quality

Products of the Highest Quality

Along with the fact the brand is certified organic, which sets it apart from the competition, it’s also environment friendly through the eco-friendly packaging and sustainable farming preferences for the ingredients.

In addition, individuals seeking cruelty-free skincare, vegans and those about to go vegan are in for a treat too as the products aren’t being tested on animals, and many of them contain only vegan ingredients.

In case you don’t know where to start with the routine, or which products to choose as all of the Kora Organics skincare is exceptional, keeping it simple with basics is recommended. Take it from Miranda!


This is ideal for a fresh start of the day, and you’ve got the perfect product for it: the Kora soap-free foaming cleanser. As it’s based on a gentle formula, it doesn’t mess up with the skin’s pH balance, nor does it strip it of its natural oils.

Feel free to apply it on the face, neck and décolletage areas for invigorated skin clear of impurities.


Once you’ve got cleansing covered, it’s time to get energized with the citrus mist toner. With ingredients like mandarin, lemongrass, aloe vera, and noni, you’ve got everything you need for a healthy glow.


As one of Kerr’s favourites, you can’t skip introducing the mighty noni glow face oil into your cosmetics essentials.

Packed with great ingredients, such as sea buckthorn, pomegranate, noni and rosehip oil, it’s full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids to smooth and nourish the skin while also brightening it. Thanks to the benefits, it’s even great after cleansing in case you skip the toner.


In a combination with the noni glow oil, a moisturizer consisting of hyaluronic acid, licorice extract, and macadamia nut oil is a must for boosting skin hydration with the outcome of soft and supple complexion.

Add the Extras

Though the aforementioned are the basics, you’d benefit greatly by enlarging your collection with some of the Kora skincare serums and masks.

The noni bright vitamin C serum is the perfect example if you require the product that helps prevent environmental damages, improves the skin’s texture and evens out the tone.

Moreover, it’s also great for treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. As for the masks, the turmeric brightening and exfoliating mask is among Kerr’s favourites because it’s useful for revitalising the skin and promoting cell renewal.

With its second “nature”, it’s ideal for exfoliating and resurfacing the skin as well, removing the pollution.

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